pandora hearts oz and alice relationship
Dark AliceStupid RabbitB-Rabbit However, later on it was revealed that Noise, like the other Baskervilles, viewed Oz as a threat to their plan. Oz watched as Echo began to crumble into dust, saying he would call out her name no matter how many times and refers to her as "Echo-chan" once more. The first anime album Pandora hearts Original Soundtracks 1 was released July 8, 2009 under Victor Entertainment[25] and peaked at 104th on Oricon albums chart. Gilbert then went over the events that happened after Oz was cast into the Abyss. Trapped in the Abyss, Oz finds out he can make contracts with Chains by drinking their blood. This seemed to be the only time the two had together before Levis' 'death'. Sensing neither malice or good will from him, Oscar questioned what Jack really is; after comparing him to the surface of still water, Oscar came to the same conclusion Oswald had about Jack from their first meeting: Jack was empty. Jack left the offer on the table - letting Xai go to Rachel's side as she went into labor. Oz's worst suspicion was confirmed as soon as Jack mercilessly ordered him to slaughter the Baskervilles who came to aid Glen, as well as injuring and finally beheading Glen. Suddenly, a Chain jumps down between them, sending both Xai and Ada flying backwards. During the Tragedy of Sablier, Alice killed herself in order to stop Jack Vessalius from using both her twin sister and Oz the B-Rabbit to destroy the world. Oz explained to Reim that it is because they seen him as Jack rather than Oz. Jack reveals that the one behind the Tragedy of Sablier was Glen Baskerville, the head of Baskervilles and his best friend. Despite the sudden meeting, Oz believed in Jack when he said he wanted to help him save Alice. She appears to like it when Gil ruffles her hair. Oz, having seen a memory of Alice and Jack together, trusted him and allowed Jack to give him his strength. Alice tells Oz that he made her happy before she kills herself to prevent the Intention of the Abyss from taking over her body to help Jack Vessalius plunge the world into the Abyss, and keeping Jack from hurting Oz. Ecila had met Arthur at the party levi thrown for him. Despite Jack teasing Oscar about knowing the truth of Oz and how he was responsible for the death of his family, Oscar nonetheless ignored Jack's claims and remain focused on his goal to save Oz. Elica is very protective over the Intention and Alice, making sure no one harms them. Type of Hero Though Gilbert and Alice fight a lot, there are some scenes that show he does care for her. This being the case, Levi corrected Alice, changing 'Os' to 'Oz', and Alice was ecstatic. Pandora Hearts (Japanese: パンドラハーツ, Hepburn: Pandora Hātsu) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. The Intention cries and apologizes and says that even the things she hold dear seem to lose their importance to her. Later when Alice was drawing her black rabbit, Levi noticed she'd written the name 'Os' on it, and so he asked if that was the rabbit's name. Later, when Rachel awoke, Xai submitted to Jack's wish completely by insisting that they name the child Oz; acting as though nothing had changed in order to spare his wife from heartache. Overall, the two seem to be good friends. Elica begged her sister, the Intention to make him have a human-like form when not using the power of the S-Rabbit (Shiro Rabbit/White Rabbit). As time goes on, he grows more fond of Echo, calling her "Echo-chan", to which she grumpily replies: "It's just Echo". She used to be very abrasive, but she is shown to be kind, honest, and sweet. He also saw from Lacie's memories that Jack was someone important to her. She has a huge appetite and especially loves meat. During Noise's attempt to kill Ada, Oz intervened in her plans. Ecila seems to be unknown of her feelings for him maybe becasue of her deep love for Jack. [24] ??? in check, making sure she doesn't harm anymore but when it comes to Alice (and the Intention). Although Lacie never had the chance to see her daughters it shows her concern and love, however brief her time to demonstrate this was. In reality, Jack was hoping that Xai would cast them into the Abyss, in hope of reuniting with Alice and regaining Oz's powers back. Jack knew Oz was telling the truth since Jack himself is a expert of lying. After spending fifteen years successfully hurting Oz, Xai joined forces with the Baskervilles so that they could confirm that Oz was the child mentioned in the prophecy, and subsequently cast Oz into the Abyss as a result. After Oscar explained to Oz and Ada how Gilbert was found injured and suffered from amnesia, OZ took notice of Gilbert's fragile state. After Elliot, Leo, Oz and Gil had all met up in The Hole, Xai appeared to retrieve Elliot, as Bernard couldn't do it himself.


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