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Confronting this new threat, Osiris told Sagira that the first step would be resurrecting him once more.[13]. Given that he’s set to play such a central role in the upcoming Trials of Osiris, you’re likely wondering who Saint-14’s voice actor is in Destiny 2. Worry not, though, for we know who the talent behind Osiris is, and he's an actor that should be familiar to fans of the Resident Evil series. However, as they succeeded in learning the location of Panoptes' lair, Infinity's Crown, Sagira gets captured by the Infinite Mind. With the aid of his Echoes, Osiris retrieved a metallic seed from within the Pyramid and returned to his ship, ready to depart back into the system.[19]. Probably the same reason Square Enix changed the VA for Ansem between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II:The original VA was to busy at the moment for them to rehire so they got somebody else. His only friend and companion that remained at his side was his faithful Ghost, Sagira. There is an extremely talented cast providing voice work for the various characters, but who is the voice of Osiris in Destiny 2? Alive The Reflections guide the Guardian as they learn of the Vex's plans, showing them of the Simulant Future where the Vex have won, and of how to locate Panoptes' lair in order to destroy the Mind. Destiny Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. However, there were no Vex within the Dreaming City, only Hive and Taken, leaving Osiris and Petra puzzled as to the source of the loop.[17]. He's since been featured in films like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and has lent his voice to the characters of Dr. Despite these results, Osiris always did have the best intentions in mind. Human[1] Sagira and Drifter both had reservations: the former over the unknowns of using the machine and the latter over the thing Osiris made a deal with to power the machine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Slingin' guns, dancin on poles, stalking in the night. Unfortunately, they were unable to enter the gateway that le… But Oded Fehr isn't Egyptian, but he was pretty badass in The Mummy. Stay on top of the latest Destiny 2 trivia, strategies, and more by checking out our ever-expanding Destiny 2 complete strategy guide hub. Osiris attended a party thrown in celebration of Taniks' supposed demise and to welcome Andal Brask to the rank of Hunter Vanguard, which he had to accept due to losing a bet with Cayde about who would kill Taniks. Osiris Former Warlock Vanguard As Osiris further immersed himself in his research and neglected his duties as Vanguard Commander, his growing "followers" began to spread his messages and teachings like religious works. English. More recently, he attempted to create a copy of Dendron, Root Mind, thinking he could control it but instead it went rogue and was forced to call in the Guardians to deal with the situation. In the past, Osiris was hailed as a hero to the Last City and was close friends with the Speaker, Saint-14 and Ikora Rey. Status Before he can explain to his Ghost Sagira, Panoptes discover their presence and the Vex attack them. For this reason, Osiris slowly grew obsessed with the machines, wanting to discover their deepest secrets and ways of controlling time. The Guardian is summoned by Ikora Rey, who shows him Sagira, Osiris's Ghost, and shares a report that Vex activity has surged dramatically. Osiris is noted for being too confident in his experiments at times, which has created trouble before. [6] He studied the Hive, in particular prophesying the coming of Oryx,[7] and is also rumored to have come "too close to understanding the Vex". With Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy nearly upon us, it won’t be long before Guardians are tasked with once again saving The Last City. Though Osiris resented this behavior, he did nothing to stop it and this furthered the schism between him and his former teacher, the Speaker. His arrangements with the Queen extend to his followers, explaining their presence in the Vestian Outpost. He started continued investigating then asked to be taken to the Traveler, and his ghost jumped them there. Upon finding evidence on Saint-14, he called in the Guardians to aid him but was devastated upon learning his demise. Osiris grieved for his old friend, and they decided to leave his body within the Forest, as the Vex had seemed to honor the Guardian, although the Young Wolf recovered the legendary Titan's shotgun, the Perfect Paradox, from which remnants of Saint-14's Light had been emanating. As it turns, Osiris would later turn out to have heroic tendencies, now working as a protector of humanity from the Vex. His experiments and works created a cult around him which ultimately began to divide the Guardians and led to his exile. Delaney has also brought to life NPCs in games such as Call of Duty, Days Gone, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Metro Exodus. Given that he’s set to play such a central role in the upcoming Trials of Osiris, you’re likely wondering who Saint-14’s voice actor is in Destiny 2. Who Saint-14’s Voice Actor Is in Destiny 2 Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. After locating a rift created with Light near an old battlefield where Vex from across time had fallen to the famed Titan, Osiris declared that if Saint-14 remained in the Infinite Forest they had to find him and continued to search the Infinite Forest for more clues while the Young Wolf consulted with Brother Vance at the Lighthouse.


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