ori sorrow pass spikes
You can get a lot of cells here. 35 - 12:01. Pull the boulder away from the bottom-center, then bash it up to the next level. Here, wait for the stone to drop, then wall jump on it and over to the Energy Cell. Go west now, kill the multiply slime, and use Sein's Light to drop the boulder. The bottom-left corner here houses Secret Area #28/45 as well as Map Stone Fragment #6/9. Launch the first one to the right to break a wall revealing Map Stone Fragment #7/9. There are more thorns, this time a tunnel going upward, but you can use the wall plants to get up. Return to the left side of the main area and drop down to the bottom. Let's tackle them first. On the very end of the west side, there is a Keystone. To do this, jump on each platform and bash off of the elemental's projectiles. Before you would not have made it, but with glide you make it easily. Past the water, use bash on the red slime's projectile and then wall jump up to the Life Cell. and kill the slime here. It looks like a rectangular area on the map. Continue west to reach the Misty Woods. Alternatively, you can push the boulder over to the destructible ground, and CAREFULLY bash to the left of it, inching your way toward it, until you break the ground without falling into the lava yourself. Soul Link, then begin killing the elementals one at a time by bashing projectiles back at them and gliding down. You are fine behind the big stone for now, but you need to go east. At the top, go right and then go up again. This is mainly because you have many more tools at your disposal and the game wants you to use them! Continue going right and double jump on each of the platforms while avoiding the falling boulders. Wait for the slime to fire a projectile before you move; the projectile will break the wall. Double jump off to the right so Kuro doesn't grab you, then Charge Jump to the platform above you. It will stop the laser from killing you! Even when you reach the land, you need to bash on the ground slime's projectile again to go over the thorn plants. All you need to do is glide and you will go up areas! Sorrow Pass. Go up through the opening and to the left, looking for another alcove in the ceiling where you'll get Secret Area #35/45 and find a lever to hit, which opens the barrier to Ability Cell #26/33 up above. Continue follow the passageways down. If you are behind this stone, the laser won't hurt you. 32 - 11:04. From the Valley of the Wind, go east. You simply need to go back from the way you came. Continue this pattern until you reach the top. Gliding is key here; if you don't glide, you will fall too fast and get nowhere. Continue on and you'll have to navigate a small jumping/gravity puzzle to get another Keystone to the left of a floating block. Now that all the branches have been cleared, return to the right side of the main area and drop down to the bottom to find a couple of the Exploder enemies, as well as Spirit Well #12/12. There are green laser plants, but each time you jump, every other one makes a wall plant. Go into the top-right branch first. Continue right and glide over the big tree branches that are on fire. Once you've completed the game, reload your save and mop up any remaining map exploration. Juggle a rock 5 times without it hitting the ground. Before gliding up to the top, go all the way back down and stop at the second level on the right. There is another Map Stone Fragment but it's protected by a green wall. Drop down and push it down to the right. At the bottom, grab the Life Cell for your efforts. Above the laser elemental, get the rhino to run towards you to the left, then bash him over and into the green wall. Bottomless Pit: Used sparingly, but present near the entrances to the Forlorn Ruins, Sorrow Pass, and Mount Horu. And as you may have noted, in my screenshots my Ori did not have many cells. From here, Charge Jump up and double jump to the left. Go in the next cavern; Kuro will always "barely miss" you after you get inside it. Go back over the thorns; this requires gliding and bashing through lanterns. From it, Charge Jump up and grab onto the wall above. Keep in mind that this didn't stop the lava on the whole mountain; instead, just the level below you (and not even the level below that). Go past the wall, then drop down, and then open the Spirit Gate. Continue left underneath the boulder and pass a big Blob enemy to reach the spot where you disrupt the lava flow. At the top, go left (right is just a cracked wall you can't open right now). They turn on and off periodically. From here, glide around the middle and when the big stone falls, go back to the wall. Ori will spring up and break the cracked ceiling! At the next wind tunnel, glide up and drop off to the right. It's a Life Cell. Valley of the Wind is west of the Spirit Well with the big tree (you know, the reason why we're doing all this). At the ledge you find a Life Cell. From here, go to the Map Stone on the right and insert the Map Stone Fragment to reveal the map for the area. After that, go west to reach the last Ancestral Tree, which will bestow Charge Jump upon Ori.


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