onewheel pint battery replacement
Curious if you broke your board in during warm or cold weather conditions. BMS was not effected by the upgrade, my board is a 4208. As a follow-up here is a resource from Jimmy Chang (oneradwheel): "Unfortunately the Pint battery is 170 watt hours..." (pictures) ... that means they fixed it. Good question. I have an android phone, and I use the app "Onewave" to check my battery percentages before I go out. Was hopping to get enough responses to get a general idea of the kind of battery life we are all experiencing. With the newest version of the EGO EXTENDER you can also swap out batteries during a ride for longer range which was not possible with the previous version. The video instructions on his YouTube page was very helpful though. Doesn't seem like it'd be that hard to replace them and can get a little upgrade in at the same time. Ability to easily swap batteries during a ride for even more range. I have exactlly the same issue as you man. I have recently switched to using a parallel connection method so I don’t risk damage to my XLR port in crashes and I have closely monitored current supplied by the EGO for both connection methods and it behaves the same. You also have to remember to unplug the battery when you turn off your board or if you are stopped for an extended period of time to avoid over charging and thus damaging the stock battery. And power stayed steady all the way until about 15-20% If im to look for a downside? You can do the same with the Ranger parallel kit (leave EGO connected and plug the OW charger into the OW charging port) but Land-surf cautions against this. Now for the things that I did not like about this system. @Jr sorry i don't have any experience with either. You can find this info out by going to “settings” in your Onewheel app. The Parallel Kit is compatible with all V1 and Plus models. Due to the nature of this service, we cannot offer a warranty on your Onewheel as it is an aftermarket modification, all units are tested before shipping. To get an idea of pricing, check out Amazon. Once I get more time using the Ranger Parallel install, I will do a full comparison between this and the Two-X. Version 3208 will not work with the XLR cable. Quart - The Original Onewheel Pint Battery Upgrade . I’m assuming it’s just time to replace the battery. If they are shot it can kill your range. My biggest issue with the first version of this system was the installation of the cable and mounting plate on to the EGO battery. Onewheel Pint Float Plate Solo White Out Made In USA! Sorry to hear we’re in the same boat. For Onewheel and Onewheel+ (Not XR) Something went wrong! Put it on my lap to run down the battery, it went from 98% to 1% after about 10 seconds of allowing the wheel to free spin.


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