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I also don’t understand how her busy grandparents and aunt who watch the little girl while working don’t lose her but the sister and dad manage to. The third child Na Hee works with her fellow pediatrician husband Gyu Jin at Selly Sep 13 2020 5:27 am Kris Jul 18 2020 5:19 pm Na-Hee, I am glade you chose not to go to New York. One of the best's KBS weekend drama so far but i only watch Gyu Jin & Na Hee moments . That should be where the criticism should be placed. DBS Aug 23 2020 5:36 am Question is, if your children want to get remarried with the same person, do you think that its logical that their parent won’t object and just instantly convinced that things will never repeated itself. Less episodes. I've been watching since March and I loved every minute of this show. gyijin-team Jun 29 2020 5:12 am Originally, this slot on Saturday and Sunday are for 50 episodes that lasts for one (1) hour. Drama: Once Again (English title) / I Have Been There Once (literal title) Revised … Overall a great drama which can make you laugh in one moment and cry at the next. But if she really did what most will presume she did based on the scene cuts, that is not very mature. Apart from her lack of work ethic, she is actually a thoughtful person. Nice Drama,Keep it up. I cried hard actually because of their pitiful state and because of his little sister. Who only left for treatment..? I love every character in the show; they are like family that i look forward to see every weekend. Bae Ho-geun sebagai Kim Seung-hyun, mantan suami Ga-hee. May May 13 2020 2:59 am The fake sister ruined everything. And i like how doctor yoon love like treat Song D Hae. Some people you get along with all the time some people it’s an off and on thing. istg i had enough with those chaebol kinda storyline esp in the family drama with longer episodes. I am hoping for a Season 2 that focuses on the romance between Gahee and Hyosin as main leads and will also highlight the romantic arc of Auntie Youngsuk (Choyeon) and the handsome director. so I'm happy this is where the story will be directed. And sang yeob is very handsome..?? Park Jul 26 2020 8:42 pm not saying he is necessarily like that and I acknowledge that he my be the right one for her. But still, Gyu Jin also at fault for not wanting to mend his relationship with his mom at first place. I fear the latter makes the most sense for him. already came in full circle. Also Na Hee and Gyu Jin must get back together asap, I cant really see was there a bih reason for their divorcee, i do understand that they had issues and the whole baby thing was complicated, but they obviously love eachother and I believe they can work it out. Love the sisters, their acting is great..very talented actresses have been selected in my opinion. Umbr Jun 04 2020 7:36 pm They have been quite clear their head isn’t ready for a relationship. I watch this show on KBS America and look forward to seeing it every weekend . I tried watching family drama s before, bit I get bored easily, so i dropped most of them after few episodes. The mother is too much such a drama queen ...the divorce supposedly hurt the couple more. The characters are all lovable!! Also who names these characters, my man's name is Park Hyo Shin lmao. If you’re coming from a background where in law really doesn’t matter, you must think that all of these are ridiculous. Maybe under different settings but same actors/actresses please! although i feel like hyo shins acting is bringing down the gahee-hyoshin couple down a little, i still feel they are cute. Every character was amazing. Jung Han-bit as Seo Yoon-hee — Jae-seok's blind date. Wow May 24 2020 7:45 pm Is forced drinking still a thing? ", I was hoping it won't happen when she disappeared from the scene but it did. He isn't showing interest in anyone, defended her when they badmouthed her after the divorce, thinks that her happiness may reside with the director despite it hurts him, cares but always fails to show it (like saving her , the director isn't the only one who threw himself). Psyduck May 24 2020 7:44 pm Jennifer Sep 07 2020 3:54 am //]]>. Love Jae Seok and Da Hee also. Twice he attempted to do nice things for her, and twice she rejected them. Definately hate their unemployed loser brother & shopholic sister. heck no. also developing very subtle and nice to watch. Good dramas are built when the are multiple strong relationships, and not just the romantic kind. :D. Carol Apr 29 2020 4:45 am Ben Aug 17 2020 9:57 pm Watch List. Trish Sep 22 2020 7:49 pm Or the park at the river every other sat afternoon? I mean who thinks that Park Hyo-Shin and song gahee will be a couple , i can not wait ?? No, There’s no burning desire for him either or she wouldn’t have suggested a divorce and be dating someone else? The aunt and the butcher are my favorite couple so far, but it looks like its one sided for now ? Then after he got together with Na hee, then he whine to her mom to married. Drama too makjang. Why doesn’t she go to the dancing like the dried fish lady, butcher and chairman? He never gets the girl. Jun 01 2020 10:27 am I love pretty min jung since "Smile". i'm sure gyu jin was as sweet or even better or else they wouldn't be married for that long lol. Looks promising. I'm a big fan of LMJ since Big and I'm crushing LSY in Love Affairs In The Afternoon. Once Again. Please tell me she isn’t going to shake them down for money with the photo/identity. Are they automatically worthy of respect because they are mothers and fathers? There are problems and misunderstandings and things are not perfect but we stay there for each other. Y Jul 28 2020 10:44 pm Right now he has no options, trying to get her back into the exact situation that made her miserable is not an option. Btw i really hate Gyu Jin's mom character . Their ending is open ending. The part of Ok ja with his lover is hilarious. JL Jul 20 2020 5:31 am I love lee min jung and lee sang yeob... Their visuals are are so fabulous!!! This show is sooo boring! Hi can someone tell me who's the actor name playing Ji-Won here.. I think the arcs of the Nahee-Kyujin, Dahee-Jaeseok, Junsun-Wifey (sorry forgot her name haha!) Hope someone stop her. I'm just not so satisfied in Hyosin and Gahee's ending. Even if his mom are socially active with the community, I don’t think she can get rid of her clingy behaviour.


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