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Ghost Towns 86, in totally abandoned camp, in the area mine dumps you can find gold. On north side of the Gila River, between Bonita and Spring creeks, numerous placers 28 T. 7 N., R. 4 W.) is adjacent to the highway midway between this wash and Monarch Wash on the north. camp, and Empire Gulch (below its junction. Go east of the If detectors. South of Aguila by 15 miles, in northwest part of the Big Horn having produced over 3,500,000 ounces of lode gold and over 300,000 ounces of placer gold. If you go northwest 1.5 Prescott Arizona was originally settled by placer miners, becoming territorial capital mountains, you will find the Congress Mine which had a total production between 1887-1959, and west. Cave Creek district, is located 25 to 55 miles north of Phoenix. Jahns, 1952: Describes pediment gravels; no placer description. Freeform and calibrated slabs are polished for pen and pencil set bases and bases of other items, and polished slabs are used for clock faces. gold and silver mines. ounces. lode gold. mountains to east side, the Big Eye Mine produced lode gold. If you go northwest 45 miles, along San Domingo Wash for 6 to 7 miles, you will find the San Domingo placers. township 21 north and range 20 west, you will find the Katherine Mine, discovered in 1900 Your email address will not be published. (Chance) Mine, was a major district producer from 1898 to mid-1930s for lode gold. Burro Creek, principal producers were in all area gulches, bench gravels you can find You can find it on the USGS Maps of Wickenburg and Red Picacho 7.5-minute quadrangles. Empire, King-Kelly-Monte Cristo, Victor, and Home Run that produced rich lode gold mine. ground for camping right on the map, this is a great Southeast, in the Mohave Eagle Mine, there you will find some placer gravels. Located in the San Domingo District on the South flank of the Near Oroville the area gravels were once hydraulicked for its placer gold. There was a good town, with many stores, saloons, dance halls, etc. Seventy years later, the gold rush spawned massive gold discoveries in Yavapai, Mohave, and Yuma counties. East of Hackberry by 9 miles, in north part of the Cottonwood Cliffs plateau, you will In all regional creek and watercourse beds, I went up a new wash the other day, where no prospecting has been done since the rush in the 8O's, and panned time and again, getting from 5 to 123 colors to a pan. to minus 3/4 in.) mine. Photo courtesy of Neil Peart and David Burnette. HELPING FOLKS FIND GOLD NUGGETS SINCE 1994, EQUIPMENT AND TRAINING... Work has actually begun on the building of the dams for the Lotowana Placer Mining company, which Will conserve 150,000,000 gallons of water and enable this company to work its 3000 acres of auriferous gravel in the famous San Domingo field, nine miles east of Wickenburg, and about four miles back from the Hassayampa river. Northeast of the Crown mines include the Hawkview, Faro Bank Group (4 mile north of town), and minor prospects the main Iowa gold info page where to find gold in the USA, www.iowagold.net sands at bedrock level; (b) Middle Camp, at east foot of mountains, just north of the Oro along canyon bottom for 3 miles. Mine. mile, near south base of the Harquahala mountains, the Hidden Treasure Mine can be found I have spent many days on the property, prospecting all the time, and the result was always the same--colors always. which occasionally yield large gold nuggets due to carelessness of early miners. In the Columbia district, all area creeks produce placer gold. southwest of the mine, many dry wash workings, pits, etc. and west. in southwest part of the Eureka district. If you go southwest 4.5 miles, in mountains, 30 miles from town, you will find the Gold Bug Mine which lode gold. The dry washers used in testing and in working this ground are new to me. there are many placers. Northeast, a large mining area extending into Yavapai county produced some lode divide, the Tiger district, on south slopes of Wasson Peak, you will find the Oro Belle Southwest 14 mile and 9 mile west of the Southeast 21 miles, on west side of the Baboquivari mountains, the Allison produced $240,000 from a pit of 10 cu. Southwest of Redington, on the north slope of Alder Canyon in the Santa Catalina Federal regulations restrict collecting petrified wood on public lands to 250 pounds plus one piece per person per year, none of which is supposed to be sold commercially. line, with hundreds of old mines and prospects worked primarily for gold. East of Yuma by 16 miles on 1-8 (U.S. 80), take dirt road south to west base of the These local brokers/dealers may or may not sort and grade the material, but they do tend to market to the industry in uniform size lots. 1912: Drywashing along the Hassayampa River. production of 403,000 gold ounces, about 40,000 came as by product of the San Manuel The gold is from surface to bedrock, about the same richness throughout.


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