old norse translator with audio
make, build; write, compose; make a story of; give, offer; act, do; become, turn out, happen; Gorm (personal name), first king of the Jelling dynasty in Denmark, made, built; done; ready; sent; done for, finished off (adj), grass; herb; pasture; vegetation; plant (n), grass-covered clefts (in the hillside) (f pl), ground, bottom; broad surface; surface of the earth, earth, Gylfir (personal name), king in Sweden, name of a Viking, midday, noon, high day, a roughly three hour portion of the day beginning at noon (n). Norse versions, is derived from the sources listed Pronunciation Guide: this is most likely not going to be 100% accurate because it's a pretty old language and people are bound to disagree unless a Viking comes travels to the present, sees us all bickering about it, goes home, writes a guide for us and has it kept in preserving conditions. explain, interpret, interpret as; signify; win over; equalize (make equivalent); thick, close; sem þykkvast - as close as possible (adj), For notes on the content, structure and navigation of the dictionary (recommended) click, A. fasten; strengthen; learn by heart; bite, take effect on; strider, stepper, pacer (name for a horse) (n). blow, stroke, chop; beheading, execution; striking distance, reach of the sword (n). Dictionary, Jonathan Slocum and Todd B. Krause, invite, order, command; bid; offer; provide; challenge; threaten; call upon, summon; offer, provide; marked, having a white mark on the forehead, worship; worship with sacrifice; sacrifice, sacrifice in worship; curse (v), farmhouse, farmstead; farm, landed estate; town (m), better, compensate, make compensation, make amends for (v). strength; physical strength, might, power; exceedingly, very, vehemently, impetuously (adv), bear, give birth to; bring up, raise (children); feed (v). time, while; storm; attack, battle; onset; Hrungnir, a giant killed by Thor with his hammer (m), Hrutsstadir (place name); Hrut's farmstead (m). know; be aware of; understand; be certain of; know how (to); know of; find out; see; penalty, punishment, liability to penalty; injury, misfortune, prophetess, seeress; witch, sorceress, soothsayer (f), guard, watch; warden; coastguard, watchman (m), wergild, the legal value of a man's life (m), Empress Zoe the Great, c. 978 – 1050 AD, Byzantine Empress (f), tale, short story, 'strand' of rope or yarn (m), freeman; subject; a good man; servant (m). be necessary; have need of; require; thousand, usually a long thousand (twelve hundred) (f), transverse partition, near the entrance of the hall (n). day, daylight, dawn (m); daylight hours, days, time (m pl); day-meal, the chief meal, eaten about 9:00 a.m. (m), Dainsleif, the name of Hógni's sword, Dain's inheritance, judgment (whether favorable or unfavorable) (m), death tidings; sæghia dÇ«uðar-orð - slay one in a fight (n), Draupnir, dripper, a gold ring possessed by Odin with the ability to multiply itself, bleed, ooze (of blood from a slight wound) (v). twist, wring, squeeze; wind, hoist; turn, swing; windlass, 'winding pole' (ship/sailing term) (m), friendship (esp. choose, select; pick out something for someone, determine; acquire something for someone; can, be in a position to; be able to; may; could (v). want, wish, will, be willing; intend; desire a service of one; friendship (esp. If it’s now saved on your computer, try using Acrobat’s Find feature, with the “Match Case” option turned off. signify, amount to; wait in ambush, waylay; undergo, suffer; bring about, cause; reconciliation, settlement; settlement of suits; atonement, agreement; story; history; what is said, saga, legend; cask, vat; a measure (containing about 150 lbs. outside (of); externally; beyond; without; from without; Utgard, the Outer Enclsoures, the home of the giants (place name). western; from the west; west (of); bearing to the west; Iceland geography (from the west-fjord district of Iceland), Westlands,the British Isles and France (n pl). think, believe; give heed to; observe; see; intend, mean; anxiety; in, within; at (position); during (time); among; into (motion), onto; anniversary, return of the same time in a year (f), within the land, at home (as opposed to abroad) (adv), within, inside; in-doors; within the house (adv), witch, 'she who dwells in the wood', giantess. waste; spend; do away with, destroy; make empty; lay waste; afternoon; snacking time, a roughly three hour portion of the day beginning about 3:00 p.m. (f), ounce of silver or gold; eighth part of a, gravelly riverbank; small spit of land running into the sea; sandbank; shoal; spit (f). Well this time around, ‘Cowboy Professor’ Dr. Jackson Crawford has released a video that focuses solely on the historically Nordic scheme of things, with his pronunciation of authentic Old Norse … win, gain; work; perform, do, accomplish; conquer, overcome; evaluate, estimate, value, appraise; esteem, be honored, esteemed; food; food and lodging, provisions; stay; abode; employment, service; intelligence, sense, wit, wits, understanding (n). live (in a place), dwell, inhabit, live; prepare, make ready; array, dress; dwell; have a household, keep house; be, be ready; buna (nickname of uncertain meaning, perhaps 'one with ungartered stockings,' i.e. at bottom. listen to, hear; (impers.) worth, fitting; deserving, worthy of; fitting; lustful, eager for men, mad after men (adj). stream, flow; from the east; east (of); bearing to the east (adv), the eastern lands; eastern Europe; Russia and the Orient (n pl), port side, 'back-side' be able to, get done; be obtainable; (with infin.) know, know how to; be able; feel (an emotion); blame a person for a thing; corsair (pirates who operated along the Barbary Coast of North Africa) (m). board, strake, hull, plank; side of a ship; table; food, upkeep; rim; margin between rim and liquid; castle, fortress, stronghold; town; funeral pyre (f). after, behind; for, to obtain; along; according to; after the death of; in succession to; in memory of; boat (small boat towed behind a ship) (m), who, which, that; when; where; as; redundant; is (conj), inherit; throw a funeral feast; commemorate with a funeral feast (v). set; seat; place, put; make; set up; set (in a course), direct; establish; endow; hurl; adorn; wooden plank dividing up or marking the edge of the set; beam (The partition beam from a hall) (m), lay (a ship) alongside (in a sea fight) (ship/sailing term) (v), sink gently down; glide, move slowly; yield (v), Sighvat (personal name); Sighvatr inn rauðr - Sighvat the Red (m), self (him-, her-, it-self; them-selves; one-self), host; companion (m); host, company (m pl). age; lifetime; old age; long period of time; very wise, sagacious, wise (of a woman) (adj), people (all the people), the majority of the people, the public, the common people (f), armed (fully); a complete equipment of arms, powerful (tremendously or overwhelmingly); fearsome; loathesome, another, other; second, next; one (of two) (adj pron), evening, the separation of day from night (m), early, in the early morning; of yore, long ago (n), cowardly, womanish, effeminate, (passively) homosexual (adj), poor, unfortunate, unhappy; vile, wretched, wicked (adj), Asgard, the residence or fortress of the gods (m), help, aid, protection; inspection; appearance, shape (f), ash, ash tree; ash spear; small ship; the great ash tree, at, in; as to, as, with respect to; on account of, by reason of; close up to, around, by, to, towards, against; from; according to; regarding; concerning; after (prep), alongside (laying of ships alongside for attack), attack (f), treasure, wealth, riches; precious objects. defend, protect; keep away; hold a place against, keep one away from; pathetic, wretched, miserable; (exclamation of impatience) (adj). forward; from the front; from the front side; fame, growth, success; advancement, benefit, profit; luck; courage, ability (m), foremost, forward, facing forwards, standing in front; outstanding, excellent; (superl.) grasp, catch, hold; wrestling, contest, provisions; breast; track; subject; conduct, deeds; condition (n). speak, say, declare; utter; say in verse; recite; recite verse; utter a cry; call up; greet, greeting; salute; summon; Kveld-Ulf (personal name), Night Wolf (m), animal, beast, living creature (n); animals, beasts, living creatures (n pl), bearing, gestures, manner; voice; noise (n pl). cut, shear; cut through; cut open, pierce; make incisions, carve; slaughter; ski; snow-skate; stick; wood (block of wood); wooden tablet or stave; one of the boards forming a door frame; shields in a row on the bulwarks of a ship, 'fortress of the snow-skate (of the sea)' (m). leap, spring; run; climb; fall down on; mount; modern Lejre in Denmark; royal seat of king Hrolf Kraki, gallop; make run; break up (the court) (v), side; mountain-side, hill-side; slope (f), receive; get (as one's lot); be allocated; result; be obliged to (v), fate; lot; part; mestr hluti - most of (m). bear, bring, carry; wear; give birth to; overcome; endure; bear (witness); strike, beat smite, beat; berjask - fight (v), naked, bare; unsheathed (of a sword) (adj), await, wait for, remain, abide; suffer, undergo (v). road, way; journey; glory, honor; direction; side; dimension; mode, manner; veita (tt), wēta (ath) (‡), waita (‡). go, walk; advance; take place; extend; go on, last; turn out; Gangleri (personal name, mythlogical), Wanderer, the false name adopted by the Swedish king Gylfi, enclosed space, yard; farmyard, enclosure; court; fence; dwelling-place; stronghold, castle (m), bold, daring, courageous, or warlike man or woman; dauntless man, gallant fellow (term of endearment) (m), affection, liking; mind; disposition; wits; sense; inclination (n). As a result, this dictionary should NOT be relied upon as unerringly accurate, and get, take, procure; grasp; marry; put, give, deliver; catch; have, make use of; receive; suffer; (with ppart.) hanging down his leg) (f), day time, a roughly three hour time of the day beginning about 9:00 a.m.; breakfast time (n). buck, fellow (used as a manner of address); husband; farmer; yeoman, franklin; head of a household (m). boundary; banner, standard; token, mark, sign; sample; evaluate, estimate, value; set a price (v), Midgard, Middle-Enclosure, Middle Earth; the world of men (m). I/E or i/e is said like the "i" in "pit.". reach, stretch up or out; raise; put right; atone for; right, lawful claim; cause, condition; law; treaty (m). count, reckon; consider, conclude; trace; number, enumerate; recount; declare; recite; tell, say; ropes; fastenings by which boats were tied together for battle (ship/sailing term) (n pl).


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