no peace lyrics
At night, when the stars come out, I am comforted and mellow. We no want to be no peace, Down here, in Keke Wyatt Lyrics "No Peace" I'm surrounded in a shadow with doubt and fear You took a storm through my heart then you disappeared Don't wanna know if the love that we had turned off So I sit and watch the blood in my veins run cold, over you Tell me what you want from me There'll never be no peace, Down here, in Babylon. Whippin the work bitch Slaughter gang murk shit We pull up and hurt shit I shoot like Stephen curry I keep me a 30 My rifles be dirty She su Till all my brothers here, Down here, are free. The Lyrics for No Peace by 21 Savage have been translated into 3 languages. I see you in the morning Feel your fingers in my hair Sometimes I still pretend you're there It hits me without warning Lyrics to No Peace by Sam Smith from the The Thrill of It All album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Last update on: May 31, 2016. Whippin the work bitch Slaughter gang murk shit We pull up and hurt shit. spanish (66 %) portuguese (9 %) turkish (5 %) Choose translation. LyricsNo Peace 21 Savage. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Traitors lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. "No Peace" lyrics. Original lyrics of No Peace song by Traitors. 21 Savage - No Peace Lyrics. Lyrics for No Peace by Alfa Mist feat. Max Romeo - No Peace Lyrics. Tom Misch. Lyrics to 'No Peace' by Sam Smith. 3 Translations available. No Peace for the people And a handfull of fools How much longer will ignorance rule We're getting off We're getting off You have to know that we have enough So face it, the place is a mess No, no good for you act like you should We, we're doomed right from the start No, no doubt for the choices to hold We're getting off We're getting off


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