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We are now in a situation where what might be called “asylum shopping” has been allowed to take hold in which – under EU rules – the UK is favoured as an ultimate destination over France because of the extraordinary generosity shown by this country to illegal immigrants. Nigel added that "we may be approaching something on the verge of an invasion" if the government doesn't address the issue, and if something goes wrong along the way they are as much at fault as the criminals who facilitate the trafficking. The Nigel Farage Show.

People can also watch live via Channel 4 online or access the film on demand once it has aired. I have spent much of the lockdown period investigating illegal immigration via the Channel. Mr Farage said the UK is now in an “enormously powerful” position as the country approaches the transition phase as it negotiates an exit from the EU. Nigel Farage and the rest of the UK’s Brexiteers will achieve their dream this Friday as Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement passes its final hurdle in the EU Parliament. The boat "was carrying nearly 50 people" and Nigel expressed concern that this was the beginning of a worrying trend. EU news: What is happening in the EU today? Nigel Farage documentary live stream and TV channel: Nigel Farage had his last day as an MEP today, Nigel Farage documentary live stream and TV channel: Nigel Farage said the UK must be. #NigelFarage #politics #LBCLBC is the home of live debate around news and current affairs. Nigel Farage for your event! Sign in. As audiences settle down to watch Nigel Farage govern his party towards Brexit in 2019, the MEP will be on his way back to the UK.

He told the broadcasters January 31 would form the basis for the end of the “European project”. 1.5 Million Followers. Subscribe for more: More Here:The Latest Brexit Videos: The Best Of The Nigel Farage Show: Best Of James O’Brien: The Best Of Iain Dale: The Latest Donald Trump Videos: Join in the conversation and listen at Sign up to LBC’s weekly newsletter here:, follow and subscribe to LBC!Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Chris Philp has also stated that there are “legislative, legal and operational barriers” to progress.

Such language is clearly designed to make everybody think that a change in policy is coming. They also realise that it amounts to a national humiliation. Farage warns of 'threatening' Guy Verhofstadt's plan to veto Brexit. They know it is unacceptable at every level.

“Do they want a Europe of trading co-operation or a Europe run by these institutions in Brussels, and I think the UK’s departure really will mark the beginning of the end of this European project.”.

Nigel Farage news: Will Farage and Brexit Party MEPs get a pension? He said: “I think, two years down the road, there’ll be a big debate going on in many other countries about what kind of Europe do people want. Channel 4 will celebrate Nigel Farage’s influence in a documentary this week, looking over his actions leading up to Brexit. “The whole single market is based on this premise of a level playing field – it is actually anti-competitive by its very nature, and I think that is a very strong card for us to play because, after all, we still buy an awful lot of German motor cars.

Of all the reasons for voting Brexit in 2016, the desire for Britain to control its borders properly was the single thing that increased turnout at the referendum and resulted in the Leave vote.

The upshot of this is that the practice of an individual claiming refugee status in the first safe country they reach has been turned on its head.

He shared a concern that although "there won't be many more boats this week" because of offshore winds, the people taking the trip are risking their lives before taking into account the dangers of coming into contact with ships. Does he really want to be remembered for this? Latest Videos.

Nigel Farage reminded listeners that on Friday a dinghy was caught in the channel that was bigger than any he's heard of before. "it is only a matter of time before there's a collision mid channel and people lose their lives" Nigel said. Now I will make another prediction.


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DON'T MISSFarage declares Brexit as big as leaving the Church of Rome - INSIGHTBrexit rules for EU citizens: Will you have to pay to use the NHS? - EXPLAINER. Channel 4’s catch-up channel is 4+1, which will show the film again after it has aired.

Those hoping to tune in can do so via Freesat and Sky on channel 104, but they can catch up later if necessary. I would argue in the strongest terms that Britain cannot afford to wait until January 2021 for any rule changes to come into force. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. The traffickers in Calais continue in their illegal trade for two main reasons. Chris Philp, the Government’s minister for immigration compliance, would like voters to believe that he has begun to take the topic of illegal migrants crossing the Channel seriously.

NIGEL AS AN AUTHOR. newspaper archive. First, not enough individuals who have made it to Britain by these means have been returned this year, meaning others know it is worth paying the money and taking the chance. Buy Now.

He added: “I think we’re in an enormously powerful position.

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“I think the truth of it is, if we negotiate tough in this next round, we will come out at the end of the year with something pretty reasonable.”. As migrants continue to cross into the UK from mainland Europe, Nigel vowed not to give up campaigning against the phenomenon.

Yet consider the latest statistics: there were 235 arrivals on Thursday; 146 on Friday; and 150 on Saturday. America Decides We let you join the conversation and hold politicians to account. Tony Blair’s staggering ‘pro-Brexit’ argument exposed, Farage declares Brexit as big as leaving the Church of Rome. The voting public would cheer the government to the rafters, though. People know that stopping this illegal trade is not just about satisfying public opinion on border controls. It is a practical matter, whatever anybody says.


This is the only realistic solution. Responding to the recent record numbers who repeatedly attempt to make this unlawful journey onto UK shores, he spoke of them facing “real consequences”. Channel 4 will celebrate Nigel Farage’s influence in a documentary this week, looking over his actions leading up to Brexit. With up to 4,000 people logged officially this year already, who can say I was wrong? Nigel on Twitter. All statements on this urgent matter will remain hollow and meaningless until there is real political action, and it needs to come soon.


"Nigel Farage remains the most significant politician since Margaret Thatcher, his influence everywhere."

Nigel Farage discusses the day's political events in the Nigel Farage Show, live from Strasbourg, at 6pm.

Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. 10pm - 5am. Speaking about Priti Patel, he stated that she has "talked very tough" on the question of the illegal migration into the UK but because the Prime Minister has been extremely welcoming of these migrants in the past, any statements get lost in the wind. Nigel Farage investigates: The financial crisis no-one is telling you about! In the face of the kind of unwarranted abuse to which I have become accustomed, I predicted that there would be a summer invasion.

Taxpayers are becoming increasingly vexed about this issue. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

The second reason is that the final Brexit deal may make 2020 the last year that such crossings are possible. Nigel Farage: The UK is housing 48,000 illegal ... - YouTube Filmmaker Christian Trumble shadowed the politician as he negotiated European election success and subsequent General Election failure last year. The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. Browse channels Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. The documentary, titled ‘Farage: The Man Who Made Brexit’, follows Mr Farage over five months from May 2019. Nigel Farage is the Winston Churchill of our current era (2017) leading the British people out of the Soviet style controlled E.U.

This would be far better than sending a few Royal Navy vessels into the Channel where, as things stand, they would simply join the Border Force and RNLI in becoming a taxi service. Nigel stressed that "at some point in time we have to get a grip on this" and there will be questions asked of the government's action on migration. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Neither is it simply about spending billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on services which those same taxpayers rely, instead of funding tens of thousands of people who have never paid into the system.

Find out more, A boat full of people crossing the Channel, Boris Johnson's furlough pledge to Scotland descends into public chaos despite private assurances, Veterans must stand outside on Remembrance Sunday under new lockdown rules, Surge in infections left us with little choice but to accept this lockdown, With friends like the Treasury, Scottish Unionists don't have to look for enemies.

Nigel Farage documentary live stream and TV channel: How to watch The Man Who Made Brexit today?

This is an issue of national security.

The former UKIP and Current Brexit Party leader has played a pivotal role in the process, despite having never held a seat in Parliament.

There can be little doubt that the political problems for the Government will worsen unless the nettle is grasped quickly. He said the government would have to be “tough” to get a “reasonable” trade deal from the bloc. Nigel Farage reminded listeners that on Friday a dinghy was caught in the channel that was bigger than any he's heard of before. repeatedly attempt to make this unlawful journey onto UK shores, however, Boris Johnson made similar comments, hotels all over the country housing immigrants, ending a few Royal Navy vessels into the Channel where, government of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott several years ago.

The media will – finally – turn its attention to the next phase of this story: four-star hotels all over the country housing immigrants at an estimated cost to the public purse of £4 billion over the next decade. Nigel Farage On His Radio Show Being SHUT ... - The vast majority of those who come to Britain illegally are young men about whom very little is known.


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