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Her fearlessness prompted Cherokee neighbors to call her “Wahatche,” which meant “war woman.” This nickname would prove appropriate as the Revolution moved into the Georgia backcountry, and Hart became a staunch defender of the Patriot cause. Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store. After debating whether to shoot the remaining men or hang them, the Harts and their neighbors decided to hang the soldiers from a nearby tree.

“Nancy Morgan Hart.” NWHM, Chandler, Ray, "The Legend of Nancy Hart," North Georgia Journal (summer 1999), 22-26. Or so wrote Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson on her Facebook page when she married Fox exec Geoff Bywater at Mill Valley's El Paseo restaurant on Saturday. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. View NGE content as it applies to the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Regardless of the reasoning, Nancy maintained the family farm in her husband’s absence, and did it so well that she eventually felt the need to branch out into other fields. (Some researchers think that she was born in Pennsylvania or New York). Web. Cook provides another version from an 1825 newspaper. The women were as sloppy as would be expected, but with training they gradually improved.

Copyright 2004-2020 by Georgia Humanities and the University of Georgia Press. The National Women’s Historical Society is a Mississippi-based nonprofit corporation. "[9], During the Civil War a group of women in LaGrange Georgia drew inspiration from Nancy Hart and formed an all-female militia designed to guard their town from Federal troops.

[1] Capturing British soldiers[edit] According to one story, during the Revolution, a group of five or six Tory soldiers came by her house either looking for food or a Whig they were pursuing. She killed one of the soldiers. Harts husband fought in a band of the Georgia militia, a… New Georgia Encyclopedia. Another made a move toward the weapons, and she killed him as well. Donations to the Trust are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law. Nancy Hart later moved to Kentucky. "Nancy Hart (ca. Walker, Hair, Entrepreneurship, Business, Civil War, Millionaire, millionaire, History, history, Woman, woman, Women, women, women's history, Women's History, Queen, Hawaii, Christianity, Kaahumanu, Kapu, kapu, hawaii, christianity, christian, Christian, queen, Royal, royal, Queen of Hawaii, queen of hawaii, 1700s, Hawaiian Women, hawaiian women, kapuhili, Kapuhili, Hawaiian Culture, hawaiian culture, Culture of Hawaii, culture of hawaii, Hawaiian History, hawaiian history, History of Hawaii, history of hawaii, Kamehameha, Keopu'olani, Captain George Vancouver, George Vancouver, george vancouver, Exploration, Age of Exploration, age of exploration, Colonialism, colonialism, Colonize, colonize, Imperialism, imperialism, Great Britain, Britain, britain, British History, American History, american history, King Kamehameha, Liholiho, Kamehameha II, kamehameha ii, King, king, Prince, prince, kuhina nui, Missionary, missionary, Woman, woman, Women, women, Women's History, women's history, womens history, History, history, US history, US History. Although explicit details concerning most of her life are unknown, Nancy Ann Morgan Hart is believed to have been born in North Carolina around 1735, in the Yadkin River valley. More in Revolution & Early Republic Figures, Media Gallery: Nancy Hart (ca. Some reports contend that Benjamin’s absence, in fact, made little difference to Nancy who had always been a “domineering” wife that had always run their household. Hart then threw a ladle of the boiling soap into the spy's eyes, then went outside and tied him up to turn him into the local Patriot militia.

Nancy Morgan Hart died in 1830 and was buried in the Hart family cemetery outside of Henderson, Kentucky.

02 November 2020. Reports say that Nancy was red-headed, badly scarred by smallpox, about six feet tall, and often was beguilingly described as “muscular” with no additional commentary. Although explicit details concerning most of her life are unknown, it is widely assumed that Nancy Ann Morgan Hart was born in North Carolina, somewhere in the Yadkin River valley (although some believe that she was born in Pennsylvania), around 1735 (some say 1747). Nancy Hart, mother of famous comedian and actor of Hollywood Kevin Hart. The leaders of the militia then began offering prizes for marksmanship, and suddenly they became expert shots. Geni requires JavaScript! Mrs. Louisa H. Kendall, whose uncle was John Hart, son of Nancy Hart, wrote a letter in 1872 recalling some of the stories her mother had heard from Nancy Hart. Omissions?


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