my boo webtoon

Anyway, the protagonist of this story is a girl names Yuri So who can see the ghosts for some reason.

Muted is a great way to get into the witchy side of the supernatural. Ep. Just overflowing with feelsssssssss. He is willing to do whatever he needs to convince her to give up her soul for the ultimate dream. So, I was telling some juniors of mine how since they’re in college, they should not be wasting time like how I did and they really have golden opportunity right now and of course I was rambling on and on. Personal Front: I had a very rude awakening this week. 2; Ep. Also, forgot to mention earlier, it also has cute cats. Webtoons are the craze these days anyway. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

( Log Out /  5 Oct 8, 2017 like68,006 #5; Ep. She needed a cheap place to live and found a haunted apartment she could afford. 3; Ep. The emotions in this webtoon are so real and so relate-able, I just can’t.

Previous Episode #1 Next Episode. Aarrghh, such decisions in life, I tell ya! Today’s Song: I don’t remember if I have posted this song before but I am back to listening to this song since I have been watching Lay’s drama: My Boo is really one of a kind. There is also a 3-D effect about it. And seeing how Camielle's family is full of powerful witches, best believe this will be a treacherous journey. It’s been very very long since I finished any manga/ manhwa/ manhua tbh. But slowly she starts understanding him and herself and they become housemates in real sense, ultimately falling in love for each other.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Ep. Thanks for the sparkling review!! Teenage David has always believed in the supernatural. Rather than run away, she faints. I haven’t. Thanks for the recommendation! Realistic, simple, cute and just amazing.

Like my blog? Rank #1,495 The risky cohabitation between a ghost and a human that seems touchable, but isn't. There is no need to worry about spoilers, as some of these stories are so bizarre and far-fetched, the summaries below will not give anything away.

5 Oct 8, 2017 like68,421 #5; Ep. With just 47 episodes, the story is fleshed out so well, I can just feel all the feels again. What I like the most about this webtoon is how maturely it’s been written. When you have an invisible roommate., available online for free. Because despite how sad it made me feel, I have the upmost respect for the author for not pulling any punches or taking the easy way out in the end. Like the whole 47 chapters is majorly with just two characters. When Scarlett was alive, she was considered a horrible person. It’s not a new concept and I am following another webtoon these days on a similar theme called Ghost Wife. It's updated every Wednesday and is currently in its second season. Ep. I do admit that parents’ way of telling us about adulting might not be the nicest and their advice might not really be suitable for the current economy and circumstances and times etc., but we can always mold their advice to suit ourselves. It can also be a bummer, especially if a ritual that is supposed to bring forth a winged demon to aid your family's success goes wrong. Digital comics on WEBTOON, EVERYDAY. Ivan is the black sheep of the family.

Ghost stories don't have to be scary. The webtoon app has plenty of stories on things that are considered supernatural, for their readers' pleasure. Do tell me how you found the webtoon to be. I love how the characters progressed and how there's no unnecessary characters added to the mix. Just make sure too read them at a pace that won't be overwhelming. Same for Yuri, she can’t save him. Sara is a freelance writer who's covered everything from K-pop to anime and beyond. So, it’s just not me lol. It’s not a new concept and I am following another webtoon these days on a similar theme called Ghost Wife.

If I could use one word to describe this manhwa, it would be "bittersweet". I ended up binge reading it again. With the scenarios that the author created, I felt the same frustration, unfulfilled longing, and sadness that the characters felt. After ignoring him for a while, he realizes that she can see him, and they decide to try to live together. When that happens, Camielle begins to learn terrifying truths and herself that threaten to tear her family apart. And the next best thing about the webtoon is art. (Also what you said about your realisation on peer/older people feed back is very interesting. Some tales feature ghosts who are helpful and playful; occasionally, the main character even falls in love with them. That’s a great find too! other anime fans just like you. By the end of the story, I had tears streaming down my face. Previous Episode #5 Next Page.


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