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The most prominent member of this family, Christina Posabule, is essentially a female counterpart of Orel.

His mother hits him in the head in order for him to be quiet. When she speaks on the phone to take phone calls, she holds her nose and makes a stereotypical voice of a woman, but she really has a masculine voice. It mirrors his actions as he sticks his tongue out and mocks it. 2005. december 13-tól 2008. december 18-ig vetítették. Enthralled, Orel is assured he can get the eggs banned, since Censordoll is reluctantly picketing for the sake of picketing. In "Courtship," Doughy's home life was revealed: his parents had Doughy when they were very young, and as such, still act like teenagers. Both Arthur and Clay hate each other because of Angela's death. She has gonorrhea. He is ill-equipped to deal with life's problems and takes out his anger or frustration on his family, friends, and the town. The program takes place in the fictional capital city of Moralton, in the fictional Bible Belt state "Statesota." Although he clearly got it from Nurse Bendy, Orel's guidance leads him to assume that it came from his wife, and he throws her out of their home and ends their marriage. ", "Shut up!"). She held him well above her husband Arthur, to the point of serving Arthur Clay's leftovers from his dinner plate. Indeed, he often keeps his personal crucifix on his wall tilted on its side, to demonstrate his flexibility regarding his religious beliefs. Another habit is bossing Clay around. The episode "Elemental Orel" implies that he was planning to use the money from the church collection plate to hire a prostitute. Mr. Cartsen is Orel's pious scout counselor. When Angela dies, Arthur becomes openly bitter towards Clay. Gladys Foamwire was Stephanie's mother. When Fakey begs for guidance, Putty abandons him in disgust, leaving Orel to help. Stopframe is a fan of gothic erotica. He speaks a stereotypical Jewish accent like his wife. After spending time with his grandfather and witnessing his brother Shapey's birth, Orel questions whether this is proof of God's existence, much to Moralton's disgust. Other aborted plotlines would involve Clay's affair with Miss Censordoll and Bloberta's affair with Officer Papermouth, culminating in Orel's grandfather's death and Orel's transformation into a goth-type figure in the wake of the loss of the only good parental figure in his life.

Because of his warm and friendly demeanor, he easily gets along with everyone in the town. He is now in denial concerning the affair, and has thrown his wife out of the house, blaming the gonorrhea he received from Nurse Bendy on his wife's (nonexistent) infidelity. She could've gave her unborn child up for adoption. Once again, Doughy is ignored. Later, Reverend Putty preaches that God wants the faithful to "love Jesus more than anything else in the world". Conflicted, Orel asks Reverend Putty how to honor his father, and Putty suggests asking someone who likes Clay as much as "women like jerks" and directs him to Coach Stopframe.

A rapid-fire montage shows scenes of all the events since, culminating at Forghetty's with Clay and Coach Stopframe nearly kissing before being interrupted by Miss Censordoll. Doughy is first seen playing baseball alone. He also has a collection of firearms in his study, including a Heckler & Koch PSG1 sniper rifle and what is revealed in "Nature Pt.1" to be an extensive arsenal. After feeling sad, Orel perks up realizing that they'll see each other in Heaven, until Bloberta informs him that animals have no souls so can't go to Heaven or Hell and are meant to be eaten. Dottie is attractive and stuck-up; Florence is fat and frumpy. Orel decides he can make God angry with him (and be able to get scared) if he breaks all the, As the family arrives at church one morning, Orel runs into Coach Stopframe, who introduces him to his nephew Joe and asks Orel to be Joe's "Bible buddy," as he isn't quite settled into the Christianity scene yet. He gets injured, asks his parents for a bandage, and they shove him away. Later, Billy and his family were segregated from the town.

In "Help", it is revealed that she was engaged at the age of 18, but she doesn't have a husband anymore. The Blue Crane that visits Arthur, can be seen in episode Nature ll as if it's been sent by him to keep an eye on Orel. Stephanie Foamwire-Putty is the heavily pierced punk proprietor of Moralton's lone sex and piercings shop. Special features include character profiles, easter eggs, and trailers, This one-disc set contains the final 13 episodes of the series, which are the entire third season, uncensored, and in production order ("Numb" through "Honor"). This apparently leaves Joe afraid of both old age and getting old.

Out of both desperation and loneliness, Bloberta manipulated Clay Puppington into marrying her after only knowing him for a day, largely as a means to escape her family and to be accepted alongside her friends who were also engaged. He makes several thinly-veiled attempts to declare his love for the coach but cannot commit completely, then he outs himself to Bloberta and she suggests that the family should leave.

He hates his job as mayor of Moralton, as well as his children, marriage, and father. After this, Bloberta desperately seeks Reverend Putty's attention; after climaxing from her pleas, he tells her to leave. Fakey confidently continues his affair with Nurse Bendy until he receives shattering news: he has gonorrhea. You can help out by cleaning up/adding in a better summary or by finding more pictures.

Dolly Forghetti is the bartender at the bar pub Forghetty's. Listening through the door, Dottie is initially pleased to hear Putty yell her name instead of Florence's, but is immediately saddened by Florence's crying. Clay tries to silence him, and at home he hits him with his belt until the enlightening experience has been beaten out of him. His 35-year-old daughter, Ms. Secondopinionson, takes care of him. At this point, Clay is much like Orel: he's a kind, decent, pious person who mostly wishes to study his Bible at home. The Posabules moved away at the end of the episode, accidentally switching Shapey and Block, though only Orel and Christina noticed at first. He pleads for reason and sanity, but the doctor just makes Nurse Bendy sedate him. Walt Gluegun is the school bully who torments the other kids, even Orel and Doughy. Special features include video commentary with series creator Dino Stamatopolous, easter eggs, and trailers, This 4-disc compilation set contains the entire series, uncensored and in production order ("The Lord's Greatest Gift" through "Honor"). Orel accepts that he can use Buddhist techniques to become a good Christian, and the Buddha's face slowly transforms into Orel's face as Orel becomes "awake". Clay finds Orel in the yard and tells him that God actually wants him to defend himself and recommends that Orel show Walt "how to turn the other cheek." He was voiced by Jay Johnston, and also by David Herman in some season three episodes. Potterswheel sends her home with an even stronger dosage of painkillers; also, she ends up taking Potterswheel's handkerchief home with her. A second episode involving Orel and Christina's relationship. A rapid-fire montage shows scenes of all the events since, culminating at Forghetty's with Clay and Coach Stopframe nearly kissing before being interrupted by Miss Censordoll. He later becomes a popular conservative radio talk show host. He and Orel would have bonded, becoming his real father figure. It is possible that they'd got divorced, and it's revealed that she lives in Aloneford Apartments.

He rather glibly blames the incident on Orel, who's begging for help. She's boiling a lobster who shrieks in agony, attracting Clay: "Something sounds delicious!". The series has been described as "Davey and Goliath... meets South Park".

1 különleges rész is készült a műsorból. In "Sundays", an episode in which she takes a major part, it is revealed that she was married to Officer Papermouth and has a daughter named Anne.

He sneaks off to the bathroom at school and Clicky the, As he starts a part-time job at the drugstore, Orel learns that good Christians should help the poor. When Clay plays his prank, Arthur notices the half-empty bottle of ketchup and realizes that Clay is merely faking, shaking Clay until he stops. His last name "Fakey" is a reference to the fact that he is essentially a fake or false husband, due to his affairs. Furious, Clay attempts to punish Orel with his belt but is too drunk to remove it properly and gives up. The episode closes with her sneaking off to an illegal egg black market set up by a deranged farmer who is sexually-obsessed with the way that his hens lay eggs. Not realizing that Kim's joking around, Stephanie eagerly agrees. Bloberta may have realized that she did her mother a favor by leaving the Hymentact family.

Enthralled, Orel is assured he can get the eggs banned, since Censordoll is reluctantly picketing for the sake of picketing. The series culminates in the ultimate dissolution of Clay's relationship with Orel's coach, and the revelation that Orel will one day be able to put his unhappy childhood behind him to raise a better family than the one in which he grew up. but this time we know he's talking about "flatlining" to meet God. Clay's anger vanishes and he joins the crowd that gathers to congratulate Orel. His friend Doughy, whom he told of his problem earlier, arrives with a group of adults who hate the dog for the love and attention he gets from the children.

Clay unintentionally changed life forever when he faked his own death as a prank on his mother, causing her to have a fatal heart attack. Annoyed, Putty shooes Orel away and happily purchases a new heart-shaped wastebasket to replace one that was stolen years ago. Orel thought he could make friends with Walt after hearing the song "Turn The Other Cheek" by Presbo the Clown.


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