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But immediately after I rate the seller the reported the device stolen and amazon disabled my device and replace him with another device. Last week I was reported for counterfeit items and my account was suspended. Call the Federal Trade Commission, or even make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau), but to be honest I just want this whole cherade to be over with. I noticed when I tried to promote an item and I was told I could not. I still have no idea what the flimflam OP is trying to say. So after hearing about Mercari here and figuring it would mesh well with the type of items I flip, I decided to give it a go. Mercari is the number 1 selling app they have helped me make over 2 thousand dollars in 2 weeks selling all of my old junk and collectibles i never used anymore sitting in my closet. I contacted both mercari and the seller, but the seller to request a return since Mercari claims that it guaranteed authentic or your money back. 2. It's a total shitshow because they encourage new users to sign up and existing users to spam to get their free $2 so it's just an influx of quantity over quality. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So if I plan on using their app, EVERY time I run into an issue I have to squawk about it on their facebook page to get an actual response?? I've had to return 3 items, which is 3 more than I've ever had to return from eBay purchases. Well I'll share you my perspective as a seller. I have people literally posting like "pls pls" in my listings asking me to drop my prices down to like $4 when my shipping is gonna be $2.60 or higher. When I confronted mercari they said I was innocent but bc of their new policy the buyers experience can't be deleted even though lies and illiteracy aren't experiences. Also fakes are very easy to spot. If you are a seller, this is where you can earn some extra cash for your electronics, clothes, books, etc. Absolutely zero customer service and they make it very difficult to contact anyone. The app was easy to use and everything seemed ok so I spend an hour or 2 uploading a bunch of listings and within a few hours I had a ton of views and follows. Their responses were juvenile, short sited, and unproductive. What happened? Also, check if the photos are taken from all angles. plus it's not like the person who decides whether to say it's authentic or fake is an expert on the item, perhaps sending them proof on where you got them and all that can help, i haven't sold anything since the shipping rate update, been getting quite a lot of new buyers that low ball like crazy that increases offer by $1 each time until i told them no. In terms and conditions, Mercari states that the app is not responsible for anything that happens away from the platform. The only problems for me is there's basically no customer service and the wait time to receive your money is unbelievable. Idk man, I've actually stayed off of reddit for a min, bc to be honest like I better get my money. Ratings cannot be changed or deleted, unless it falls under one of the following scenarios: Positive changes to rating and/or feedback Inappropriate language, such as profanity, harassment, or hate speech A place to discuss tactics and success stories of buying things for a low price and selling them for a higher one. I refuse to go down alone. I haven't had any bad experiences with Mercari. Sellers are bad at describing things properly but Mercari’s return process has been okay, if somewhat long. Got an email from Mercari starting I had a balance. Press J to jump to the feed. Yeah, no fees are great but I guess like they say, "you get what you pay for". Mercari is a well designed and run marketplace that even novice app users can enjoy. Mercari is great for people just trying to clean out their closet. Assuming she did anyway. I am in a love hate relationship with Mercari. So here is Mercaris phone number. In the past month I've had around $150 tied up in bullshit transactions (purchases, in this case) for which it was quite obvious, immediately, that the seller was not going to ship the item. You may have heard about Mercari, and you are now wondering whether this platform is safe and should you use it. "Yeah that is weird" Insane! Sold item was rated. I gave it the ol' college try.). I get a response 2 DAYS later from "ralph" that contains nothing more than a cut and paste of the original email they sent. If you order things without reading the reviews, you can land up in trouble. He knows he is getting some freebies. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | TOS | All Rights Reserved, Join our newsletter and get all the latest. List your item in minutes. I sold around 15 items on Mercari several of the sales went fine. So I just found this site right here look check this out. So then DUN DUN DUNNNNN then came the Final warnings(oooooo), so, anyway to make a long story short the end of this retarded incident ended up with my account being under review and waiting a few days for them to determine that i should be suspended indefinitely (But never said anything about life times bahahahhahahahahhaha oh man) During interactions they proved to me that they know nothing about copyright infringement and when I asked for them to explain in detail exactly HOW I was doing that, NO JOKE THEY LITERALLY copied and pasted the same shit that pops up on the first link when you Google the issue. Do you know what these ignoramuses replied with? BBB accredited since 10/3/2014. I will call you out with some truth, no matter who you are. AND WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY EVEN TALKING ABOUT... whoa, not going to lie though. I found a post on r/flipping about an upstanding member being banned from selling on Mercari. They need an option to just flat out disable comments on items because man is it ever a huge waste of time to fend off these people when responding in regards to some bullshit $3-6 item. Mercari review rated 1.0/5.0 with 155 Comments: I tried Meracari as well, which should be called bargin bin pushy shoppers. I met this person on mercari they were selling an iPhone 6s Plus. LMAO. They have no custoemr service or people skills, bc they were probably spoon fed with a silver spoon their whole lives, and know nothing about the real world. Final decision. They also sent requests for verification of my identity for tax purposes! To answer your question: yes, you can get scammed on Mercari. Anyone else here care to chime in?


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