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Its buyer protection means that buyers are allowed to only request returns and refunds for items that are not as described. amzn_assoc_title = "Shop Related Products"; Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It adds that it makes it super easy to sell virtually anything. Mercari will also issue the refund if the seller has not shipped the order, and does not respond to the cancellation request within 24 hours. Another complaint about Mercari amongst the many sellers in the independent customers’ reviews platform is that Mercari is biased to buyers, meaning there is no form of Seller protection. What Sellers in a platform has to say about it gives valuable insight into how well the platform is for Sellers. use this amazing app today and empty your unused stuffs from drawers and cupboard. It should be remembered that Mercari is a marketplace, and has no right over products being sold. I purchased something and needed to cancel right away… for days tried their customer service, 20 emails back and forth, phone calls…until sure enough, the item showed up at my door…”, Buyers can make purchases in their own terms by making an offer, Offers convenient payment methods (credit cards, PayPal, and ApplePay), Offers relatively fast order processing and shipping time, meaning delivery is relatively fast, Has strong buyer protection – payment is only released to Seller when the buyer confirms delivery and that the item is as described, Offers a return label for making easy returns, Offers free returns (no restocking fee and Return Labels are free), Offers fast processing of returns and issuance of refunds, Returns are for only not as described items (buyer remorse or not-fitting items cannot be returned), Return window is relatively small (3 days from delivery to request a return, and 3 days from receiving return label to ship the return package). It will only release the payment to the seller when you confirm that you’ve received your order, and it is as described, and then you rate the Seller. In this regards, Mercari does not come out flying. Took a pic of my receipt and sent it to Mercari. Thus, Mercari also holds new items. He then refused to sell to me or accept text messages. Ok close my account but give me my money that was there from my sales! This site is a scam, plain and simple! In fact, Mercari comes has a strong buyer’s protection. You can “Add to cart”, and then proceed to make payment. However, the refund policy is quite different from Mercari. It allows the buyers to return the item despite of wearing it for an extended time or returning the item destroyed. Mercari being the first privately held startup company in Japan which is valued at over $1 billion, having to reach unicorn status. In this regards, Mercari does not let your ship the item yourself. And if you’re wondering that is Mercari safe for buyers? It says 60% cheaper labels but does not allow exact measurements/ weights. You’ll want a platform where it is hassle-free to create a listing. Thanks to all the online shopping platforms which helps us Shop from bunch of beautiful brands each day. So you can be sure that you’ll not get ridiculous time-wasting offers. However, when a Buyer claims that the item received is damaged, even if the Seller has evidence that the item when dispatched for shipping was undamaged, Mercari refunds the Buyer, leaving the Seller with no resolution. When making online purchases there is the fear that when you order is delivered, it may not be 100% satisfactory. For example: The reviews quickly revealed that the “poor customer support” complaint had two arms; first is “not getting a response to support submissions”, and the other is that where the response is obtained, it is largely unhelpful. This may take up to 48 hours, as USPS can easily take that much time to update the status in their system. So, now if you have any products or items lying in your drawers unused for months you know where you have to sell these, get the best amount out of those and of course make some extra cash for yourself. Mercari is all about taking images, taking photos of the products that are around your house or which you want to sell as a re-seller. That’s the biggest reasons reviews are all about, which help us know everything related to platform we’re about to use. You may also like pretty little thing review. Not a big deal but I asked the seller about the charge. Not only these, nowadays you can even get a great deal online it helps you to buy and sell products online. Horrific customer service. Another complaint you’ll find among Mercari’s Sellers is that shipping costs are high. (2020 Updated), AliExpress Review – Is Legit or Scam? Also, even after the buyer receives delivery of your item, you still won’t get the payment immediately. I have emailed every day since with no answer. However, for items that are priced over $100, the refund is issued once the item has been delivered to the seller. After reading other Mercari reviews, I decided to write a more thorough review of Merciari to detail our experience. I contacted there customer ser they said they could not find me! For example, does it offer a good range of high quality and affordably priced products? If you find an item that you like, clicking on it will take you to the item’s description page. Mercari Reviews. The responses you will get are canned and scripted. There are just too many stories of unsuspecting customers being ripped off by scam eCommerce platforms. A Drop down will appear where you need to rate your seller as either good poor or great, you can also write some type of message reviewing the seller. Is Goodrx Legit: Goodrx Reviews 2020, Real Drug Discount, Is Asos Legit, Safe, Fake or Scam? Mercari takes a 10% fee off the total price listed. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "topreviewssite04-20"; With the use of SSL amongst other measures, it is safe to say that Mercari is safe. Returns are also not allowed for ill-fitting items. The last part (rating the Seller) is very important, as it completes the transaction for release of payment to the Seller. It doesn’t matter how well you package anything— if it is damaged in transit and you used their label you will be out your money entirely, as they deny every single claim regardless of how it is packed and offer you no supporting proof to pursue the matter with the shipper directly. We have things we don’t use, never used, or simply outgrew. When your return request is approved, Mercari will send you an authorization email which will carry return instructions as well as a prepaid return label. Not only is it free to list your items and get sales, but the commission you’ll have to pay on completed sales is relatively low. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What kind of business are you! You want a hassle-free buying experience, so you’ll want to find a range of convenient payment methods. Top 5 Most Popular Fashion Stores Online: Yes, Mercari is legit. MercariPLJames is a seller on this siteShe sells pfaltgraff Village dishes and doesn't wrap or box right. The poor customer support mentioned in complaints includes basic failures such as not responding to submissions, and not investigating Buyer’s claims before proceeding to “punish” sellers. The listed item comes with a set price; if you like the item but not its price, you can then make an offer of a price you’ll want to get the product for. Worst part you can’t even get a chance to rate these sellers. Also, as a Seller, you’ll want a platform that allows you to list a range of products, as that will be more convenient that listing in different niche platforms. Currently it’s being operated in Japan and United States, it also expanded in United Kingdom in 2016. For this we’ve helped you with all the possible information which will help you make a wise decision regarding Mercari dealing in the long run. I bubbled wrapped it very well and I asked for proof so I could take it tithe shipping place and try and get my money yes back. There is little to no buyer protection, I bought a non operable fax dead on arrival and all they kept asking for was pictures. I have sold on Mercari for almost two years and loved the app. Listing is easy breezy. But that does not mean they are perfect, continue reading to know what customers are saying about the quality of their services and out findings. MONAT Review – Is it LEGIT or a Scam? In terms of shipping time, Mercari has two shipping options – Priority Mail and Home Delivery. After taking a look at the item if everything is good you just need to proceed with me. I cannot imagine how many ladies were scammed already. If it is a platform to sell products, then it is also a platform to buy products.


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