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A few years later, after GTE became Verizon, Mr. Barr worked quietly to vanquish the competition again. He advised President Bush that he did not need lawmakers’ approval to unilaterally attack Iraq in the Persian Gulf war of 1991, although he recommended that Mr. Bush seek a resolution of congressional support anyway. While he periodically opined on other legal and political issues after President Bush’s defeat, Mr. Barr concentrated on the corporate work that made him a multimillionaire. In his waning days in office, Mr. Bush resolved to pardon Mr. Weinberger. "Far from respecting the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us, it is becoming common in some quarters to scapegoat the police and to disrespect police officers and disparage the vital role played by law enforcement in our society," he said. The attacks on Mr. Starr “appear to have the improper purpose of influencing and impeding an ongoing criminal investigation and intimidating possible jurors, witnesses and even investigators,” the 1998 letter said. Is he the operator who spun the then-secret Mueller report? far less reason to scrutinize the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. Or the straight shooter who later disclosed portions that were damaging to President Trump?

Or is he a manipulator who has skewed the special counsel’s evidence in Mr. Trump’s favor and is now endorsing questionable legal arguments to fend off legitimate congressional inquiry? That is clearly not so. His treatment of independent counsels, a post-Watergate reform, in some ways foreshadowed the division over his handling of the findings of the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. Mr. Rosenzweig served on the independent counsel team that investigated President Clinton and as a homeland security official under President George W. Bush. He had two goals, which he is now executing, friends said: to serve as a firewall between the White House and the Justice Department, which he reveres, and to keep the crisis unleashed by the investigation of Mr. Trump from weakening the presidency. Once, when Mr. Bush asked if he could brief the National Security Council on a pending indictment of terrorists, Mr. Barr was flabbergasted, as he later recalled: “Would it be O.K.?

Under Mr. Barr, the Justice Department is fighting congressional subpoenas on the grounds they lack any legitimate legislative purpose — an argument that federal judges have rejected in related cases. He studied at Columbia University, eventually obtaining a master’s degree in government and Chinese studies. He is, after all, thinking of elevating first daughter Ivanka Trump to be U.N. ambassador. At a May rally in Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump launched into his usual blistering denunciation of those who investigated him and his campaign, then evoked Mr. Barr. People Are Trying to Figure Out William Barr. “He doesn’t act like somebody who just arrived recently. “He was conservative in attitude, demeanor and politics in a way that was distinctive,” said Doug Schoen, a Democratic pollster and former fellow student. director, Christopher A. Wray.

A copy of this press release is located on the website of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of … The obstruction of justice case he mounted against Caspar Weinberger, President Ronald Reagan’s defense secretary, threatened to reveal that Mr. Bush, as vice president, was more implicated in the arms shipments than he had claimed. Well, I work for you; you’re the top law enforcement officer.

A former engineer from MCI called his office with a lead: MCI may have wrongfully routed phone traffic through Canada to avoid fees — a potential national security risk. But at the very least, McGaughey working in the Trump White House while his dad oversees a massive investigation that impacts that very same White House looks fishy. “Anyone who knows my father knows he’s the wrong man to try to bully,” said Margaret “Meg” Barr, at 34 the youngest of his three daughters, all lawyers with public-service jobs.

“With a lot of help from Barr,” he said, the department prevented a merger between WorldCom and Sprint. Between them is Rod J. Rosenstein, the former deputy attorney general, and on the right is the F.B.I. Always thick-skinned, she said, her father emerged from her lengthy ordeal even more unflappable. Barr, then in private practice, moved with his wife to Boston to support her through chemotherapy and stem-cell transplants. Although he contributed to Mr. Trump’s general election campaign, Jeb Bush was his first choice for the Republican nomination in 2016.

Mr. Barr knew “what to put into the subpoenas and what issues the companies would be vulnerable on,” he said. The House Judiciary Committee has recommended holding him in contempt of Congress, and House Democrats are planning to vote this week on whether to authorize the panel to take Mr. Barr to court, for defying subpoenas for the full text of the Mueller report and underlying evidence. In that post-Watergate era, the White House was very deferential to the Justice Department, Mr. Barr said in a 2001 interview with the University of Virginia’s Miller Center. “A few years from now, after all of this is resolved, some of Barr’s critics might conclude that his approach was a reasonable way to navigate through a difficult situation,” he said. Less than two months later, Mr. Barr began his cleanup with the most powerful of brooms: a presidential order commanding intelligence agencies to cooperate with his inquiry, and sweeping power to declassify and make public their secrets — even if they objected. The findings from the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, are now available to the public. Barr daughter Meg (Margaret) is married to Tyler McGaughey, in White House Counsels Office. The president who installed his own daughter and son-in-law as senior advisors in his administration — working on projects they are woefully ill-equipped and ill-trained to do — has now hired the son-in-law of one of his top Cabinet officials to work in the White House General Counsel's office. Five years earlier, Judge Wilkey had dissented from the court’s historic opinion ordering President Richard M. Nixon to turn over his secret Watergate tape recordings, arguing that discussions between a president and his advisers are protected by “absolute privilege.”. But it seems like everything he has done so far has counseled in the opposite direction.”. But his rising power over the intelligence community has been accompanied by swelling disillusionment with Mr. Barr among former national security officials and ideological moderates. On Thursday, he shared a personal story about a "godsend" social worker who helped his family during his daughter's cancer battle as he reminded law enforcement that it's OK to seek out and accept help. Trump gives mysterious White House gig to his new AG's son-in-law, Trump's silly 'Space Force' dream to die quietly in private ceremony, White House insists Pence got applause after video shows total silence, Doctors slam 'ridiculous' Trump lies that they somehow profited off COVID deaths, Don't expect anything different from a second Trump term, GOP senator runs blatantly antisemitic ad against his Jewish challenger, Trump campaign says he can't be anti-LGBTQ because he once had a gay friend, Louisiana sneaks a scheme to ban all abortions onto the ballot, Election results won't be finalized for days no matter what Trump says, Armies of lawyers brace for election chaos, The South sees highest number of Black Senate candidates in more than a century. Immigration law, he said, dictated that thousands of Haitians who had fled the island nation on rickety boats seeking asylum after a coup should not be allowed to enter the United States. Then, the youngest of his three daughters, Meg McGaughey, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


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