mask fragment: right or floating passage
This time, you’ll have to look for one of the Memorial Mob merchants. You can trade the scales you have collected for several items in his inventory. As you explore the large river the crosses through the estate, you will eventually find a large jar along a small island in the middle of the river. "overwhelming opponents in a flurry of graceful aggression." Dive through it and on the other side you find 3 carp scale as a normal item pickups. He’s the merchant that lives in a pot, and you can find him in the Hirata Estate area. Floating Passage is listed in the improved combat arts section of the patch notes, but it already cost no emblems, so what did they changed? You will drop down into this lake as part of the story. Ring the bell to summon the Great Colored Carp and feed it 2 x Precious Bait to get 4 Scales from it! Still, this is the only way we’ve found to increase Attack Power in Sekiro, outside of collecting and using Prayer Beads. 3:09 - 5/21 - Pot Noble Harunaga (Merchant Shop) Sells Divine Grass, Withered Red Gourd, Mask Fragment: Right, Floating Passage Text 3:46 - 6/21 - Treasure Carp Scale #4 4:45 - 7/21 - … There’s a tunnel in the mountain not far from the waterfall that you can grapple to, and this leads you to the second Scale merchant. "Unleash attacks in a flowing, dancelike form, overwhelming enemies in a furor of graceful aggression. Cross the bridge, then turn right instead of heading up the incline to the Estate. Turn back toward the gate behind you and grapple over it. Was wondering where to use that item…, Their seems to be a number of time you can try to kill a fish before it doesn’t respawn again cause I was only able to get 3 scales at estate the fourth isn’t coming back. This is a collectable treasure carp scale. © 2008-2020, all rights reserved. There are just multiple in the same lake, but they spawn at slightly different points in the lake. Enemy hits just break your attack chain, regular Whirlwind skill is much, much better. He sells you two treasure carp scales for 500 coins a piece (1000 coins for both). Cant find another skill tree in the menu and there arent any animation changes. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a third-person action-adventure game that puts players in the role of a hard-hearted warrior whose mission is to rescue his master, a young lord, and exact revenge on his arch nemesis. 3. There’s 1 single Treasure Carp in the water here. A piece of a mysterious mask. The third and final fragment is found in the very last area of the game, called the “Fountainhead Palace.” Once there first make your way to the Palace Grounds Sculptor’s Idol, which will be blocked by a gate. Two more carp are found in a little pond just below the third idol in Mt. Treasure Carp Scale #5: Dragonspring – Hirata Estate In Hirata Estate region, at the first idol called “Dragonspring” jump down the cliff and you’ll find a big lake on the right side. The idols will be locked, but you can get back there through the Abandoned Dungeon area. A mask fragment. Combat: Players may not kill Pot Noble Harunaga. First time I tried using it properly was against Gyoubu when I had him staggered, each hit barely did any damage at all. Giving some ordinary bait to the Great Carp also ropes in some scales, I’ve gotten 4 from the giant blue dude next to the feeding area. Pot noble is dead “2nd one”. Once you’re at the Palace Grounds Idol, head back into the building and then back through the gate that you just unlocked. Youtube. Thanks for this! You can find another Scale Merchant in Fountainhead Palace to spend your remaining scales. 5. It’s not possible on the first visit, you have to come back for it later. You can swim on the surface to get behind the carp, then dive down to attack them from behind. Only 34 are needed to get everything from the pot nobles. Skill unlocked upon acquiring this item. Kongo region. Another 5 scales are found as underwater item pickups so make sure you pick up everything in the lake. No idea why. Swim to them head-on and let them spot you, just spam sword attacks and hope to get lucky to land a hit. But we’ll help walk you through exactly how to get it. ". Spawn at the Estate Path idol, climb over the gate and follow the river bank to the left. I’m not sure if it stacks on the scales you get from feeding the carp but I killed the guy that gives you scales before feeding the great carp and he gave me 3 scales. (spoilers). Two of them are in this lake. JOIN FOR UPDATES. It’s a normal item pickup. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is jam-packed with secrets to uncover and mysterious items to find, many of which give you absolutely no indication what they’re used for. In one of the corners. These scales are acquired by killing treasure carp and can be used at a vendor in Hirata Estate. After defeating the Okami Leader Shizu miniboss you can jump in the big lake. The first 4 carp are swimming in the lake where you find the vendor. You can buy the right mask fragment from him for 7 Treasure Carp Scales. If you look closely, you’ll see Harunaga waving his arm from a pot. Mask Fragment: Right. Progression: After trading several scales for items, talking with Harunaga rewards the player with Truly Precious Bait. Treasure Carp Scale #16: Riven Cave [Requires Diving] Your email address will not be published. Mask Fragment: Right 7 Floating Passage Text 5 Was this guide helpful? There's one in Hirata Estate towards the waterfall at the beginning of the area. It's in your equipment under combat arts use it then hit rb in quick succession. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. This move was banned from official Ashina text for a very good reason. In return, he is willing to part with some truly impressive items - listed below. Twitter. You get the diving ability by defeating the Corrupted Monk in Ashina Depths way later in the story. Harunaga only sells four items, but since his preferred currency is so hard to come by, you’ll have to make several trips back to him to buy them all. Not worth it. 🙁. Treasure Carp Scale #27-#38: Great Sakura Didn't really find a great use for Floating Passage in the game to be honest (maybe someone can enlighten me? Mask Fragment #1: Right. Luckily, we have another guide to help you figure out how to get scales. Take a left and follow the cliffs — you’ll find some stairs here that will lead you down to the river. Gets the burn up quick. Look for the stream nearby, and then look up again to find a grappling hook point that’ll let you get up into a cave. The treasure carp do not respawn once killed. Loaded a older save still dead. Swim to the end of the river and dive down to find this fish. Once you have the bell charm, head back to the Dilapidated Temple and use it at the Buddha Statue. In This Wiki Guide. Eye floaters may be caused by the normal aging process or as a result from other diseases or conditions: Age-related eye changes. Treasure Carp Scale #17: Ashina Castle [Requires Diving] Most come from killing the treasure carp fish, but some are found as collectibles in the world. From there grapple up to the roof and from there to a tree branch on the left, a temple roof, and lastly to the area on the far left. The second fragment is easy enough to find, but you’ll need 5000 Sen in order to purchase it, no small amount. Floating Passage Text. The fire resist gourd is also nice. I got the one by the waterfall, but there’s another that swims around deep underwater on the other side of the bridge. If you don’t have the diving ability yet, you get it from the main boss “Corrupted Monk” just after the Water Mill idol, he’s only a minute away. Didn't really find a great use for Floating Passage in the game to be honest (maybe someone can enlighten me? It's one of your equippable combat moves though, so using it means you can't use any of the others. Of some use against many sword-wielding enemies and bosses if used as a counterattack; if the first hit lands, they must block the rest of the string as any attempts to counter will likely causes their attack to be interrupted (needs further testing, but definitely seems useful against the bosses fought in the Shura ending). In the pond where you found the 4 treasure carps, under a wooden bridge by the water is a golden glowing item pickup. Inside there’s a man who wants the “Water of the Palace”. Treasure Carp Scale #8, #9: Temple Grounds The idol is called “Temple Grounds”. Collected as an underwater item pickup in the same water where the last carp was. Skill unlocked upon acquiring this item. This is an unmissable main boss. There is at least one that swims in the river near Harunaga, but you’ll have to be quick to catch it. the dude i bought the 7 scale one does not have it. To target them press the right stick so you can lock on to them even while they’re underwater. The treasure carp swim away quickly when they spot you, but can be killed with sword attacks when timed correctly. You can buy the fragment through them. Treasure Carp Scale #12: Mibu Village What to do with the treasure carp scales. Head down to the water and swim out to the small island ahead of you. In the same river where our last carp was, but this one is downriver. I can see myself using it often until I find another Or will this unlock later on? Hirata Estate – Dragonspring Idol: From Hirata Estate’s first idol called “Dragonspring” jump down the cliffs and you’ll see a bridge on the left and a lake on the right. There’s another Treasure Carp in the river off the left side of that bridge (as you’re facing the area with the hunter).


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