madara vs tobirama episode
@alextheboss: What's impressive about blitzing fodder? Tobirama was known to surprise attack his targets when they think they have won, and Madara always thinks he's winning and is constantly underestimating people. Précédent This can clearly be seen with Naruto. Manga Even though Tobirama Senju was strong, there was a considerable difference between his and his brothers' powers. Being Kaguya Otsutsuki's son, Hagoromo had great powers that could only be matched by a few characters in the series. Madara became like a god, and Hashirama was left in the dust. It was stronger than Nagato's Chibaku Tensai. Tobirama is the fastest ninja of his era, that includes Madara and Hashirama. @marc_55: Actually, I'd argue that Madara is worse off without his eye abilities then Hashirama is without his wood release. He created the Akatsuki and set both it and Obito Uchiha on the path that would ultimately lead to Madara's resurrection and the fruition of his plan to dominate the ninja world. It got stuck in Sasuke's. Though I doubt he meant either of those versions since both would stomp. Tobirama wins this by wide margin. Nonetheless, Kabuto could've at least provided a decent fight to Madara. She and her clan attained immeasurable power, and her legacy went on to the creation of the ninja world. Madara is only at Mangekyo Sharingan phase. It's not like his eyes were the only reason he was good. Are you really gonna go there.First of all Tobi didn't provide him with any DNA material. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. @gnomishness: He also has Sage Mode still, to boost all of that. The episodes are directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo.. Tobirama beat Izuna, who was said to be almost on the same exact level as Madara. Les deux tentent d'atteindre la rive opposée en faisant des ricochets avec des pierres. At his point int time blitzing that many fodder was impressive. The difference in that comparison is, Madara without eyes would be Hashirama without Wood Release. HeroOfSacrifice wrote: Last one goes to Madara. He has his teleportation, but is he actually physically faster? When it comes to Madara Uchiha, the difference in power between the two is just way too massive. Tobirama was an incredibly powerful shinobi of his time. You're right, speed isn't everything, but all Madara did was blitz some scrubs, which anyone with his speed could do, i.e. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki‎ came from seemingly nowhere to be the true final boss of Naruto: Shippuden and usurped Madara's shot at dominance. @alextheboss: Because Tobirama is too fast, and Madara literally wouldn't be able to keep up without his Doujutsu active. As they left the Naka Shrine, Suigetsu expresses his disinterest in the battle and tries to slip away, only to be met by a kick from Karin. For now, some of Jigen's abilities remain unknown, and we're certain that he'll turn out to be even stronger than what we're imagining him to be. Madara once had an answer to it, in the form of Susanoo, but without eye technique's like that, nothing really stops someone faster then him from shoving a chakra assisted sword right through his back. Madara and Izuna trained together and had the same fighting style. I did read it. Sasuke's brother, Itachi Uchiha, was just as great a shinobi as Sasuke is today, albeit not nearly as powerful. On top of that, FTG is tailor made for crowd control. @werkudoro: Nine tails >> Chibaku Tensai as proven by that technique's literal first showing. Same as above but Madara can use his Gunbai, Tobi can access ninja tools like kunai, Shuriken, Smoke-Paper Bomb, Madara Can use EMS, and Kyuubi, Tobi can ressurect Itachi and Nagato, Tobirama wins the first two rounds. Having heard all he needed from the Hokage, Sasuke comes to the conclusion that the village and people that Itachi sacrificed his life to protect should not be wasted, and decides to enter the battlefield in order to follow his brother's will, with Orochimaru following out of interest. Because it requires one's DNA and a living vessel to sacrifice. He… Soda can was missing from Sasori's puppet body, so he possibly swooped in a took it away before Kankuro showed up and took the body. And you're basing that on Itachi's story, which we all know was fake as hell. 9 CAN'T BEAT MADARA: Tobirama Senju. Kaguya was the first to wield chakra and became the Ten-Tailed Beast. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Characters Who Are Faster Than Tobirama Senju (& 5 Who Aren't). Just like I think Hashirama could beat Tobirama without his would golem. Chibaku tensei, totsuka blitz. damn.. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Was that after he got sage mode? And sure Madara has more power, but Tobirama has way more variety. In fact, he was able to slay Izuna Uchiha in combat pretty easily, showing how powerful he really was. I don't know why people are debating a version of Madara that clearly doesn't exist. In death and resurrection, Madara gained access to powers he could never gain in life. Madara had nothing special about him at this time. Au bord de la rivière, Madara remarque que Hashirama est déprimé, sentiment qu'il comprend parfaitement du fait qu'il avait lui aussi des frères qui étaient tombés au combat. I think it might be a stalemate. He famously clashed several times with Hashirama Senju, a conflict that ultimately helped shape the Hidden Leaf Village. Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles,, This is the article on the episode.


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