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What we give them is much more than the headline-it’s context, the meat of the story. At 17, he started working for a local radio station, “Radio Maria”, where he stayed until 2012 as a presenter, reporter and editor-in-chief. In a role like mine, people want to talk to you, and there’s a responsibility that comes with that. He served for many years as a Director and President of the Alva Foundation, which endowed the Gordon Fisher/JHR Journalism Fellowship at Massey College. Jennifer Jones . Jennifer Jones . University of Victoria, David Tirpin Building A 110, March 26, 6 pm, Vancouver/Coast Salish In particular, François L’Écuyer denounced community activists Samba Boukman and Ronald St. Jean, who I’d met, as “notorious criminals.” This was exceedingly dangerous in an environment where the victims of police operations were routinely labeled “bandits” and “criminals” after they were killed. We can’t back away, but I understand the fear. In addition to the millions of dollars put up for JHR’s international media initiatives, Canada’s aid agency has doled out tens of millions of dollars on other media projects broadly aligned with its “development” outlook. The DRC is known as the rape capital of the world; people rape female journalists there to silence them. Rameen Alrameeni graduated from New York Institute of technology with bachelors of accounting and pursued her MBA from Talal Abu Ghazaleh School of business – German Jordanian university. In those days, if you were lucky, they’d kidnap you for 48 hours, then drop you off in the middle of the night on some street. During that time, I make my conference call to discuss stories with our writers and the assignment desk. She also participates in the training and education of practice group members about legal, regulatory and market developments through formal and informal education initiatives and the creation, assessment and implementation of legal project management and other value-added initiatives for clients. Ben Peterson co-founded Journalists for Human Rights in 2002, and served as its Executive Director until 2011. During the war in Afghanistan CIDA operated a number of media projects and had a contract with Montréal’s Le Devoir to “[remind] readers of the central role that Afghanistan plays in CIDA’s international assistance program.” In another highly politicized context, CIDA put up $2 million for a “Media and Democratic Development in Haiti” project overseen by Montréal-based Réseau Liberté (RL) and Alternatives. But fear makes you stronger; it keeps you on your toes, makes you more alert. Nesreen is the Project Assistant supporting JHR’s Arabic speaking projects. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Regina Peace Council, April 7, 7 pm, Winnipeg Why?,,,,¬if_id=1583252078038902,,¬if_id=1583717280577000,¬if_id=1582766962076990, Challenging illegal Israeli military recruitment, Chile vote is a blow to corporate Canada and Trudeau, Bolivia election is a blow to Trudeau’s policy, Toronto schools push students to join Israeli military, Antiwar forces need to challenge Trudeau government, not praise it, Canadian military training in Africa is extension of US imperialism, Tax dollars promote Canadian arms exports, Israel lobby will face blowback, eventually, Questioning Canada’s “One China” policy is not progressive. Ben is a published author and accomplished public speaker. He was a Radio Trainer and Producer for BBC Media Action (BBCMA)-South Sudan. He has been working for JHR as a media trainer based in Amman, Jordan, since 2014. Nabin works closely with JHR’s country offices and partner agencies to streamline the financial management, documentation and financial reporting processes. Vancouver Island University, Building 305, Room 507, March 23, 6:30 pm, Nanaimo I know it’s there, but I don’t need it on my cellphone. Over the past 15 years, Shamma has produced and presented several leading radio shows at the main community radio in Amman, Balad Radio, besides producing a series of documentaries focusing on human rights. I stopped tweeting in December, though I still use Twitter as a news feed. Since then, JHR has worked in 28 different countries and trained 15,650 journalists, bringing human rights stories to 65 million people. I enjoy being part of a team that improves the living situations of a community in both stable and changing environments. Lorde's dad was proposing to her mom, as the 17-year-old singer herself informed via tweet. He was the Central Equatoria State Correspondent for Gurtong Peace Trust for five years. Neo-Nazi bad, left wing anti-Israel store owner much worse? Trudeau on Venezuela and Haiti, End the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement. She started off as an auditor then she went as a volunteer to Spain. I rely on authenticity: I can’t say things that don’t sound like how I would speak to my mom or to a viewer I don’t know. Social media is a big part of how we consume news these days-we’re constantly flooded with information. Perhaps the title of the cabinet member in charge should be changed to Minister of International Development and Propaganda. Why did you get involved? Janine has graduated in International Relations (MA) and International Human Rights Law (LLM) from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Later, she joined the United Nations in Jordan. She strongly believes in Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred. Before moving to Canada in 2016, she was involved in many European youth NGOs projects focused on informal education, tolerance and intercultural dialogue. He continues to participate in the annual selection process for the Fellowship. His recent assignments include training women journalists on digital safety and security. Whatever the case, the excursion seemed to go over well because a few hours later – when the family were enjoying the sights of Niagara Fallls – Night for Rights also celebrates balanced, thoughtful human rights stories in Canadian media through JHR’s Award for Extraordinary Achievement in Human Rights Reporting. He is an URTNA best programme in Africa winner in 2004 and a two time CNN/ Multichoice African Journalist of the year, Radio General News Category Winner in 2006 and 2009. In addition, Ms. “So nice,” reports the tour guide, who was shocked when the trio climbed aboard with the hoi polloi. Given that science and journalism are both pursuits of the truth, why do you think journalism fails more often? Chief Anchor and Senior Editor, CTV National News. At its annual gala JHR also awards prizes that incentivize reporting aligned with its views. Why is that, if people can get news all day long? “Bardot,” I verified, after which she told me how fabulously absurd it had been to debut the style recently on Instagram. Her major subjects were Sociology & Rural Economics. She also worked in marketing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. On a professional level, you can dig deeper and find out, for instance, which government body can speak to a particular issue.¬if_id=1582766962076990, May 27, 8 pm, Ottawa Josh Groban, David Byrne, Brent Carver and Steven Page. If I’m doing a big interview, I try to anticipate the possible ways they might answer questions, so that I have follow-ups, or so I can find an inconsistency with a statement they may have made five years ago. I always think of my sisters, who work in other fields. He supervised the paper’s merger with the new national newspaper. Moro Siaka souhaite mieux contribuer au respect des droits humains, à la promotion de la démocratie dans son pays où la paix, la sécurité, la protection des personnes, les droits humains, la démocratie sont actuellement des plus grands défis à relever.


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