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WTF was that old stuff, huh? They were all familiar with the destruction of an entire world. Terrence asked the soldier who stood behind the once believed dead woman. However, I've recently learned a horrible truth. she asked amazed at what she had miss out on, she was more active now that she had a time to adjust, they were currently in the residential area where John stayed, she was dressed in her uniform, replicated to an exact match. The monitor said as he projected to beams into the successors. "Hey, wait," Flash said, blinking, "there are mini-Bats? "Yes ma'am." And what have you done to your armor?" His eyes were a bright blue. "He is correct Commander, whatever it is its big!" The artificial voice said. Browse through and read justice league action fanfiction stories and books. The A.I construct said to her sleeping guardian, as she had done for the past three years of their wandering voyage through space, she did mostly to keep a connection to something for fear of Rampancy, which lately seemed like a closer outcome for her, but given all they had encountered during the war it came to no surprise to her. "All right on my mark fire 25 salvos into the designated coordinates, Cortana the moment they launched you get us out of here, wait for the emanations to weaken them slip him and we drag them along for a last ride." "Is there any way to detect a possible Flood infection?" 30 years of warfare, 30 years of bloodshed, all culminating in one final battle, where hidden truths came out, betrayed enemies became great allies and ancient foes were finally defeated, so many lives were lost some earning a high place in history, but no name greater than the man who led his brethren and mankind into victory, who now in stasis waited alongside his long time companion the "smart" A.I Cortana, created by Dr. Halsey and based off her on mind, who watched over her friend and protector. "What are you planning Chief?" She said to him with urgency. But he could use his powers, so he tore through the empty building--well, nearly-empty; he passed a maintenance worker--and popped back up onto the roof. 早期聊天出来的脑洞。论坛体,蝙团宠,主超蝙微all向,OOC以及某种程度上打破次元壁orz(第一次搞论坛体,选手很菜.jpg, JL蝙友情以上,外加蝙蝠家亲情向。Summary:众所周知,咖啡有极强的成瘾性(bushi。, 超&蝙友情向可爱乐高来一发,沙雕版本的不义,脑洞产物,严重OOC,丧心病狂地洗白不义,一切为了老爷的脊椎,乐高不死人,欧耶!超人不知道蝙蝠侠偷用自己的仪器把小丑关去过幻影地带。, A (non-chronological) collection of various members of the Justice League being friends, bc fuck DC, (i had posted this once before, deleted it, and now it's back lmao). "What did you even trip on anyway?" she asked as she tried to orient herself. "Commander, are you all right?" One-shots series about Batman being tired, because we all know that Bruce is overworked. The league looked surprised at Cortana's reaction to finding the woman. "Transmission received, commencing with data storage." She said as she had seen the event after returning from Onix, to her it was just another failure on her part, so many lost opportunities, she thought she couldn't feel any worse than what she had done when she gave her up to her father, but watching her die at the hands of a mad man hurt like nothing ever could. John and Cortana were in awe at the devices, they were as tall as a 15 story building, and resembled a massive sheathed sword, a large red eye at the top. She said as she gazed at the hopeful expression of her mother "Could my death really have affected her so much?" After finishing his short speech, he looked at the faces of other members as if expecting some names immediately. Cortana replied. We have great toys." "Guess we got plenty of time to fix the armor and add some new additions to it." Flash: From what I have heard he is a loner and do you think we can bring him on board? Robin.". it asked. He seriously didn't understand his powers. He doesn't know what it is though. the monitor said. "Well thankfully we still have a good supply ammunition and weaponry on board, so personal defense is safe, there appears to be a fully functional Albatross dropship, two Pelicans and one Longsword in the hanger bay so in case we have to scuttle the Dawn we can use them as shelter, some warthogs and mongoose are still operational, as for food and water you'll have to check, the Dawn's fusion reactors are still functioning so all in all we are good John." If the AI was piloting the ship and being injured in the process than they were either very close friends, or she was simply programmed to. I wasn't able to come up with a good name for it. My kind of show." What he saw surprised him. "I believe that is the point," Manhunter said, "Given how it is wrapped and it was likely to be sent as a gift. The machines they left behind seeded the universe of life, for it to begin a new, however those races who discovered the remnants of the Forerunners thought them gods and worshipped them as such, they created a great empire on those beliefs, this was the origin of the covenant, who upon learning the position that humanity held, ordered their immediate destruction, for if the truth was revealed the Prophets, self – imposed leaders of the combine, they would lose all power, this they could not allow. They had experienced that many people. Will this fill the void in their life after their son's death? How do you get to be Batman's sidekick, anyway? John asked. He spoke. The now identified monitor explained. She spoke to the Fleet Admiral. "Very well ensign, how did you trace the source of the transmission?" Now then, if it feels like I've messed up anywhere with the characters, please feel free to tell me. She said not quite sure if the images are real or not. He replied calmly. she asked. "I'm getting--nauseous," Nightwing said, and Flash set him down fast. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "Yes, though we could not give the full range of abilities, the combat skins my creators had, we have made certain that you are fully capable of handling even the most daunting of tasks." Your review has been posted. Centers on Batman, the JL, and the Batfamily. he asked her. "What are guardian sentinels?" The Assault Carriers alone should be next to impossible to have so many standing by and where was it during the war?" "Excellent, what was our travel time in Slipspace?" She spoke to the end. "John, you have to come here quick the armor is ready, and Offensive wants to show us something to." He said. Green Lantern, Robin. Browse through and read justice league action fanfiction stories and books ... she's had to sit on the side lines and watch the famous Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin. He questioned as he was quite confused and worried. I asked him via personal message and he said it was okay. GL asked. They wish to use my inventions to take the world under a dictatorship…with the worst of humanity in charge. His shoulders were screaming at him, arms yanked above his head. In the sector established by John as the kill zone for the fleet the Dawn came out at full speed, while the fleet followed, the fleet commanders saw what awaited them as the massive cosmic phenomenon loomed in all its ghastly glory ahead. she asked. Offensive processed her answer and found no fault in the words spoken. she asked touched by his concern for her, though he would not be pleased when she told him the truth, but she owed him that and so much more. With Batgirl at his side, he renews his crusade against crime. His skin was cool, clammy, covered in sweat and other things that dripped down his legs. The Spartan II program was born out of necessity during the internal strife that afflicted the UNSC expansion in to the vast expanses of the galaxy; at first the change that came was calm and peaceful, but eventually civil unrest and ideological differences caused many to openly rebel against the earth leadership, resulting in the resurrection of the program under one of the greatest minds in UNSC, ONI division, Dr. Catherine Halsey. she thought to herself. "It is only logical that I wish to ensure that my existence ends with the completion of that with my creators sought to protect, should I allow myself to go rampant I put at risk everything they sacrificed themselves for, that is something I will not permit, too much has been lost, I will ensure your safety and safe return to your people Reclaimer, for only then can I say that the mission has been accomplished and my existence held meaning." "You are not, Flash. She said. You can see the figure grinning as he threw the box into the portal.


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