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Canada’s Drag Race queen talks final elimination: 'I was shocked', Canada's Drag Race: The semi-final saw another queen leave. Jimbo is the first queen to win the Snatch Game on Canada's Drag Race. That’s the idea the Chalifour pitched to Open Heart’s music video director, Shiraz — a local comedian and producer — who then said that he had the perfect person in mind. [INSIGHT]Canada’s Drag Race star speaks out on drama with Lemon [INTERVIEW]Canada’s Drag Race star Ilona Verley talks her exit from the show [VIDEO]. “I think it’s a really beautiful and catchy song with a great message about acknowledging the love and energy and about putting art into the world.”, “It sort of embodies what he’s trying to do as a performer while also elevating another artist. ", "Your mother and I invented the Snatch Game!" She s... more. Being a kid of the ‘80s and having lived a life of excess while being kind of bizarre, all of that is woven into my story. Drag Race Canada fans tuned into the hit competition this week as the final four were whittled down to just three ahead of the final. Canada's Drag Race has lost its fan-favorite, but Jimbo has a lot to say to the fans when it comes to her shocking elimination and their criticism of Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.

[2] Respecting his father's wishes that he pursue a career-oriented education, he studied biology at the University of Western Ontario; following graduation, however, he opted not to pursue employment in the field and instead moved to Victoria, British Columbia, where he began working as a costume and production designer.[2]. Jimbo is the stage name of James Insell, a Canadian designer and drag queen most noted as a contestant in the first season of Canada's Drag Race. [Laughs] We tried! Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. [9] For Fierté Montréal's special online edition of its annual Drag Superstars show, which featured all of the Canada's Drag Race queens in prerecorded video performances, Jimbo performed a drag recreation of The Buggles' 1979 hit "Video Killed the Radio Star". In front of a little Golden Retriever puppy, everyone was trying so hard to be professional. JIMBO. Canada's Drag Race - Season 1 Queen on Season 1 of Canada’s Drag Race! I also like to poke fun at social norms and ideas about femininity… It’s all meant to be funny and start a conversation that makes people not take sex and sexuality and power in sexuality as a bad thing. It’s like, "Stay still!

Her time on the competition will be remembered for her outrageous looks and hilarious personality, which won her a number of challenges. What you’re saying is there’s no room for slutty dog couture in these productions? Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Ah, Ah, Ah... Ahhhhhh. Kyne reveals all, Canada’s Drag Race star hits back at unpopular exit, Drag Race Canada queen speaks out on judge's criticisms. Request $50. You feel different that i remember." “And also to have the ability to be read by Michelle Visage and critiqued by her is a right of passage that every drag queen would love!”. newspaper archive. I just want to thank the fandom for their love and support. I had to make my own path and show people my point of view. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. James Insell Thank you Jimbo!! As a clown, remaining in character is huge. (preview of episode 9 not seen in the final cut), "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! 1 Place Jimbo explained: “You know being a bit of a weirdo and an outsider, having a strange drag name and being from the farthest west part of Canada you can come from, I really thought that my chances of making it work were kind of slim. Current City Rita cut hers away, but you seemed to struggle. Jimbo Season 1 Queen Canada's Drag Race Drag Queen Clown Support Our Upcoming Project HOUSE OF JIMBO linktr.ee/jimbothedragclown I like... privacy. Looking at your credits, we have Pup Star World Tour and Pup Academy, and I love the image of you bringing drag flair to costumes for dogs in family films. In fact, Jimbo revealed she even relished the judge’s criticisms, enjoying being read by none other than Michelle Visage. I thought I was being sneaky, and I pretended to go get my makeup, but I went and got my little sandwich and I was just snacking away. Jimbo ate sandwiches, the runway, and our hearts on. JIMBO is a local drag queen who has starred in scores of performances across Victoria for years. We have created a browser extension. Canada's Drag Race has taken one final bite of the Jimbo sandwich. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small, Face, fire, fierce guest judges sash-eh north in. HELL TO THE NO!" At the end of the day, I’m glad I kept the hair on! [1], Originally from London, Ontario, Insell and his brother Jeff were both interested in creative pursuits from childhod, including early drag play. Were you trying to become a meme in that moment? I was a costumer for dogs, so I’d make the dogs’ costumes in this beautiful mansion we filmed in. But, good morning anyway. It’s so important that you say that. Can you tell me about working on those projects? Get your video. It’s all about TV and looking critically. He appeared in the music video for Victoria musician Adrian Chalifour's single "Open Heart". The theme of sexuality and being slutty is pretty strong in my life! They have their own ideas of what I should look like, and it was hard for them to see my point of view. Reviewed by Emily Patnaude on October 16th, 2020. Jimbo The heartbreaking moment resonated with fans as Jimbo was clearly emotional thinking back on her childhood. But I was also totally fine.

Insell has worked predominantly in local theatre, including productions of James and the Giant Peach[3] and The Rocky Horror Show,[4] but has also had credits on a number of television films produced by Front Street Pictures for the Hallmark Channel,[2] and on the children's television series Pup Academy. It was important for me to keep my composure and to be a queen, beautiful and proud, instead of falling apart in desperation. I want to remind everyone to be kind, spread love, and be kind to the judges and the girls. ", "I am serving 645 working pockets, but I can't find my bus fare. Victoria, BC Queen on Season 1 of Canada’s Drag Race! “And so in that moment when I'm in one of the strongest positions I've ever been, in the middle of that stage as a powerful queen, to see myself in those days and to see how sweet and impressionable and beautiful that little spirit is - and then to know everything that would happen to myself - it was very emotional. Jimbo the Drag Clown was a fan-favourite in the Canadian version of the show ever since she first strutted into the Werk Room. A design studio run by Jimbo, a fabulous drag queen and their collective of incredible artists.

Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express [2] Respecting his father's wishes that he pursue a career-oriented education, he studied biology at the University of Western Ontario; following graduation, however, he opted not to pursue employment in the field and instead moved to Victoria, British Columbia, where he began working as a costume and production designer.[2].


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