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Nurie: the oldest of the Rodrigues clan. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. It was taken in 2014. Jill commented that it was fortunate that her daughters were "trim," as this enabled them to crawl out through the car windows following the accident. Nathan Keller is Anna (Keller) Duggar's brother, and Jill frequently points this out. She went on to say that not only was there food insecurity in the household, but that the children were kept up to all hours of the day and night and not allowed proper rest. Let me know what you think! She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. The exact date of the impending wedding has been a source of speculation, though Duggardata has stated that it is likely to be during the weekend of July 25th. This move was likely motivated to evade the changing laws. It's 4.40 am here... Let's have a primal scream about what's on all of our minds... One moral problem that I seem to be on the wrong side... (DRAFT) C.S. Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. @rodriguesfamilyservingjesus: “Last Friday night, we were excited to travel to Hosanna (Plath) Noble's Grandmother (in laws)…” I couldn't include absolutely everything, but I did my best to be comprehensive. The Rodrigues Family has several ways in which they serve the Lord. Obviously there are some major differences, but there are sadly a lot of similarities. Items requested included two types of Calvin Klein perfume and a new KitchenAid mixer. The top state of residence is New York, followed by Massachusetts. They said this about homeschooling here in Costa Rica. But what about all those other Quiverfull families? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Blaming Children For Acting Like Children, Jill Rodrigues - Rodrigues Family Ministries. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Another really Jesus-y thing done by this family. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. What the? 2. •Both moved around a lot – possibly to evade CPS scrutiny. Also, send me the Nonreligious Newsletter. She is open to speak at ladies meetings. The Rodrigues family consists of (as of June 2020) fifteen members, two parents and thirteen children. They stated that Timothy and his siblings were starved and beaten, and that Timothy had gone through a failed courtship. – If you look at her weekly menu you will see that these are meals that are almost entirely high carbohydrate foods. Jill Rodrigues in the US . Timothy had dreams of becoming a missionary pilot, but has attended three different flight schools thus far, with no sign of obtaining a degree. Recently I heard some…” ETA – I assumed this was Tim after seeing chatter online and did not verify. And there's only one laptop in the whole place, and only Tim can use it for studying. …” Oh, also she sells Plexus, and pretty much never shuts up about it. An old woman plays the spoons at a wedding where dancing is forbidden. They allowed their barely legal son-in-law to pay for meals while he visited, and Jill's instagram is full of examples of the family eating meals that she states were paid for by others (one example is a buffet they went to at Golden Corral, paid for by an "Aunt Julie.") The Rodrigues clan is a large Quiverfull family  that seems to sum up the worst of Quiverfull. Poor kid could have a great life with the right interventions but she was doomed from the get go. I have seen in my time here several vaccine-denying, homeschooling Evangelical families ordered by local CPS to vaccinate and enroll the kids in public or private schools, or they will be deported. We know very little about his time there, except that he bought a ring at a pawn shop. I feel so bad for all those kids. We hold worries for their development. "Timothy" frequently takes over Jill's instagram account (many suspect that "Timothy" is in fact Jill), and has done so to assure that his parents are not starving him and his siblings. That is so false. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. I remember at least two instances of a 'kid' making a gushing post about Jill on her account, only for Jill to come in later and be like, "OMG, I didn't see this until now!!!!" Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Which we would not even know if Jill wasn’t addicted to posting every single thing they do on social media. The queen of switching on an instant smile when Jill turns the camera her way. Which leads me to the Turpin and Rodrigues families. That is quite costly and the benefit has not been completely established yet on all items. I expect, knowing the dysfunction of Jill, that at Nurie’s wedding we’re be treated to something even more inappropriate in her attempts to turn the spotlight to herself. They literally beg for money to support the family instead of holding jobs like normal folks. It’s impressive how cheaply she manages to feed their brood, that is until you realize two things. What they said made everything everyone has speculated about the Rodrigues family look possible. •Louise Turpin and her husband used restraints on their children as a form of control and discipline. The Rodrigues Family, Missioncations, and Flouting Homeschooling Laws. On Philip's 16th birthday post, Jill shared that the two of them used to call each other "hon" when they were little after hearing their parents call each other hon. It’s is genuinely not about you are all. Kind of in-between age groupings. Recently, Jill has announced that her baby due in April 2018 had an in-utero stroke, and that she will be “special needs,” but has gone quiet on any details, again, probably to avoid criticism. Get updates from No Longer Quivering delivered straight to your inbox. The Rods in their RV and the Turpins from WV, to a couple of different locations in Texas and then later to California. Did I miss the part of the Bible where Jesus was all gripe-y and complaining about the food he was served as a guest somewhere? He had to leave after a year. At that time the Rodrigues family was having a bushel of troubles with CPS doing another investigation on the possibility that they weren’t feeding the kids. •Both had awfully bizarre Vow Renewal ceremonies with all of their children in the wedding party, and had them up on YouTube (Turpins have probably since been removed). We would like to share with you about our family and what our ministry is! While we don’t have proof that the Rods do the same, we do know that they are fans of, and acquainted with the Pearls, masters of the infamous blanket training method, and we also have proof of the RV’s “baby cage”. She is married to Nathan Keller. Screen cap from the Rodrigues Instagram. The RV contained an infamous "baby cage" in which their children slept. A courtship unapproved of by Jill. Good Patriarch David prints religious tracts as his ministry and the entire family travels months a year in a small RV as they go from church to church ‘ministering’. A list of the children, in age order: Nurie (21), Timothy (20), Kaylee (19 as of July 2020), Renee (18), Phillip (17 as of July 2020), Samuel (15), Gabriel (14), Tessie (13 as of July 2020), Hannah (11), Olivia (8), Sadie (6), Sofia (5 as of July 2020), Janessa (2). Preaching – David enjoys encouraging the saints by preaching truth from God’s Word – the KJV 1611 Bible. Commenting here means you agree to abide by our policies but our main rule is this – Do not be a dick! Just to be clear, this photo was not taken in 1998. It will basically catch you up on the crazy. In the last few years the family has moved into a home in West Virginia, but prior to, moving into the house, the whole clan lived on top of each other in an RV. The eldest son. To this day, nearly 34 years later,  my large Louisiana family speaks of my wedding as the day my mother showed up wearing that red dress. Then Timmy went off to a college in Wisconsin, focused on the same curriculum, that was cheaper. She’d do better to skip the organics and reduce the amount of carbs she’s feeding. Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world. Parents Jill (often known as JRod) and David (often called "Shrek" due to his unfortunate visage) married when Jill was 18 and David was 25. I’m changing the flair for this to “Wiki Post”, to make it easier for people who need a “fundie 101” can find these kinds of posts more easily. For the sake of informing newcomers to this sub, I wanted to start a series on some of the people we snark on the most here. Someone said something the other day about Jill paving her own road to hell and I had to quip that she would merely redecorate hell and try to sell Satan some Plexus. It’s clear the family struggled financially during this time (and continue to), and many followers of the blog have criticized the parents, noting that the children have always looked malnourished and underweight, while David Rodrigues carries more than a few extra pounds. White House Admits Barron Trump 'Experimenting'... Bishop: Daughters Should Be Uneducated So... 'Joseph Masturbated In The Corner, Too'... Ride Sally Ride - Chapter 13 Exploding Ankle... Ride Sally Ride Chapter 11 Benson Ain't Hedging. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. •Both JRod and Louise Turpin were teenagers when they married their 20-something husband’s. Olivia through to Janessa are the 'littles' and also the most grey, sunken-eyed and thin-haired of the lot. For her the end goal of parenting is to raise good little worshipers who worship and glorify her. This is a lot of great info. Get updates from No Longer Quivering delivered straight to your inbox. The Turpin, the Rodrigues, and the Anderson Families – Using Food to Control Children? This is a really good add on because it speaks to the racism within the family too. Moreover, Jill recently created a memorial to her five miscarriages and placed it in her daughter's bedroom before posting it to instagram. They do their members a grave disservice by publishing such inaccurate information. Please. The Rodrigues Family has several ways in which they serve the Lord. Poor Timmy. And a word of caution on HSLDA. Gabriel is known for being really small for his age and having a very pronounced lordosis, possibly indicating rickets? In addition, Jill often refers to one of her sisters as a quadriplegic as if it is her entire identity, and posts a lot about the fact that she is in a wheelchair. I know of a couple of families that have slipped off to Panama and other countries without as stringent rules on homeschooling. Jill is a cosmetologist (I believe she’s licensed but I can’t find anything to confirm that at the moment), but her sense of style is over the top and perpetually stuck in the 1980s–blue eye shadow, big puffy hair, the works.


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