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I watched TOS and don’t remember “The Cage” as well. And Star Trek is a VERY lucrative job to work for which I’m guessing most cares about first and foremost. If there is a ‘diversity quota’ on these shows they are still pretty low for the most part. I think the MAJORITY won’t care because honestly the he had ten minutes of screen time in one episode. whatever happens, I hope they include a role in the first episode for Laurel Goodwin. We heard they were ‘happy’ with the show, but to this day they have never thrown out one single figure of how many signed up to watch the show when months ago they were practically bragging how will it will do. Nobody except Roddenberry (Gene, not Rod and certainly nobody else) can make canon “retroactive”. Worth a watch if you get the opportunity! It would be a good addition for the cast. | May 17, 2020 | What CBS should have done is give PIKE to an outside team with a genuinely creative agenda. Yes, shocking right? I'd love to have him on the Orville … Better him than a potentially undeserving recipient of affirmative action. If not, I’m still rooting for being an descendant of Shran. I think the core cast beyond these three could wind up being largely uknowns, or small stars. And I don’t think that’s the ONLY reason. Because if you’re a big enough fan of something you are still gong to hate watch, even if its just to complain about it. (Don’t worry, The Orville is coming back next week.) But I can’t tell whether he’s actually annoyed about diversity and thus attempting an ironic reversal, or is mocking those who don’t like diversity. He created the show, but he’s not what made it great. OF COURSE he created the thing, there would be no TOS and TNG without him but the guy didn’t have the only ideas on how to make them good and in many cases it was the opposite of that. That’d be a pretty nice thing to do. Combs tells TrekMovie that while he would love the opportunity, he hasn’t taken any proactive action. Excuse me but The Cage was a pilot, not a first episode. I won’t expound on why, because it would be terribly insensitive. So as said Boyce could have a major role or none at all because I don’t think it really matters. There is no huge consensus among fans about this, so stop being melodramatic and presumptive. He’s guaranteed to be around a bit more. And they still never said how many were watching the show itself and clearly it wasn’t all 2.5 million. Combs is awesome but if he were to become CMO, perhaps what makes sense is that Boyce has moved on to a position at Starfleet Medical – and a new member of the Interspecies Medical Team has been assigned to the Enterprise as CMO. I bet they regret killing off admiral Cornwall! Without us do you think Star Trek would ever have continued to prosper after 54 years? Especially on a tiny platform like AA that no one remotely cared about until Star Trek showed up. The opening of the particular episode could show Pike as a child attending a speech or meet and greet with an old Archer, only for him to meet a younger Archer later in the episode via some time travel plot. Kate Mulgrew would be a great addition to the show one day, too. You completely miss my point. In “The Cage,” Boyce was one of the main characters–and easily the most interesting character in the cast. Though DSC already broke that tradition, and nobody from DSC appeared in PIC. Although I did not read the books I saw the anime which had a lot of the same concepts as Star Trek. But of course if they did it right FROM the start, then no they wouldn’t have to move it as you said. I totally agree. For TOS it was Gene Coon and for TNG it was Rick Berman. Take that nonsense elsewhere. Funny but there are those who will not think so. And of course diversity doesn’t only mean race and it’s great to see women more in charge which we also didn’t get until DS9. I could definitely see him making Boyce work. If the new series is set PRIOR TO the Discovery series in the timeline, I see no barr to Rekha Sharma playing Commander Landry in any new series (predating Discovery). He smiled once and, of course, yelled ‘the women!’ but not really a raging bag of emotions. While CBS and Viacom were split, it was probably not possible to do a Pike/Spock series, especially with the Star Trek movies still potentially happening. So I truly the believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. That’s exactly what is going on. Performances often felt forced or stiff early on as actors fell into their roles on screen. Fans have said they’d love to see Nathan Fillion guest star in a role similar to Firefly. So I assume no matter what SNW will have a decent mix of people, but there is no ‘diversity quota’ that I can tell from these shows because while every cast is mixed, no show seems to have any consistency about it. I think it’s a given that we’ll see some of the classic crew like Uhura, Bones and Scotty but I hope we’ll see some of the less mainstream characters as well like Gary Mitchell and Captain Robert April. She still could be… In the form of memories, sleep or waking dreams, or video/holographic recordings. All the reason you need for not having a large ensemble cast. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I don’t really care. Right? I mean, it’s pretty telling that everyone gripes about prequels while pretty much being universally excited about a Pike series. . We differ on that theory. ;). But Combs as Boyce? The problem with these new Trek shows is that they’re not nearly inclusive enough. And… now the racist lowlifes show up. YEah I just looked, Doohan 60 years now~! But I was on this board the day Discovery setting was announced and it was VERY divided. I attribute this to the bigger budgets and shorter seasons, which allow the writers extra time to polish their scripts and characters, directors more time to construct the scenes, dialogue, and pacing, and actors to familiarize themselves with characters and do extensive rehearsals.


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