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“The media’s been obsessed with Russians under the bed, but to have the president of the United States telling people in the US that they can’t trust the results of the election,” said Claire Wardle, the executive director of anti-disinformation organization First Draft. James Carville Mary Matalin Divorce 2020. By John Hanson October 9, 2020 at 11:53am. "This time," she said, "let's go with color. James Carville Mary Matalin Divorce 2020. Make a one-time contribution to Raw Story Investigates. You know what that’s going to do for African-American turnout in Georgia or North Carolina?”. He is a pugnacious liberal from the backwoods of Louisiana, with an accent as southern as molasses over grits. This year’s disinformation campaigns are aimed at depressing enthusiasm among Black and Latino voters for the Democratic candidate, just as Russia and the Trump campaign both did in 2016. UNC Professor Rick Luettich shares his expertise on hurricanes heading into storm season. With over 60% of the vote counted, Loeffler narrowly trails Democrat Raphael Warnock, who both have less than 30% of the vote. Raw Story readers power David Cay Johnston’s DCReport, which we've expanded to keep watch in Washington. It looks like Cookies are disabled in your browser. NOTICE: While your contribution is vital and directly supports The Political Insider, it is NOT tax deductible. Invest with us in the future. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Bush’s re-election campaign, while dating her future husband, then the chief strategist for Bill Clinton’s campaign. The Democratic Congressman from South Carolina discusses the races in his home state, Biden's strong pick of Kamala Harris … Designed & Developed by Precision Creations, By subscribing, you agree to receive emails from ThePoliticalInsider.com and that you've read and agree to our, Democrat Legend James Carville Says Pelosi 'Has A Point' Regarding The 25th Amendment, Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris ‘Most Secular Candidate Ever To Run’ For Vice President, TPI: Brett R. Smith Talks With Erin Perrine, Exclusive Interview – Trump Comms Director: Why Trump, ‘Average Joe’ America Will Win Tonight, Nancy Pelosi Blasts Amy Coney Barrett As ‘An Illegitimate Supreme Court Justice’, A November Surprise: Trump And The Coming Red Wave, Hunter Biden Associate Bobulinski Says He Came Forward Because Schiff Accused Him Of Peddling Russian Disinformation, Newt Gingrich Issues Major Warning To Trump Supporters Before The Election. James Caville quote. So Matalin must have used her lobbying skills to knock a few bucks off the price. "I don't freak," she coolly replied—and she didn't, and she doesn't. We’ve revealed financial scams that prey on veterans, and legal efforts to harm workers exploited by abusive bosses. And orange, mixed with a more prudent red, is now the dominant color. Senator Cory Booker on baby bonds, Democrats appeal, and doing what it takes to win, and Sean McElwee on the need for progressives to get behind Biden. The family room has her favorite, a herringbone design made of hemp. James Carville & Mary Matalin's House in New Orleans, LA (Google Maps) James Carville & Mary Matalin's House The Democratic political commentator and his conservative/Libertarian political consultant wife own this home in Carville's hometown of New Orleans. The buyer was represented by Greg Doherty, also of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. "In lots of arrangements guests sit like ducks in a row, and people have to get up out of their chairs to let other people out. ", Leading the way was Matalin herself. All along, people say when are they going to say something?”. Senator Michael Bennet reflects on Russia's interference in our elections, the US Government's response to prevent a repeat of 2016 this November, the details of Steve Bannon's indictment, and a recap of the Democratic National Convention. ", Carville of course agreed—not even the Ragin' Cajun, as he is often called, can say no to Matalin—and she next brought in two designers she had worked with before: R. Edward Bouchard and Marion E. Yeck, partners in a Virginia firm called The Mill Company. A design that was not exactly Carville's thing is now exactly his thing. On the living room walls. interiordesigner:R. Edward Bouchard, ASID and Marion E. Yeck, ASID. “Putin could only dream of that kind of thing.”. https://twitter.com/AP_Politics/status/1323841808233889792. Click to learn more. "After living here, it would be hard for me to live in a traditional house." Wisconsin Democratic party chair Ben Wikler weighs the pros and cons of holding the national convention online, and animal rights activist Dan Mathews opens up about the difficulties of caring for an aging and infirm parent. Matalin launched her political career as a strategist for the Republican National Committee. © 2020 The Political Insider – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The town house—a modern interpretation of Federal style—sits on the Potomac. "We wanted something a bit cuckoo," adds Yeck. “I’m sure that there is some foreign influence stuff happening and we might know more about it later,” said Whitney Phillips, a Syracuse University professor who studies online misinformation. The Federal-style abode that dates to 1770 is located in the “Captains Row” neighborhood in the heart of Old Town. "When I walk down the boardwalk," says Matalin, "people stop me and say, Oh, your house is the one that glows.' "They spread out like Silly Putty." Make a one-time contribution to Raw Story Investigates, or click here to become a subscriber. 9 Home-Buying Costs Veterans and Active Military Should Keep in Mind. Mark Cuban Joins the New Raw Story Podcast. We’ve exposed billionaire tax evasion and uncovered White House efforts to poison our water.


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