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fanfiction, the diary of INFECTED: Professor's experiment, Uchiha Minami (Great-grandmother -deceased). However, she eventually able to activate it by will after being train by Toruma and has fully mature her Sharingan by after being train by Toruma for Ten years. Naruto OC Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. It only choose newborns, and the first step is to murder close people at the ages of 3-7, then a demonic mark will appear anywhere in the vessel’s body ((eyes, legs…. Itachi initially declines but is unable to resist, leading Izumi to find it amusing someone as mature and skilled as Itachi has a soft spot for sweets. She asks him if there is anything he would like and she correctly guesses he wants to awaken his Sharingan as he stares into her eyes, implying she already awakened hers. On the day of the Academy Entrance Ceremony, Izumi happily waves to Itachi and she, along with a majority of the girls at the Academy, watches Itachi from afar and develops a crush on him. She and her mother afterwards rejoined the Uchiha clan. With her right eye, he could use Amaterasu, igniting whatever he looked at with black flames that would burn anything, including fire itself. 450 Followers, 1,611 Following, 25 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from madalina_ (@izumi_uchiha05) https://naruto-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Izumi_Uchiha?oldid=7025. Favorite Drink: Choco-Shots, Hot Chocolate, plain water. Her expression is almost always blank. As the planning for their coup entered it finals stages, Itachi attended another of the clan's nighttime meetings, his first after a yearlong absence. Gotta Know! She met Itachi shortly after they enrolled in the Academy and developed a crush on him but he shrugged her off. She then died, the death she experienced within the illusion tricking her body into expiring as well. because when she was a seven year old, she commited a huge crime, murdering her own little family and that is her Mother, Father, and her little sister. Like Itachi, Izumi disapproved of the clan's growing anger towards Konoha and its leadership. However is a combination of factors and Izumi's naturally kindness good heartedness and optimism made her easy for Toruma to exploit and ultimately corrupt her such as he took advantage of Izumi's love for Itachi and had her witness Itachi's Death which results her to awaken her Mangekyo Sharingan. Kagura Mikazuchi Uchiha (神楽三日月家 Kagura Mikadzuki-ka) or her real name, Izumi Uchiha (和泉) is the younger sister of Sasuke Uchiha. On her legs, Kagura wears a pair of black tights, which are tucked into a pair of knee-high boots and sit under a short white frilled skirt. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Favorite Food: Pizza, Melted Chocolate, Turkey, Green Peas, Salad. Her former name was Yōko Tainaka (田井中 陽子, Tainaka Yōko). Izumi Uchiha is the wife of Itachi Uchiha. Izumi was born into the Uchiha clan, as her mother was a member but her father was not. Kagura wears an elaborate blazer with gold lining, and a large collar, which is open to reveal a collared shirt and red tie underneath. SusanooFire Style: Flame Serpent Water Style: Mouth of the Serpent. ナルトNaruto Wikia is a FANDOM Comics Community. On the night of the Nine-Tails rampage, Izumi is crying out for her parents and is found by Itachi who saves her from being killed by debris. Izumi enrolled in Konoha's Academy a few years later. Izumi Uchiha (うちはイズミ, Uchiha Izumi) was a kunoichi from Konohagakure and a member of the Uchiha Clan. He pleaded with the clan's members not to go through with the coup and attempted to offer alternative ways of sorting things out with Konoha, but was promptly marked as a traitor and expelled from the meeting. When the illusion ended, Izumi collapsed and used her final moment of consciousness to thank Itachi. HOW THEY ACTIVATE (地獄の罠,  Jigoku no Wana , TRAP OF HELL ), ^(( Citizens of hell, Let this devil sacrifice for me, and my flesh will be yours. Izumi persists but Sasuke cries and Itachi takes him back, which makes Sasuke happy, but this leaves Izumi irritated. Later on, when she was 13 years old, Danzo, leader of the root ANBU, decides to sign Izumi in the ANBU team. Her name is taken from her birth father's last name (Shimomura) and her mother's maiden name (Izumi). https://naruto-uzumaki.fandom.com/wiki/Izumi_Uchiha?oldid=290. After Itachi graduates early and becomes a genin, he meets Izumi and they sit by a lake while she offers him some of her dumplings. Izumi was not a recognized member of the clan due to her mother leaving the clan to marry her father, though she kept the Uchiha name. Itachi's disapproval ultimately strained his relationship with the rest of the clan, causing him to stop attending the meetings at all. In the novel, Izumi witnessed her father sacrifice himself to save her and her mother during the Nine-Tails' attack, which awakened her Sharingan. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A few months after Itachi was promoted to chūnin, his father, Fugaku, encouraged him to spend more time with people his own age. Izumi had long brown hair (in a ponytail in her youth) with bangs framing her face and onyx eyes, with a mole under her right eye. From the grief brought on by his death, as well as feelings of guilt that he would not have died had Izumi been stronger, Izumi eventually awakened her Sharingan. etc.)). However, three of his brothers perished at the hands of the Senju, leaving the second eldest Izuna and his oldest brother Madara. Izumi is the current Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, granddaughter of Ozai and Ursa, daughter of Lord Zuko, niece of Azula and Kiyi, and mother of General Iroh. To prevent the mass casualties that war between the Uchiha and Konoha would inevitably cause, Itachi opted to wipe out the entire Uchiha clan in a single night, what would be called the Uchiha Clan Downfall. Izumi is 'ONLY' kind to her family... Why? Izumi continued seeing Itachi at the Uchiha's nighttime meetings, which she was now allowed to attend. Itachi agreed on the condition that she not make Sasuke cry, which she promised to do. Izumi Shimomura (下村 泉, Shimomura Izumi) is an Ajin. When Danzo sent Itachi for a mission, clan massacre. Alongside Madara, Izuna was declared one of the most gifted members of the Uchiha. In the anime, on the night of the Uchiha Clan Downfall, Izumi confronted the masked man during his attack … Since then, she decided to live up to her father’s example by becoming stronger so she could help others like her father did. After her father's sacrifice, Izumi was traumatised and blamed herself. Izumi Uchiha (うちはイズミ, Uchiha Izumi) was a kunoichi from Konohagakure and a member of the Uchiha Clan.She was a friend of Itachi Uchiha since their childhood and was infatuated with him. In the anime, Izumi first met Itachi several years earlier than in the novel, when she invited him to play with her and other children their age. During the Uchiha Clan Downfall, she asked to help Itachi but he said that Mascara might kill her thinking that you aren't gonna help. This did not get better as she still fainted even when she was getting close to her graduation into genin. She was a friend of Itachi Uchiha since their childhood, and was infatuated with him. Her desire to help others weighed heavily on her, as she was deeply distressed she wasn’t progressing as quickly as Itachi, who she used to measure her abilities against. Since then, she decided to live up to her father's example by becoming stronger so she could help others like her father did. She thanked him and asked if could hold Itachi's infant brother, Sasuke.


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