is merica disrespectful
oh oh oh hold the fucking phone!! 26. I honestly don’t know the origin of the abbreviation, maybe as a way to save characters in a hashtag like #merica? I mean, I use it when it’s applicable but it is totally a derogatory term. We are also incredibly lucky, luckier than most of the inhabitants realise. I use the term ‘Merica frequently. People who lack fashion attack people with fashion, Normally, I am all about paying attention to the nuances of language, especially for kids and teenagers. Oh for goodness’ sake. When Americans use it it’s a bit of a joke term, and is usually speaking disparagingly about some aspect of American culture or Americans. Surely, we would take it to our enemies and usher in a new age of peace and prosperity. I have a feeling that chillarrens, chriscolfers and.. um.. Spirks? Lots of community members found the ban on Merica Day to be unpatriotic, which is weird because the administrators banned it because they found the word “merica” to be unpatriotic. Then you went psycho over people not ‘being from the internet’ and started getting horribly bent out of shape when people called you on your shit. oh absolutely, supportive affirmation and gentle consoling is really the best response in these sort of interactions. But thanks for proving my point, those who aren’t a part of internet culture will never understand it. But that wasn’t what they banned it for, at least not according to this piece. I do not agree with all of the military actions my country has been involved in. She’s different than us!! Usually though, administrators don’t step in unless the themes are majorly offensive. How dare a school insist on spelling things correctly! I’d be lying if I told you I’ve never uttered it myself jokingly. I would suggest that the 'Merica meme is purposely meant to be disrespectful to the CURRENT (not the past or original intended state as prescribed by our founding fathers) state of America and the blind patriots who find the state of our country as acceptable. You know, I don’t recall ever saying that I AGREE with or even like the word, I just stated what it meant. Chris is certainly talented. Oh you warrior you. Really you are your own worst enemy. Obviously not, because you are all stupid. I can definitely see a school not allowing it…to me it sets up an environment that could encourage bullying of other students. High school students in Fort Collins, Colorado wanted to have Merica Day for their spirit week. Surely, this would be our generation’s Pearl Harbor. Yeah, ok, I heard of that guy. You abrasively defended the term ‘merica’. Answered! share. Spirit days are typically decided by student councils with admin oversight. And even if we didn’t, you most certainly were not like ‘oh hey guys, I think you misunderstand. THAT was the tone of your post. I’m insulting you because the fact that you believe your hobby makes you superior is pathetic. I said CrissColfer!! Merica is a disrespectful term. Am I 80 or am I half your age? If they wanted to have, say, a demonstration day against our foreign policy or local policy, that would be different. Merica is a disrespectful term. I mean, find a warm, breathing, consenting body and shag him/her. Archived. Answered! give yourself a cookie. Knowing what a word MEANS does not automatically associate you with it, I know what the word Bigot means, but I am certainly NOT a Bigot. The number of times you have completely lost your cool is, well interesting. Within two years of 9/11, the U.S. would decisively topple two Middle Eastern governments and start the always difficult process of nation-building. Well, you have to look at it from all angles. They are physical proof that political and economic institutions set in place more than two centuries ago work in producing what are, on the whole, positive results. I don’t know that I would have replaced it with America Day, but I have never, ever seen someone use “‘Merica” or “‘Murica” respectfully. In recent years, we’ve all heard someone say the name of our nation in this ironic manner. They're patriots, well, because...'Merica!!! Anonymous Mom Submissions – Terms & Conditions. And of course, people are now protesting the decision. I didn’t believe they were real, until now….or at least…knew how to find the internet beyond the NRA website.. . And yet, as with all terms and phrases, there’s a hidden meaning behind this formulation of the word America, a cultural explanation harkening back to the heightened form of patriotism experienced in the years following 9/11. Yes, they are being paid, but if it was OH SO disrespectful in their eyes, then they would not participate, right? CrissColfer it’s both their last names, but you had the correct spelling of Chris Colfer when you tried to say CrissColfer, because you probably thought I was talking the person not the ship, but it just shows you’re purposefully playing dumb for some reason, other wise your wouldn’t have known that his name is Chris Colfer not Criss Colfer (I don’t doubt that you had no idea who he was dating though). have you spoken yet to a professional about this? It is making fun of America, that’s the entire purpose of the word. Now I really don’t get it. The fact you even had to mention all your friendz of the internetz tells me everything about you that I would want to know. I’m glad they made them change it. !” could once more be heard outside the White House, and the patriotism that gripped our nation a decade before returned as President Obama seemed to call an end to the War on Terror. Fast forward to May 2, 2011. This will probably be a wildly unpopular opinion, but perhaps instead of the admin saying they needed to change it to “America” they offered a choice. even TALK about Chris Colfer. Are you really that narrow minded that you think the Fandom universe is so small??? Are you now just being wilfully obtuse? Yet now, more than ever, Americans cannot forget, nor stop being proud of, who they are. It’s about doing what the f*ck you want, when the f*ck you want, for whatever f*cking reason!! You cannot only look at Miley Cyrus. whoa boy. that was a beautiful story, i’m so touched. Like how Dubya used to say it. He was also a Rhodes Scholar and a Fulbright finalist. i can’t even. Good luck with that. I can totally understand banning something that would be entirely classist. By Cherese Jackson on July 22, 20155 Comments. I am just really confused by this whole thing. I think it comes down to context, and I’m pretty sure I’d be fine with the day itself. I’m from Littleton, went to UNC for undergrad. Sort by. Bald eagle on one shoulder, stars and stripes draped over the other. Homophobes attack anyone in the LGBT+ community, I don’t think it is making fun of America, but rather some attitudes that are found here in America. See this is why real life and the internet should never try to mix. Knowledge and tips to give you the mental edge and prevail in any situation. Why is a supposedly grown woman going fan-crazy over an actor from a show marketed to tween/teen audiences? It is also the school’s right to encourage something more intelligent. I continually wonder why people think it’s ok to insult and attack others for something as trivial as them having different hobbies than you. I think it would be a great thought provoking exercise. Our English language continues to be one of the hardest in the world to learn due to its ever changing nature and the Internet surely hasn’t made it any easier. Patriotism, at least to me, isn’t a trend. I’m not sure if it’s funny or sad that people actually think it’s a good thing. And she know’s different things than we do!! At least to me. It was a problem not deriving from a lack of military or economic might. This is what led administrators to discuss alternatives with students.”. Just as it’s everyone’s right to abbreviate America, its also my right to question it. Can a 7-Year-Old Vehicle Bag Stand Up to Texas Heat? Use of the web site constitutes acceptance of the Yolla Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bye. Don’t you hate when schools display their hatred of both fun and America by encouraging proper spelling? Posted by 6 years ago. That doesn’t sound like general badassery. Please, stop taking all of that stuff so seriously. I mean, I use it when it’s applicable but it is totally a derogatory term. And which one is it? It’s because the internet is a different place than real life. I am one confused Canadian here. Tools to give you the advantage over any Imminent Threats that come your way. I know you’re trying your best to get under my skin, but I actually fight against online bullying, so people like you don’t even bother, I imagine I’m twice your age anyway. If this is true, Mr. Abdulazeez’s actions should be recognized for what they are. We used to scold people who mocked our country. I might be in the minority, but I just don’t fully understand why society has deemed the abbreviation of America to ‘Merica as acceptable. In recent years, we’ve all heard someone say the name of our nation in this ironic manner. I wonder if part of the decision was a fear of being mocked / made a spectacle of for letting the kids have “Merica Day”. sorry i can’t give you two. Oh, hold on, I just google searched it. “Tough guys” attack guys who know how to dance. Shop the ITS Store for exclusive merchandise, equipment and hard to find tactical gear. This is what it means’. Featured Image Courtesy of Brandi Korte – Flickr License, The Problem With Saying ‘Merica’ added by Cherese Jackson on July 22, 2015View all posts by Cherese Jackson →, Joe Biden Needs 1 of 3 Key States to Win Presidency Says GOP Pollster, Facebook Will Flag Candidate Posts Prematurely Declaring Victory [Video], Texas Court Rules to Preserve Over 125,000 Votes in Harris County, Political Idolatry Among Christians Is in Full Effect, Chicago Bears Offensive Line Decimated by Injuries [Video], Actor Eddie Hassell Dies From Gunshot Wounds, ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Is Back With More Action, ‘SNL’ Halloween Pre-Election Theme Reminds Viewers to Vote [Video], Taxpayers to Pay Trump’s Legal Fees After He Declares Election Invalid…Just Saying, Benny the Butcher Releases ‘Burden of Proof’ [Review], Elusive Ram Horn Squid Finally Caught on Film [Video]. Anyway you are a MUCH bigger dick than me. But I feel a bit funny about a high school mocking any group of people just for the sake of mocking them – I guess I would need more context regarding what the day would entail. And since you asked, CrissColfer is the ship name (couple name) for Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, get it? After that rant, I think it is you who is ‘cray-cray’. Ft. Collins doesn’t want to seem redneck, people might mistake them for Greeley. I’m horrified by some of the crap coming out of both sides, and usually slightly more horrified by some of the stuff coming out of the “conservative” side (who seem to have forgotten what “conservative” means when it comes to anything but taxes). Maybe I just need more coffee this morning. Excuse me for being proud of my country. The point is that it’s not a derogatory term. Or was she being disrespectful and picking fun at the struggles of the African American community? People here really don’t give a hoot that you are from the internet or whatever.


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