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In reality, it’s not always easy to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Her … She also has her army start harvesting the spirit vines in the Foggy Swamp, with Bataar Jr. taking over the spirit vine weapon project following Varrick's escape. 2,867, This story has been shared 1,872 times.

She climbed to the mountaintop with the rest of the metalbenders after Mako alerted Lin that they had been double-crossed, but was immediately blown off the peak by one of P'Li's combustion beams. Suyin makes it clear that she will not hand over Zaofu, and Kuvira gives her a day's warning before she takes the city by force. However, during their battle, Mako's lightning attacks cause a massive explosion, splitting the suit in half.
The rehearsal ended following the arrival of Avatar Korra and her friends. 7 Movies Like 'After We Collided' to Watch If You Can’t Get Enough Hessa. 420, This story has been shared 403 times. Avatars | Kuvira stated that it was not the first time she had surrendered, and him brainwashing her was the only way he could fully trust her. Kuvira restrained her, but just as she was about to kill her, Opal and Jinora, who were observing the battle, interfered. She requested to accompany Suyin and the members of Team Avatar to a series of caves near the temple in order to rescue the missing airbender, but was ordered to remain with the injured, much to her disappointment. Kuvira was questioned by Aiwei, along with the rest of the city's guards, in an attempt to determine the identity of Zaheer's accomplice. During the second test of the weapon that was intended to kill Zhu Li, she discovered too late that the Beifongs had escaped their prison, and they successfully changed the trajectory of the blast so the town would remain unharmed. Addressing the five judges after the charges against her were read out and she was asked for her plea, Kuvira apologized for the harm she had done to the people of the Earth Kingdom and Republic City, but accused the tribunal of ignoring her achievements and overemphasizing her crimes. Piandao |

He commended her on her cunning and asked if she was there to try to stop him again. Kuvira traveled with Team Avatar, their allies, and several other members of the Metal Clan to the Northern Air Temple in an attempt to free the airbenders held captive by the Red Lotus. She survives when Korra has a PTSD-influenced hallucination that forces her out of the Avatar State, and Kuvira attempts to kill her, only to be stopped by Jinora and Opal Beifong.
Pathik |

Legend of Korra Do-Gooder Kuvira tended to Tonraq's injuries after an altercation with Zaheer and P'Li. By evening, Baatar Jr. had constructed a brainwashing device, which Kuvira complimented him on, noting that it looked almost exactly like the device in Sheng's lab. Control Freak / Fallen Heroine, Maintain control of the new Earth Empire and destroy those who oppose it (Abandoned);reunite the Earth Empire with the United Republic of Nations under her regime (surrendered before completion). Haven’t Seen 'Borat 2' Yet?

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). She later seizes power for herself, on the basis that the Earth Kingdom's monarchy led to the previous decline of the Earth Kingdom, and has the nation rechristened as the Earth Empire. In 171 AG, Kuvira and the other members of Suyin Beifong's dance troupe rehearsed a routine for an upcoming recital. [20] Oliver Sava of The A.V. Three days later, the group arrived in Gaoling and waited for Guan to make his move. Max Nicholson of IGN felt that the writers of the series did "a pretty good job of relating" Kuvira's motives rationally and commended her scene with … When she arrived in the city, she demonstrated her weapon's power by destroying a few structures, forcing Raiko to surrender. Kuvira | Sheng raised that Kuvira did not know how the machine operated, but she informed her that she did, as Baatar Jr. figured out how Sheng's brainwashing worked in a matter of hours. King Bumi | Later that night, Kuvira attacked Zaheer and his group after the four managed to infiltrate the city in an attempt to kidnap Korra. She was also engaged to Baatar Jr., who left Zaofu with her to support her ideals, though ended their relationship when she was willing to sacrifice him to have a chance to end Avatar Korra's life. She would later be visited by Korra, her first visitor since her imprisonment, with the Avatar seeking help on what to do about Commander Guan, who she feared was planning to sabotage the Earth Kingdom's new democratic election in the State of Gaoling. The warlord proved to be more than a match for the Avatar, until she entered the Avatar State, leaving her opponent dazed. Kya | Later on, Kuvira attempts to have Wu, who has been residing in Republic City following the coronation, kidnapped and brought to her, for the implied purpose of executing him. Kuvira then offered herself as the test subject, and despite Suyin's objections, she resolved that Guan and the remnants of the Earth Empire were her messes to clean up. Kyoshi |

After the airbender's airship left the city, Kuvira used her radio to command the other guards to begin securing Zaofu for the evening. Meanwhile, she had Varrick collect spirit vines from around Republic City to construct a new technology, stating it was now his number one priority. Kuvira told him that there was nothing but death and destruction along the path he wanted to take and that the Earth Empire had nevertheless been defeated, with Guan's army merely a weakened remnant that wrongly believed the Earth Empire had a future. After Bolin is threatened by Kuvira himself, he helped Varrick and Zhu Li escape from her train, and the three of them sneak out of the camp set up just outside Zaofu in mecha tank suits while Varrick proposes that they warn other people about the power of Kuvira's potential superweapon. Type of Hero Jeong Jeong | After Kuvira remarked that Guan brainwashing the king and control the kingdom was a brilliant plan, Opal retorted that she supposed Kuvira wished she had thought to brainwash everyone so she could still be in power, though she denied the implication, and Suyin asked both of them to stop arguing. After the Red Lotus took the airbenders captive at Northern Air Temple, Kuvira traveled there in an attempt to free them. [9] Kuvira's design, in particular her costume, became the basis for the rest of the Earth Kingdom characters to be modeled after during production. However, he elevated himself on an earth platform and sent a rock flying toward Kuvira, striking her on the shoulder. "[13], Kuvira's rise to power and subsequent ruling over the Earth Kingdom has been compared by commentators to fascism. Kuvira, however, told him not to believe everything that Opal said, and that her childhood had been very different from Opal's. Three months after her surrender, and following Zhu Li's election as president of the United Republic, Kuvira was brought before a special tribunal in Republic City to stand trial for the crimes she committed as leader of the Earth Empire.

Kuvira asked Asami to set her free during the battle, offering to help them, but Asami was unwilling to trust Kuvira and refused, and everyone on the airship was captured. Tonraq | Kuvira is the first main Legend of Korra villain to be female. Kuvira told him that his testimony was enough, though the judge told her not to intimidate the witness, and that the court would hear what he had to say. Fire Sages | The Water Tribes appeared again in Book 2, this time in the form of Unalaq and his quest to open the Spirit World and become the Dark Avatar. She asked the Avatar if Baatar Jr. was willing to work with her, who responded that he had agreed to temporarily put aside his anger toward Kuvira for the greater good, since he still felt guilty for everything he had done while being part of the Earth Empire. Kuvira was returned to Republic City for the end of her tribunal. Soon after, Bolin posed a lot of questions to Kuvira regarding her methods, to which she responded by threatening him. The Great Uniter Korra did succeed in capturing Asami, and Kuvira took her onto the airship before it took off, allowing her and the others to escape. As she changed and prepared, Kuvira remarked to Asami that it must be difficult being Korra's girlfriend, saying that Asami could have been running her company or inventing machinery instead of having to guard her. 719, This story has been shared 661 times. Kuvira refused, telling Guan that she did not serve Korra despite what he thought and that she would not serve him. Kuvira noticed Guan trying to escape in a jeep, and threw the vehicle with metalbending, sending the commander flying out of the vehicle. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. When asked what she would do in such a situation, Kuvira suggested that Korra take someone who had Guan's respect and who he would listen to, namely herself. Shortly after, Opal, Wei, and Wing rushed in the room, asking Suyin to turn on the radio, as Guan had just won the election. Metalbending Police Force | She told him that in her quest for power, she had alienated everyone she considered family and that things could never go back to the way they were, regardless of what she did. Introduced in the third season of the series, she becomes the main antagonist of the fourth season. She told her ex-fiancé that she never thought she would see him again, and he retorted that she would not if Korra and her friends had not saved him. 1,293, This story has been shared 795 times. "[8] Indeed, following Kuvira's debut, commentators noted similarities she and Korra shared. Being abandoned by her parents, Kuvira was taken in by Suyin Beifong when she was eight years old, who nurtured her talents and, over time, came to regard her as a daughter. It's a shame considering that her actions can somewhat be justified as she wanted to create a nation that wouldn't feel vulnerable to … Her metalbending extends to using it to make weapons such as knives, blades and whips from metal and sense when other individuals are performing metalbending in her vicinity. Alias


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