is crab halal shia
(lit. In any given scenario, the obligation of a jurist lies not in dictating the ruling pertaining to a particular scenario, but rather providing a general ruling. According to you, can a Muslim not believe in wilayatul faqih (authority of the jurist)? Crab (Sarataan) and Lobster (Rubyaan) are both shell-fish and they both are part of one family thus I am sure they are either both Haraam, both Makruh or both Halaal.

intoxicants and games of chance and (sacrificing to) stones set up and (dividing by) arrows are only an uncleanness, the shaitan's work; shun it therefore that you may be successful, Chapter: 5 , Verse: 96 lawful to you is the game of the sea and its food, a provision for you and for the travellers, and the game of the land is forbidden to you so long as you are on pilgrimage, and be careful of (your duty to) allah, to whom you shall be gathered, Chapter: 16 , Verse: 14 and he it is who has made the sea subservient that you may eat fresh flesh from it and bring forth from it ornaments which you wear, and you see the ships cleaving through it, and that you might seek of his bounty and that you may give thanks. And Secondly: No matter how much man’s knowledge develops, what he knows will be a drop in comparison to what remains unknown to him and he hasn’t discovered yet “…and you have not been given of knowledge except a little”.[1]. The evidence for this is the verse of the Holy Qur’an where Allah The Exalted states: “Lawful to you is what you catch from the sea and (use) it for food as provision for yourselves and for the travelers…” – [Qur’an 5:96]. Should I use constitute or constitutes here? [8] Footnote of Wasa’il al-Shia, pg. 146, book of foods and drinks, chapter 16, hadith 1.

Allah praises seafood in the Qur’an like no other meat. Is the nucleus smaller than the electron?

And salmon eat herrings, amphipods and krill. This article is quite an eye-opener.
The same goes for haram and makruh acts; if something is haram, it means that it has one or several extremely bad and harmful outcomes, and if something is makruh, it shows that the bad things it entails aren’t very severe or harmful. Although all Islamic laws are a result of the benefits or disadvantages and harms that back them, and there is a particular reason behind each and every one of them, discovering the exact reason in detail for every one of them is extremely difficult. I think crab isn't forbidden, We hope that a day will come when food experts or zoologists will be able to discover the difference through their extensive research. The believers know that religious commands and laws come from individuals who are infallible and whose knowledge comes from above, making it flawless, therefore they are sure the goal of their creation is obtainable through acting upon these orders.

Pausing is not mandatory and saying the mustahab takbir isn’t wajib either.2.


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