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Even if you’re average at math, you can still succeed in Computer Science. Essentially you can't get much more behind the ball as far as new technology is concerned than in aviation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Are you a good independent worker, but also a team player? But if you're interested in more theoretical topics, taking more advanced math classes will probably be to your benefit. If I say anything wrong, I hope somebody else corrects me. It's not for everyone (I have a few friends too). Is Computer Science right for you? One field that won’t be disappearing anytime soon: computer science, which offers promising prospects on the 21st-century landscape. Cookies help us deliver our Services. ", "In the age of information technology and innovation, University of the People is showing us the way". In CS, one can specialize a lot more. Now that you know more about the difficulty of Computer Science, you should feel more confident in your ability to pursue this exciting area of study. A lot of the math that you learn for Comp Sci has very interesting applications that really do defy the conceptions that a typical pre-university education creates. To reiterate on the other comments, it's more or less different math you'll be doing. Sigh. And I wish someone told me that before I spent all that time getting a BioE degree. I used to be in an advanced math program but I lost my "passion" for math in middle school and my grades dropped. At my university you only need to take three theoretical and two math classes, so it's not a lot. Imagine helping design or program computer software that can protect civil liberties by keeping data safe, streamline scientific research, or keep cybercriminals at bay. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For most people, I would suggest software engineering, unless they really want to do computer science. I have never really sucked at math, but the more calculation heavy courses were pretty difficult. I'm planning on graduating in Dec 2018, with a degree in Computer Science from ASU, and this is what I've learned about the difference between the two degrees. There's software engineering that doesn't involve math much. It shows success on their part if they get the new curriculum all set up and passed by the board. With CS, you have the opportunity to dip your toe in a lot of different fields. But it's good to have a solid base in mathematics, so you have a good set of problem solving skills to take on more abstract concepts. Here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you decide whether computer science is right for you or not: Do you love tinkering with computers? You may be asking yourself, “Is computer science for me?” And, how would you know the right answer? Whether in person or online, there are a lot of resources available to help you with programming. Computer Science Theory and Application. This is really encouraging for me to hear. Here's a list of some of them. I'm not saying that makes them bad programmers, because they're not, but most simply shoot to make the most efficient programs possible. Is there a different degrees similar to computer science that involves less math? Before we dive into computer science, let’s break down the difference between computer science and information technology. Especially with regards to being more general in your undergrad. STEM candidates in general are in high demand, and computer science in particular can lead you to such careers as software developer or operations research analyst, both of which are expected to have a “much faster than average” growth rate through 2026 and median salaries that approach or exceed six figures. Computer Science revolves around problem-solving. Additional if relevant: I pretty ok with python and now working through a 12 week java course in my own time. Maybe you’re intrigued by computer science and you’re wondering, “Is computer science right for me?” Good news! We use cookies to personalize and improve your browsing experience. What about information technology? Even though he dropped out of his intro CS class, he told me that I could do it and that the field needed more women engineers like me. I wouldn't recommend doing biomed without a minor in CS or EE. Talking to people (this was hard for me as someone with social anxiety), going to forums, and lots of reading and practice will make you competent. I have a friend that does Cybersecurity and he absolutely loves it. I decided to do mechanical first for the broad spectrum and then get a masters in aerospace down the road. I'm planning on graduating in Dec 2018, with a degree in Computer Science from ASU, and this is what I've learned about the difference between the two degrees. Amen man... working in the real world gives you experience that just books never will. The others you listed I agree with. Hi, I'm just a student that likes browsing r/engineering in my spare time. I really like computers and programming,.except I hate math, I just don't care about finding which angle fucks which. It’s important to realize that computer science is more dependent on mathematical thinking, meaning that software is a form of applied math. That doesn't mean job fields give a damn. Personally, my brother was the one who encouraged me to take a computer science class. Working 28 days a month leads to a pretty miserably unsocial kind of life. Programming homework isn't a good indicator of how much math you may or may not need. There’s no denying that it’s a challenging course load, but it’s definitely worth it because of the job opportunities, salary expectations, and … I got my degree in English. I'll definitely go check check that out! ©2020 Peterson's LLC. I really like computers and programming,.except I hate math, I just don't care about finding which angle fucks which. I would have done this if I could go back instead of applied mathematics. Maybe there's even a separate degree for that at your college. Then I discovered how much I enjoyed computer science, and a little later how much I enjoyed machine learning. Alright so I am really confused and worried about what i'm going to take in university. I took AP Computer Science Principles last year (I got a +B and a 3 on the ap test). Notice how many of the courses in SE have the word 'Software' or 'Systems'. It really changed my perspective from my undergraduate. You've got Software Engineering and the vanilla Computer Science. My assumptions were both right and wrong. You’ll find opportunities in a variety of areas, including health care, education, government, and journalism, among others. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the computerscience community, Press J to jump to the feed. If living the “incubator” life out West isn’t for you, make sure your skills are up to speed and look locally—your dream job may lie in wait closer than you think. You can also just take the classes. I think that if you know what you want to do and are interested in it, do it. That said, I think having all of this practical experience has helped me get more out of this process than I might have by going straight through. All rights reserved. If I say anything wrong, I hope somebody else corrects me. Are you a good problem solver? I have kids at home, work full-time, and have been chipping away at this with 4 credits per quarter for the last 3 years. I really appreciate your ideas on it. Basically no one should be getting UNDERGRADUATE degrees in Aerospace, Control Systems, and Bioengineering. Civil undergrad -> Construction Project Management, Structural, Transportation, etc. Expect, naturally, a course load heavy in math and science, though specific electives will vary depending on what track you take. Mechanical switches are still used over solid state switches. I thought that I hated math when I started college. This math is then tied together with logic, which has mathematically rigorous proofs, but at its roots can often be broken into true and false statements based on the current state of the machine. Interested in computer science? At my undergraduate school ME's didn't learn crap for fluid mechanics. Small follow-up. This should set you up to learn almost any skill you need to with ease. So it doesn't matter what you do, but it should be a CE, ME, EE, IE degree. I was worried about that part as well. If you enjoy the programming side of it but don't want to deal with too much maths and theory then i'd recommend looking at some software engineering courses :) Hope that helps and best of luck to you friend! CS can probably make a program run faster and more efficient, but SE is better at actually making the program in the first place. However, I must say, I would be worse at programming if I had taken software engineering instead. The computer science careers we discussed so far usually require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to get started, however earning an online master’s in computer science may allow you to start out in a higher position right away, help you advance more quickly, or, in general, give you an edge in the application process in a highly competitive field. If you believe that you are a problem-solver, have an analytical mind, enjoy learning, can take challenges head on, and are not afraid of making mistakes and correcting them, Computer Science may be a great fit for you. Find a good study group and continue to work as a team. I'm currently a junior in high school and I'm trying to figure out which direction I should go down in college. When I think about going back to school for something computer related makes me feel excited again about pursuing something interesting to me. Im starting my BS in mechanical in the fall and I really wanted to do aerospace. Whichever course you decide to take will be hard for one reason or another. You’re in the right place. Press J to jump to the feed. The good news is, once you enter the computer science job market, it may not be that common (besides the basics like multiplication, addition, subtraction and division) in the field. ", "UoPeople opened an opportunity for me that didn’t otherwise exist. r/engineering is a forum for engineering professionals to share information, knowledge, experience related to the principles & practices of the numerous engineering disciplines. I'm pretty good at thinking logically but sometimes complex math messes me up. Like others have said, once you start doing REAL math to solve REAL problems, I bet you'll love it. But I still have my master's in about a month or two. Software Engineer graduates are probably better at actually programming something, like syntax and error handling and whatnot. I don't know how it is for other schools, but I would expect it to be really similar. I don't go for just the 'A' anymore. Computer science is a useless major in my opinion, I got a job in a computer science field taking three coding classes and being able to sell myself during the interview process. Perhaps I push towards software eng. Majoring in Computer Science: Is It for Me? There’s no denying that it’s a challenging course load, but it’s definitely worth it because of the job opportunities, salary expectations, and the fact that you can change the world for the better. Maybe Bio will become big enough that it does what electrical did in the early 1900s, but I just kind of doubt it. A critical part of the computer science vs. computer engineering discussion is what options are out there in case you want to pursue further higher education after your bachelor’s degree. Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering: Further Higher Education. It's been tough though, doing it this way. I thought that MIS would give me a broader appeal to apply myself to different areas of the technical world, rather than be pigeon holed into the computer science world. If you intend to do anything code related, you will need math under your belt when it comes down to implementing complex mathematical functions (which you WILL have to do at some point; remaining mathless while coding will be sure to result in the loss of any related job).


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