inotia 4 priest build
– (Mentality) adding stat point for MEN increases Accuracy for Magic Damage. My plan for this Inotia 4 walkthrough is to cover only the guide for quests, just to help people reach the end of Inotia 4’s story while doing the optional quests to … Warlock is a class build for really fast attacks, and is not recommended for tanking. Assassination of Grafton the Earl You will be at Shadow Training Dungeon 1, where monsters are not aggressive. You need to press it only once and your character will automatically attack it until it’s dead. a little bit tricky though coz you have to look out who`s the boss is attacking. Let’s proceed to the lower part of the map. This build provides higher critical damage and hit rate than the aforementioned build. Walk over it to pick up. Would you have info or links of differences between 3 and 4? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. what i did was put 2 rangers in the party and do some hit and run strategy while the other characters attack. Move your character to the East side of the map to trigger another scene. Copyright @2020 All Right Reserved, Inotia 4: Stat Descriptions and Stat Build Guide, – (Strength) adding stat point for STR increases the Physical Damage. Black Knight is a class commonly used for tanking and attacking and gives high physical and magical damage. 1 vit Somebody here has a short temper for rude people. Inotia 4 – Walkthrough / Game Guide + APK Download Link for Android. To help you find quests, here are quick links: The screenshot above is the main menu of Inotia 4. my main which is a warlock won’t survive 10 seconds haha. Is it a good choice ? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Priest is not only a healer, but also a damage dealer. Let’s also do the side quest of the fusion machine now. Fusion Machine - English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are available. Hi Catzie. I found an APK of the game somewhere in the web though. Priest is a class usually build for support since this class’ primary abilities are mostly healing. .please help me. This build lets the class give high magical damage while taking normal damages and also lasts long. Like!! This build is the most recommended build for ranger. Best Team - please tell is there anyway. I just want to give my opinion about the priest class, that’s all :p Sorry and Thanks Again ^_^ ... How to Build a Basic Farm in Minecraft PE. Battle style will differ according to how AI settings are arranged, so use the best one that fits you. If the message no longer appears when you pick up the quest item, it means you already collected enough. Tip: People, passages, or objects with blinking question marks above them are the ones you talk to, enter, or examine to make progress with quests. The warrior class has been a favorite throughout the Inotia series. Yet, this game provides hours and hours of fun and a story that quickly engages you. other than going to that leap gate but still not works at all, Go to the place that was blocked off by some spiecial day and there is a boss if you make it through. Update (July 19, 2012) – I just found that Inotia 4 is already released for Android! When done checking your mercenary, talk to Darius again. Just like the warrior class, this build gives the class a ‘near-immortal’ state while tanking but has the least damage while attacking. We'd love to hear from you. Kill Wine-Drunken Bats and Rats as you go so that you gain experience points and gold. dex, vit with 3:1 ratio. Does that have something to do with it?? After killing 8 sentinels, watch the scene.


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