impulse engineering piston vise
;ASSIGNOR:MIZOBE, MASATOSHI;REEL/FRAME:003900/0942, Free format text: Thus, the high pressure air acts on the vanes 23 of the air motor 20 to rotate the rotor 21. 8 is a perspective view of an actuating member; and. working-spindles, Driving main working members rotary shafts, e.g. Impulse Engineering is a specialist electrical engineering contractor. Our Piston Vise holds the piston using the oil ring groove for accurate flycutting of the valve pockets. 99. 5, with the front end of the rod 69 contacting the wall surface 62 other than that of the groove of the actuating member 56. Another object of the invention is to provide a torque tool which is simple in construction and can be produced at low cost. The main shaft 30 has a driving blade 32 radially movably received therein. The reversing valve section 14 will now be described. The numeral 47 denotes a bolt for supporting the spring 43 and the spring pressure on the ball 41 can be adjusted by said bolt 47. 5, with the front end of the rod 69 abutting against the wall surface 62 of the actuating member 56. Model # 50904 - 4" jaws for any size automotive piston If, however, the front end of the rod 69 fits in the groove 61, the actuating member 56 cannot move. This gives us a multi-purpose tool with two major advantages. However, when the pressure in the liner 31 rises above the the fixed value, the oil pressure moves the ball 41 against the pressing force of the spring 43, as shown in FIG. 9 is a perspective view of the body of an automatic shut-off valve. Piston Fixture Vises - Piston Balancing & Lightening Supplies, Motorcycle Piston Fixtures - Down to 2" Pistons, Engine Building Tools, Parts, Equipment & Machine Shops for Performance Engine Builders. Impulse steam traps are good at venting air and cannot ‘air-bind’. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The invention will now be described with reference to the accompanying drawings. The ball 41 of the relief valve 40 is subjected to a pressing force produced by a spring 43 through a ball seat 42, so that normally the ball 41 closes an oil passageway 44 leading to the interior of the liner 31. At ‘start-up’ the main valve rests on the seat leaving a passage of flow through the clearance between piston and cylinder and hole at the top of the piston. A fluid impulse torque tool, comprising: means for admitting high pressure fluid to said tool. A spring 52 is installed in the front chamber 50b of the oil chamber 50 to urge the piston 51 in the direction of retraction to the left as viewed in FIG. Your email address will not be published. The numeral 62 denotes other wall surface than that of the groove 62. The second one is that not only can we work on the top of the piston but we can turn the piston upside down and, using our T-5080 or T-6080 Pin Boss Cutters, we can lighten and balance the pistons correctly and without weakening the piston. Although this is bled away through hole F it does create an intermediate pressure over the piston, which effectively positions the main valve to meet the load. Superior engineering and workmanship assures excellent repeatability. The jaws and pin end support fixture are part number RB-703. Even if high pressure air is fed in thereafter, the valve is maintained in the closed state. Compound angles are acheived by simply rotating the piston. This gives us a multi-purpose tool with two major advantages. When the oil pressure reaches a predetermined value upon completion of screw tightening, the relief valve 40 is automatically opened to allow part of the oil on the high pressure side in the liner 31 to escape as relief oil. The most common sizes are 3/16", 1/8" and 3mm. Another object of the invention is to provide a torque tool adapted to provide for more reliable automatic stoppage of the air motor by making use of relief oil from a relief valve attached to the oil pressure generator. 3, illustrating a state where the piston is moved by relief oil; FIG. PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362. If you choose to turn them yourself we will furnish you with a plate to chuck the jaws against to steady them. 7, the holes 77a and 77d communicate with each other, so that the high pressure air passes successively through the holes 77a and 77d, the air passageway 82 and the air holes 26 to enter the cylinder 24 of the air motor. We are an independent systems integrator; free to engineer the right solution to protect your assets, whether those are people or premises, giving you both compliance and peace of mind. Therefore, it will be described only briefly herein.


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