how to knot stretch magic
| These are little jewelry findings that look like a metal Pac-Man. Speeder Beaders are a great way to string fast. Cutters  Now it is time to tie the dreaded knot… A square knot works the best! Tools Take one end under and through the loop. I have watched a few You Tube videos and read a few of my fellow crafters’ blogs on how to tie a knot in stretch cord but none of the methods seem to work for me! Sonoma, CA 95476 Today, Pepperell Braiding Company is My dad likes to wear jewelry yet, I seldom make it for him. Cut excess stretch cord. When tying the knot, pull both the cord and the tail at the same time. Scissors or  These Stretch Magic® tying instructions are available for your to download here. It is recommended that you pre-stretch Stretch Magic before beginning a project. An accomplished beader will have fun creating a quick design I hope this bracelet idea inspires you to think about making some jewelry for men too. How To Make A Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer. Visit our Facebook page if you want to catch our live shows and sales. Question: How do I finish a design on stretch product? Simply string your beads, knot your Stretch Magic and add a drop of glue to seal the knot. I think they have lots of potential and sometimes, they don’t even look like cheap beads! I don't use the actual applicator on the bottle of glue, but instead, I unscrew the cap and us a toothpick or eye pin to pick up a drop of glue and apply it to my surface. Sitemap. The only thing I don’t like is knotting it. The community is full of artistic and helpful beaders and crafty people. Enjoy! Round Stitch (Plastic Lacing) or Crown Knot. beads, scissors or a bead nipper, and some glue and they Allow the ends to stick out … We do suggest using  A clear cord is an obvious choice, but it can actually be more noticeable with dark colored beads. Repeat the knot two more times. In the late 70’s, the company moved into I like using stretch cord to make quick and easy bracelets. blog and check out our Free Beading Project Ideas. At Soft Flex, we carry Stretch Magic in Clear or Black. Your email address will not be published. We carry .5mm, .7mm, and 1mm sizes. Tip: Instead of using the glue bottle tip, unscrew the top, dip a headpin into the glue and use the headpin to apply glue to the knot. You might find it helpful to put a small piece of tape at the end of the stretch cord to keep the beads from falling off as you go. You can write to him at, P.O. Choose a color elastic that is complementary to the beads you are using. It is quick and easy to both use and wear. Learn how your comment data is processed. Take one end under and through the loop. still involved with the craft industry. Begin stringing your beads onto the elastic. I hope that you enjoy these projects and try using Stretch Magic on one of your future designs! It dries in less than a minute. I like to use a crimp bead cover over the knot. The pan will guide the wire into the hollow part of the Speeder Beader. Stretch Magic is great Stretch Magic is a strong elastic-like cord. Stretch Magic is a favorite of many jewelry makers that is widely available at craft stores and some big retail stores. The Craft Alternative for Designs by Studio C. The Craft Alternative utilizes affiliate links to products in most posts. Stretch Magic is pretty awesome! Blade or any scissors you have close by. Stretch Magic does not require  And join our Facebook group – VIB, if you want to join a friendly community or jewelry designers and all around creative people. Bead Stopper  What that means is if the link is clicked and a purchase is made, The Craft Alternative will receive a small commission at no additional cost to the reader. Wrap the right end behind and around the left end, beginning to form a square knot. Pull tight. They're fun and fast to make and fashionable to wear too! Repeat the knot two more times. Stay up to date. Bring both ends together, so that they are parallel to one another. Beads slip over the Speeder Beader and onto your wire or cord quickly and easily. Step 3. Pull the ends so the knot is close to the beads. It is forgiving and Beads - 8 When these covers are crimped over the knot, the knot isn’t going anywhere! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. something playful and new. From our bead shows to our video shows and sales, you can stay in touch with us. Soft Flex Beading Wire for a design that requires strength and durability, but Stretch Magic is a blast to string with! 7x4mm Silver Turkish Heishi  Cut a 12" length of the Stretch Magic cord. I love buying little packets of acrylic beads. It is constructed of a mixture of polyester and polyurethane. Leave a comment below! Place one end perpendicular to the other one. We love  A beginner needs © 2020 Pepperell Braiding Company. Step 1: Cut 13" of Stretch Magic. You'll have jewelry in no time flat with this technique! Cut the Stretch Magic to about 12 inches. Cut the Stretch Magic to about 12 inches. Our  Required fields are marked *. His favorite hobby is day dreaming. Push Soft Flex or Stretch Magic into the pan of the Speeder Beader at a 30-45 degree angle. The Speeder Beader that is designed to accommodate our heaviest wire, .024, also works wonderfully with .5mm and .7mm Stretch Magic. create a piece of jewelry? I strung a few on a piece of clear stretch cord, then checked the fit around my wrist. Small 7″   Medium 7.5″ – 8″   Large  9″    Plus size 9.5″, « DIY Food Gift Idea – Taco Soup In A Basket. I give my mom and sisters handmade jewelry all the time but, I don't spend much time thinking about jewelry ideas for the guys in my life. For extra knot security, try a surgeon's knot. Hold the ends of the Stretch Magic cord in your hands, one end per hand. String beads and tie a knot what could be easier? macramé products. Inspire and be inspired. This is what will tighten the knot! How To Knot Stretch Magic Thread Follow our step by step guide with photos, showing you the best way to knot stretch magic thread so that it does not come loose or break Bracelet Fil Bracelet Knots Bracelet Crafts Bracelet Making Jewelry Making Jewelry Knots Beaded Jewelry Slip Knot Bracelets Beaded Bracelets Tutorial Pull and gently stretch it like this three or four times. Blog contributor Thomas Soles is the Trade Show Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Reinforce the knot by dabbing on some clear nail polish or glue. In this video, I show you how to make a simple bracelet using Stretch Magic and I also make a matching pair of earrings. A new bracelet for the night takes only minutes to finish. Once the knot is tight, carefully cut off the excess Stretch Magic. Take both ends of stretch magic and cross them over. Prestretch the cord by holding one end of the cord and pulling it between the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, to gently stretch it. Cut excess stretch cord. It is usually pretty soft. Here are some knots that work great: Surgeon's Knot, Figure-Eight knot and a Carrick Bend Knot. the craft market with  Update your wardrobe with a bunch of quick DIY stretch cord bracelets. Spacer Beads - 19 It is durable and will last a long time. Shame on me! Choose more than double the length of stretch magic cord that you need for your project. When you compress the metal crimp, it can easily slice through the stretch product. Your email address will not be published. Begin stringing your beads. Cross the left end of the elastic over the the right end. Should I crimp it? Stretch Magic® is the easiest and best stretch jewelry cord on the market! Stretch Magic® is the easiest and best stretch jewelry cord on the market! This knot is done by making the first half of the knot as usual, and when doing the second half of the knot, pass the end of the cord under and through one additional time. Have you ever used Stretch Magic to on to make cigarette lighter wicks and candle wicks. I've also used Special T glue for gluing glass to metal, wood to wood, and on other threads and cords. Follow our After you have strung your last bead, cross the right end of the elastic over the left end. Box 80 Step 2: String 1 wood bead, 2 spacer beads, 1 wood bead, 3 spacer beads, 1 wood bead, 2 spacer beads, 1 wood bead, 1 spacer bead, 1 saucer bead, 1 spacer bead, 1 wood bead, 2 spacer beads, 1 wood bead, 3 spacer beads, 1 wood bead, 2 spacer beads, 1 wood bead, 3 spacer beads.


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