how to fix blunt ends on braids
By Cantu Shine + Sculpt Control Paste. Pro tip: Every few layers should be followed by a gentle detangle with a fine-tooth comb as you braid. To achieve the Box Braids Hairstyle, you will need as follows; (10) Packs/Bundles of synthetic braiding hair Braid Sealer Comb Hair cutting scissors Hair gel Hair Water Spray Bottle Hair ties/Head bands Bobby pins As you are finish braiding your hair for your Box Braids/Single Braids Hairstyle, next you will be sealing the ends of your hair. It is best to simply dip the ends of the Box Braids/Single Braids in hot water. Adding heat from a curling iron can potentially melt the extensions or the curl from the curling iron may not give you your best curl result for this style. A post shared by Lesley (@freshlengths) on Aug 22, 2019 at 2:29pm PDT, Nine times out of 10, getting your hair braided is an investment of time and money, so you want 'em to last for as long as possible. If you're using synthetic hair for thickness and length, your hair should be set with piping hot water so your braids don't unravel. The smoother the braid, the less frizz, which is why Potempa says it's important to detangle as you braid. Keep scrolling for their advice. Brooklyn-based hairstylist and owner of MyTresses salon, Txtr. Usually the hair that you use to achieve this braid style is synthetic so it is not best advice to use your curlers or a curling wand to curl the ends of your Box Braids/Single Braids extensions. Celebrity stylist. "Using a satin scarf, bonnet, or, Frizzy Braid Tips: How To Keep Braids From Frizzing Up, Going from a curly ‘fro to a buzzcut is a drastic transformation for anyone, but for Jessica Garcia, the latest Hair Me Out star, a big cho, The itch to bleach your hair is very real, and most of us have felt it, if not experienced the sting of the peroxide first hand. Then, in order to keep flyways flat, Cremona recommends a foam mousse. While this can look cool as well, those hoping to keep their style in for an extended period, without a. Just ask Eli Hofer, Los Angeles-based influencer and the most-recent subject of Refinery29’, I Got A Hot-Pink Buzzcut & This Is What I Look Like Now, 11 At-Home Products That Hide Grown-Out Roots Fast, 13 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Iconic Blondes, The Pro’s Guide To Coloring Your Hair At Home, 10 Shampoos Celebrity Colorists Actually Use On Their Clients, This Is The Most Worth-It Beauty Editor Hair Splurge, Pintura Highlights Will Give Your Curls New Life This Winter, 15 Iconic Halloween Costumes That Are All About The Hair, 5 Clip-In Hair Extensions To Transform Your Look In Minutes, The Best 2020 Halloween Costume Includes A Bubblegum Pink Wig. "When all of your hair is flat in one direction, it prevents pieces from separating quickly," she adds. The Beachwaver Co. Braid Balm (pre Braid P... For protective styles, use a cult-favorite gel, like Let's Jam, to add shine and memory to your braids. Jun 09, 2015 Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Tr... Sleeping without securing your hair is a recipe for frizzy braids. Whether you're getting a feed-in protective style, or braids on your natural hair, neat parting is essential.,,,,,,,, We are in step number 5 of the single braids style in this step I will be showing you how to seal the ends of your braids first I'll show you how to sue your ends by simply using hot water then I will show you how to sell your ends with a braid sealer to begin I will first show you how to seal the ends of your braids by dipping them into hot water and then I will also show you a second way of sealing your braids by using a braid sealer in please note that by using these products in these techniques there is a potential risk because of the water itself and because of using the braid sealer as well these products can get extremely hot so you have to be responsible and know that your safety is in your hands so first I'll show you how you will be dipping the ends of your braids in the water but to begin I want to note that you must use a cup with a cool handle as you dip your braids in the water the reason why I like to use a cup is because it only contains a small amount of water in it limits the splashing that can happen when you dip your braids also the reason why you want to make sure that you have a handle on the cup is because at any moment you possibly may have to reach and grab your cup and you want to grab a cool handle it does not get hot versus driving grapping the entire cup itself and also you will be needing scissors to trim the ends of your braids as well so to begin you want to make sure that you have your hair sectioned into two sides so that you can dip each side and one also you have a dry towel in front of you because when you pull your braids out of the water you will have a barrier protection to wrap your braids around as you rinse off and ring out any water so what you have to do is grab one side of your braids and since they are a lot of braids you just going to go ahead and roll them all the way to the now that we have the ends here you just going to gather them slowly dip it into the water you want to be careful in you do not want to lean on the cup at all so you are just going to emerge it for a little bit and just shake it just a little bit to release any air bubbles and as you bring your braids out you want to make sure that you have your towel in front of you to catch any water and steam so out I pull my braids and then I am going to use my towel to protect me as I dry out the ends so I to do is just squeeze down to braids as I go all the way down to ring out any water inside help get any steam off of the braids just know that you only need to submerge the bottom of your braids because that's where you want to seal them so now that I have dried off my braids and they feel comfortable to the touch and they are pretty warm now what you want to do is just grab a small braids at a time and your scissors and you’re going to trim off any wispy ends that stick out of place so when sealing your braids with water you want to do the same thing to the other side of your braids as well for second option I will be showing you also how to seal your braids with a braid sealer now that I have shown you how to sell the ends of your braids with hot water I will show you how to do so with a braid sealer if you will like to know more information on a braid sealer make sure to go to for more so first I will begin by taking a section of my braids is closest to the front of my face to show you exactly how you want to seal off the ends so on the sealer I have two different sized holes one for large braids and one for small braids that I can use to seal the ends so whichever applies you can go ahead and squeeze the braid into the opening of your sealer so I am going to grab my first braid in my sealer is already hot so I am going to grab a braid and I'm just going to go up a couple of inches from the bottom of the braid and pinch it with the sealer so I insert it into this cone-shaped opening pinch the braid and now it’s already sealed this is much better than using a lighter or a candle lighter because when you do that most times the flames shoot up the hair and that's the possibility of bringing yourself or your hair or your scalp so you must be careful when you're dealing with any tools even the sealer because you could potentially burn yourself if you're not careful but this is great because there is no fire or flames it simply just melts the fibers of your hair so right now I am going to grab another one and show you how easy it is to use a braid sealer something a little more braid than simply going to go up a couple of inches from the bottom I'm going to pinch off the braid and now my braid has been sealed in this step I have shown you how to seal the ends of your single braid extension part I show you by simply dipping the ends of my braids into hot water then I show you a second method by simply using a braid sealer in the next step, step number six I'll show you the finished results to your single braids style.


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