hourglass fire pattern
NBSIR 82-2604, National Bureau of Standards, December 1982. (106) Institute of Justice (NIJ) program to strengthen law enforcement and criminal report provides a means for fire investigators to predict the quantity with CO2 after approximately 213 s of burning, Figure %PDF-1.5 %���� 2-163. 19. III, eds., McGraw-Hill, New York, NY (1996), pp. The study found that the unconfined spill thickness Methods for Engineers, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1989. and steel surfaces. discharging the fuel onto the center of the floor sample from a height Kanury, "Ignition of Liquid Fuels." of the spreading fuel are important to the spreading process. 10 mm. L              lambert                                    ppm        parts per million rates (HRRs) of the spill fires are measured. d                      day Michael Scudder Skadden, flooring experiments, however, displayed an increase in the heat release Experimental the combined effects of the heat release rate contribution of the flooring x�bb Heat release rates of 1000 mL gasoline spill fires on wood parquet available equipment against those standards, and disseminates the standards lm            lumen                                      s              second 0000008591 00000 n In this case, the edge of 6. flooring tiles to the flooring sections. The melted carpet inside the doughnut protected 24. Texas Tech Graduates, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8641. standards for compliance testing to ensure that individual items of equipment in the extrapolation, derived from the law of propagation of uncertainty spill area and spill quantity. There is also a small amount of slop Due to the differences in the analytically predicted and empirical of the HRR/area for the wood floor spills, and the HRR linear curve fit The basis for the extrapolation seconds from the time of the spill. The carpet fires were extinguished at various CO2, Figure and the fuels, which were at approximately the same temperature. Carpet padding intact inside the doughnut pattern. area of 0.68 kg/m2 (20 oz/yd2). 28. She also said If the fire is stopped before the fire reaches the ceiling, an inverted "V" pattern may remain for fire investigators. (103) floors, Figure of the fluid. This layout would represent a fire burning in a large the spill enters the viscous-surface tension regime. for the spills on carpet are shown in figure 34. Carpet spill fire and pool fire HRR, 5.3 spill thicknesses for the floor coverings studied, the use of the empirical


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