hornady 44 mag xtp for deer hunting
I have seen some mighty impressive groups with the Deer Grenade launched from the Model 83. may not be your cup of tea. JSP delivers results. I never tried the 200 gr. Recently I tested 15 different factory offerings in a Freedom Arms Model 83, a perfect platform for the .44 Mag. He ran about 100yrd in the field and disappeared by the creek. When I’m loading Hornady’s XTP I always refer to their reloading manual. i use reloads in my marlin 44 and use a 240 grain flat nose solid bullet. Their 240-gr. Killed a few deer with them but chased a few that bullets failed to penetrate well. I do load up some 300gr XTP Mag loads for hogs also. Never have had a problem taking deer or hogs with them, but do tend to use the 268gr SWC the most the last few years cause of the accuracy in my SBH. Shot my favorite mod 29 Smith loose and had it reworked 3 different times over the years. Hornady XTP bullets were designed for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement. Any other animal falls between the second two and take your choise. Bullets from Sierra, Hornady I handload my Ruger redhawk 44,in a 7 1/2 bbl; Handi rifle in 444 and 44 mag, all with 240gr, XTP. It knocked him sideways into a tree about 3 ft. from him, but he landed on his feet abd I had to shoot him again to kill him. One of the great things about the XTP bullet is reliable performance, it features controlled expansion where six serrations divide the bullet into six symmetrical sections. soft cast HP Deer Grenade was notable. Do not use reduced loads less than10 percent on either 296 or H110 and do not use cast bullets in the auto rifles or pistols. I'd rather be at the bottom of a ladder I want to climb than half way up one I don't. Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. Every round of Hornady Custom ammunition is hand inspected before packaging to ensure the highest levels of quality control. If I had tg guess most of the whitetail deer I've killed with my many .44 mags. However, the 240 jacketed almost always exit leaving a good blood trail through both sides and are a good all around bullet for Deer and regular hogs. I used CCI 350 and some Winchester large pistol primers (WLP) designated for standard or magnum loads. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. XTP round. Many of those hunters are packing a handgun. This is a favorite for many handgunners. Worked fine. I prefer more flexibility from a perspective of available shots. I drive it with 23 or 24 gr. So i had to move on to 45 cal version 300gr. The results at the range were not surprising by any means. Cast bullets are also effective and many hunters prefer them. My deer round in a 44 mag Handi Rifle is a 240 grain cast gas check bullet. It is retired to 44 special loads now and seldom shot. The XTP is a good bullet for the money. However, the 240 jacketed almost always exit leaving a good blood trail through both sides and are a good all around bullet for Deer and regular hogs. My best load for the Ruger Semi-Auto was a 180gr Hornady XIP over the same H110/WW296 charge. May the iconic .44 Mag. The .44 Mag. We had a good size buck shot with a 240 XTP at 55 yards broadside behind the shoulder and it didn't fully penetrate. IMO can't go wrong with a 240 XTP. My normal deer load was a 240 grain XTP over a stout charge of H110. Because the bc of the 200 g is less than the 240 g, the 200 fps only gets you an 1" less drop at 150 yds, which I would consider a max range for deer hunting with a 44 mag handgun. Good luck! ammo at their disposal. Winchester also has a 240-gr. They were designed from the beginning to expand reliably at a variety of handgun velocities and deliver deep, terminal penetration with every shot. None have made it more than 30 yards. I am a big Hornady fan though. Whitetail hunters have a wide variety of factory .44 Mag. Sierra JHC bullets with excellant luck. of 296, depending upon the gun. Many of those hunters are packing a handgun. Just About Everything® One of the most accurate rounds tested came from Buffalo Bore. If for hunting, I’d certainly go with a heavier bullet. I am also a fan of cast at the 1100 fps range. The choice of handgun and caliber varies, but a large number of hunters are shooting a.44 Mag. If you don’t intend to roll your own, no worries, the prevalent array of factory ammunition has got you covered. of possibilities. HP that’s great for whitetail. Both broadside shots at 50 yds, behind the shoulder, complete pass through, dropped within sight. Both have worked well for me on deer. My niece shot a spike buck 2 years ago right behind the shoulder with the 44 mag Hornady 225 gr. Each XTP Bullet has a swaged core and drawn copper jacket to ensure uniform expansion and in-flight stability. I suggested we go look where we last saw him, and there he was dead. Use that bullet exclusively in my 629 Classic with WW296 powder. Designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the XTP ® bullet demonstrates the kind of accuracy that led many competitive shooters to adopt it. I've toppled many deer with Hornady's 200 grain hollow tip. Accuracy was not good with a sabot. I've killed deer with both, but from different guns, because one gun shot 200's better, the other shot 240's better. You will really have to pick and choose your angle. Killed the deer just fine, but I wouldn't want to hit one in the shoulder with the 200 after that experience. I wouldn’t hesitate using any of the handloads assembled, as they produced considerably less than minute-of-deer groups from 100 yards. You will never have a lack of penetration issue with this bullet. The lil' gun powder seems like an interesting option. HP should not be overlooked. Bullet expansion is dramatic; wound channel is ghastly! You know that a .44 makes a hole almost twice as big as a .243 so you don't need much or amy expansion. Ditto when Nosler and Sierra’s bullets are loaded. bullets, I find myself shooting a lot of Hornady XTP, Nosler JHP and Sierra’s JHC. I’ve only used the 240 grain XTP in .44 mag (rifle and revolver) and the 210 in .41 mag. Most any expandable bullet will tackle deer and I tend to lean toward the 240-grainers. My old loads worked too well for too long. can no longer be called the most powerful handgun in the world. I normally reload heavier bullets for hunting... Will be shooting them in Ruger 77/44 where OAL is an issue with some loads... looks like the FTX will be good for that when case is trimmed to shorter length as suggested. Reliable performance makes the XTP ® the most popular handgun bullet for both target shooters and hunters. running thru a sage field with one shot with he Ruger Carbine/180 XTP load. Not only are there quality handguns chambered for this round, there’s a variety of bullet weights available, from 180- to 300-gr., ideally suited for medium-sized game like whitetail. I have used the 44 mag cartridge for at least 41 years in a revolver and have found that any of the bullets of 180 and above will work well on deer. Perfect mushroom, last time I will use the lighter bullets. i have had pass throughs on deer and on some russian pigs at over 100 yards with these bullets. Handloading the .44 Mag. XTP's, but all they had was Sierra 210 JHC's, so I got those to load up and see how they shoot. I am a firm believer in cast bullets for hunting but will be the first to admit a 240 xtp out of a 44 mag will kill any deer walking in the woods. Their 240-gr. ammo perfectly suited for deer hunting. Winchester’s recent Razor Back offering with their 225-gr. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. Have never had a pass through. Accuracy, range, recoil, etc. Adding a cannelure to this bullet keeps the core and the jacket locked together while also allowing the cartridge case to tightly crimp, adding security at high velocities. 2012 Bob Skinner Memorial Youth Deer Hunt, Long Beards and Spurs - Turkey Calls Sub-Board, Bow and Arrows - Bowfishing & Bowbuilding Sub-Board, Fisheries and wildlife surveys, harvest reports and population monitoring surveys. By Mark Hampton It expands just as well as the 240 but with more bullet shank behind it. Almost forgot, it is a Lyman 429421, an old one made by Ideal. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/product-index. Hornady XTP bullets were designed for … offers even more versatility when handloaded. Reliable performance makes the XTP ® the most popular handgun bullet for both target shooters and hunters. For jacketed the 240 is better all around and in cast the 235 to 250 gr Keith and heavier Lbt bullets work OK. For the really big stuff Bear, Buffalo, ELK, and Moose the cast 275 LBT ( lowest weight) and the top choice 300 gr LBT have been the best choice for me. Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Clarence, Nov 1, 2009. I use the 275 gr LBT for a just about everything bullet. I hunted for many years with a Ruger Super Redhawk.


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