honda valkyrie two brothers exhaust
Thanks for your interest - I look forward to making your ride. TIG is more appropriate for cosmetic welds that show, as they can be quite pretty - but is overkill technology on exhaust If you want them, contact to buy them. Re: Exhaust mod. Specifically - any mods to the muffler cans, rear brackets, or attachment of the headers makes them unusable. If I tell you core pipes are available, call in a CC#, or use Paypal, or send me a check for the appropriate amount in the charts below (column "incl. Usually takes a couple days here (depends on how many pipes are in the queue). If I think we can use them, we will probably have to use Time & Materials costing for that part of the build, as it will involve process mods and likely the need to build jigs to handle the contingency. JARDINE. Good audio, nicely photographed.

Exhaust Systems for the. Then the can is reassembled using stainless weld while being held in accurate alignment. And the tire is moving so fast, trust me it doesn't feel any heat. SUPER TRAPPS.

Note the right side muffler can has a big dent towards the end - Honda put that one there; it's OK. systems now, and feedback is in. better for torque.

This allows you to insert and remove the Trombonetm slides by feel and without To Thanks Mike. allowing the exhaust pulses to be absorbed through the perforations by the glass blanket.
COBRA. I was asked why didn't I develop a crossover option for the M2W. Member Posts: 1087.

38" turnouts. than holding your hand over a candle & moving it about. DRAGONPACKS. Glasspacks  & Stacks  plus shipping using your pipes, Glasspacks  & Stacks plus shipping including $500 cores*. Five inch stacks don't get hot with an inch of air behind them - safety & no boot melts.                                                                                              Bob's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Blades               Rick's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Howitzers        Condor's M2W pipes with 4" X 38" Howitzers What's the point if your pipes rob power? All rights reserved. Dean's M2W pipes with 4"X 38" Howitzers    JJ's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Blades      Tim's M2W pipes with 5" X 38" Blades So how do MarkT's Mild2 with aftermarket tips that are 2" or more longer than the Tourer / Standard stock tips.Cost of the CrossFiretm option - well I'm trying to keep it down, but it still is adding over a half day to the build time.

cost. On the dyno, no difference between silencer in or out. chrome?) Glasspacks work? Then after disassembling the muffler can, I weld in a heavy gauge custom header collector. Honda Valkyrie 4 inch Truck Stack Exhaust Mod with silencers: powered by Aeva: Logged rmrc51. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Great job Brian, thanks!                                            Stan's M2W with 5" X 34" Blades                              Peter's Valks, back one has M2W w/ 5" X 36" Blades                Andre's Supervalk with 5" Gatling Guns ", "Hey, those are bigger than the pipes on my Dodge RAM Hemi!!! Glasspacks. Two Brothers used to have a crossover available on their cannister exhaust, but they are out of production now. From the December 1997 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. system? If I'm to use your cores to build your pipes, first you need to inspect them - especially if you're not the original owner - and insure the pipes are stock, unmodified. I reshape the original forward cover to 5 inches on my press, which works fine and retains my green paradigm of recycling parts where possible. Because of the close proximity of the bags on Interstates I have developed a rear hanger adaption which necessary if your luggage is at least 1/2" above your current stock pipes. Copyright © 2020 Motorcycle Cruiser. I would vibrate after the 55 mile ride to work. Member Posts: 4690. And you can put your bare hands on the stacks when it's fully warmed up - great for safety (ever had a toddler lay his hands on the pretty. internals and double wall chromed headers (still the ONLY double wall - won't - headers for the Valkyrie1). Talk about PIPES! steady flow through it, but more like back and forth pressure waves. If you prefer, give me a call, I'll fire Deerslayer up for you, and you can hear it live over the phone. All rights reserved. 1. Sand them smooth,  and test fit them. one of the other two on the can if you've whacked off your piggies. It works!!!! I chuck the rear section of your stock muffler in my lathe and remove the What's the point if your pipes rob power? Opening angle of Blades & Bugles set with custom jig & level accurate to under 1°. Use your word search tool of your browser on the FAQs page or here, if I didn't already make a link for your word of interest. The exhaust comes out inside the 1.5" tubes, to help keep soot off the For Bladestm

Still they are used, so like a "pre-owned" car, they are as-is. Deerslayer with All MIG welds, 308 Stainless and mild steel, depending on parts joined. HARD-KROME. and make more power. Packs & Bones. If you want to read feedback from previous buyers, I cut & pasted posts I saw on the VRCC and VOAI boards over the years,

So there is no new weak point where the stack slides over the stub of the can as per the "Easy" mod. Here's what the whole system looks like. Here's Jim's trike with 4 X 40" Howitzers. Bob's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Blades               Rick's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Howitzers        Condor's M2W pipes with 4" X 38" Howitzers, Mike H's M2W pipes with 4" X 36" Howitzers      Mike I's SuperValk with M2W & stock covers. Evans Brasfield, Photography by Dean Groover, The MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Racebikes, Muc-Off Helmet Visor & Goggle Cleaner Review. Base mod 490.

Glasspacks ain't enough. internals and double wall chromed headers (still the ONLY double wall - won't - headers for the Valkyrie1). If you need the box and packing materials, I can send that to you at my cost which is about $49. THUNDER. Now we have changed the Wait a minute. Mike says he picked up 11 ponies with his Crossfiretm system, and about 10 ft-lbs of peak torque, compared to his stock exhaust. lengths for options below. , a 12" Makes kind of a bigger-room, echo sort of effect.


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