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HMAS ONSLOW departed Scotland in April 1970 and came to Australia via the Panama Canal. If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world? While shooting Virtual Tours of the HMAS Onslow submarine for the National Maritime Museum I discovered the Sub is a loaner from another Museum in Canberra. There is a detailed account of the ceremony on board HMS Blossom in 1825 by Petty Officer John Bechervaise in his private publication Thirty-Six Years of a Sea Faring Life (1839), available from Kessinger in facsimile. Onslow was decommissioned in 1999, and was presented to the Australian National Maritime Museum, where she is preserved as a museum ship. While shooting Virtual Tours of the HMAS Onslow submarine for the National Maritime Museum I discovered the Sub is a loaner from another Museum in Canberra. They all had costumes that they had rigged together from whatever they could scrounge up aboard the ship. Once the ceremony is complete, a Pollywog receives a certificate [5] declaring his new status. Australian Associated Press. Sailors and Marines participate in a line-crossing ceremony aboard USS Blue Ridge as the ship passes the Equator May 16, 2008. During the exercise, Onslow carried out successful simulated attacks on all seven surface ships involved in the exercise without being 'sunk' herself, including a simultaneous 'attack' on two United States Navy (USN) amphibious warfare vessels and a RAN replenishment ship while they were under escort by the other four warships. [36] While in service, Onslow travelled 358,068 nautical miles (663,142 km; 412,057 mi). [28] As part of this schedule, Onslow participated in the 1998 RIMPAC exercise. [3] The dive took Onslow to a depth of 366 metres (1,201 ft), well beyond the 200-metre (660 ft) safe operating depth of the Oberon class, before another sailor was able to close the valve. Casey, Annie (3 May 1999). [18] During another ANZUK deployment, in 1974, the boat's attack periscope was damaged when it came in contact with the log probe of the frigate HMS Leopard. Onslow's "safe to dive" certificate ran out just after Christmas 1989. The submarine was performing dive tests off the continental shelf outside Sydney Heads. [11] The boat visited Pearl Harbor later that year; arriving without being detected by the USN until she surfaced in the middle of the harbour. We do hereby declare to all whom it may concern that it is Our Royal Will and Pleasure to confer upon him the Freedom of the Seas without undue ceremony. The 1989 crossing was fairly typical, as it was not realized to be the last one. The main armament of Onslow was six 21-inch (53 cm) bow torpedo tubes, capable of firing torpedoes or releasing sea mines. Barton, Mairi (8 June 1998). [5] The inquiry also stated that while line-crossing ceremonies would continue to be held aboard RAN vessels, they would be supervised by a non-involved member of the crew to prevent similar extreme situations developing. [4][20] Upon returning to base, doctors found that one-third of the 66 survivors had absorbed twice the lethal limit of carbon monoxide into their blood. Another rare status is the Golden Shellback, a person who has crossed the Equator at the 180th meridian (International Date Line). The first occurred in 1972, when a disgruntled sailor who disobeyed orders caused the submarine to dive to almost twice her safe operating depth. Captain Robert FitzRoy of HMS Beagle suggested the practice had developed from earlier ceremonies in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian vessels passing notable headlands. "Subs leave harbour behind". [9] To indicate her success, the submarine flew a Jolly Roger from her communications mast upon her return to port, which was marked with the silhouettes of her seven targets: the Perth-class destroyers HMAS Brisbane and HMAS Hobart, the Knox-class frigate USS Lang, the River-class destroyer escort HMAS Yarra, the Anchorage-class dock landing ship USS Mount Vernon, the Newport-class tank landing ship USS Bristol County, and the Tide-class replenishment oiler HMAS Supply. [15] Onslow returned to Pearl Harbor in 1971 to participate in the RIMPAC multinational naval exercise. The line-crossing ceremony is an initiation rite that commemorates a person's first crossing of the Equator. Changes were made to Submarine Service operating procedures as a result of the Inquiry, but the investigation and subsequent report remained classified until 2009, when the information was acquired by the Sunday Night newsmagazine program under the Freedom of Information Act. The King and Queen had their crowns and the Royal Regalia, the Baby had his soother, and there was the least fetching mermaid in the world. [4] The third was a controversial line-crossing ceremony in 1995, which resulted in restrictions being placed on similar ceremonies aboard RAN vessels. When one of the victimised sailors complained to superiors, he became subject to several administrative errors and inconveniences, to the point where he was forced to resign a year later. [1] Some or all of the torpedo payload could be replaced by Mark 5 Stonefish sea mines, which were deployed through the torpedo tubes. Now reader fancy to yourself the writer of these lines with his legs and arms well blacked, his cheeks, vermillion, short and very loose trowsers, a double frilled shirt, from whose ample folds the salt water dripped plentifully, two swabs for epaulets, a long grey horse hair wig, a venerable beard of the same colour, a tin crown, a trident, and to complete the whole, a hoarse church yard cough; fancy all this I say, and Neptune, or your humble servant in his shape stands before you. While pretty much this entire article is written from a naval perspective, it’s not unheard of for merchant ships, or even cruise ships, to have crossing the line ceremonies. There, they crawled down a gauntlet of shellbacks on both sides of a long, heavy canvas runner, about 10–12 meters. During her career, Onslow became the first conventionally powered submarine to be fitted with anti-ship missiles, and was successful in wargames: "sinking" a seven-ship flotilla during Exercise Kangaroo 3 in 1980, and the United States supercarrier USS Carl Vinson at RIMPAC 1998. The Australian government had been trialling a program whereby refit work was tendered out to the private sector; delays in selecting the winning company and allocating the funds meant that an 18-month refit of the submarine scheduled to begin at the start of 1990 did not commence on time. [43] In October and November 2008, Onslow returned to Garden Island for maintenance and upkeep. It generally entails a bunch of gross things done to the Pollywogs by the Shellbacks. The wogs then ascended a ladder to the boatdeck to slide down a makeshift chute into the baptism of messdeck leavings in sea water in an inflated liferaft back on the superstructure deck. It is the duty of commanders to use every innocent means of maintaining this temper in their crews; for in long voyages, when they are several months together wandering on an element not destined by nature for the residence of man, without enjoying even occasionally the recreations of the land, the mind naturally tends to melancholy, which of itself lays the foundation of many diseases, and sometimes even of insanity. Vanoac, Neda (18 May 2012). He thought it was beneficial to morale: "The disagreeable practice alluded to has been permitted in most ships, because sanctioned by time; and though many condemn it as an absurd and dangerous piece of folly, it has also many advocates. The eve of the equatorial crossing is called Wog Day and, as with many other night-before rituals, is a mild type of reversal of the day to come. Submariners often become "Top Secret Shellbacks" having crossed the equator at a classified degree of longitude. 30 March 1999. p. 4. In addition, up to 16 trainees could be carried. [6] During this particular ceremony, normally intended to induct new sailors into the 'court of King Neptune', the victims were verbally and physically abused, had their pelvises and genitals covered in what was described as a "blistering concoction", then thrown overboard and forced to stay there until the rest of the company permitted them on board.


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