helen hirsch interview

Helene Hirsch, die Haushälterin des SS-Hauptsturmführers Ammon Göth, heißt in Wirklichkeit Helene Rosenzweig. Zeitlebens hing ein Bild von Amon Göth in Kalders Schlafzimmer. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 3. In der frühen Nachkriegszeit wurde auf ihre Tochter, die Kalder in einem Kinderwagen schob, eine Messerattacke ausgeführt, bei der das Kleinkind schwer verletzt wurde. Ihrem Antrag wurde stattgegeben. Ruth Irene Kalder (* vermutlich 1918 im schlesischen Gleiwitz; † 29. Kalders Vater betrieb in Gleiwitz eine Fahrschule und war frühes Mitglied der NSDAP. World War, 1939-1945--Atrocities--Poland. 11 interviews were conducted between March 6, 1988 and August 27, 1989 by Helene Hirsch Oppenheimer.

Mein Großvater hätte mich erschossen veröffentlicht wurde.
Am 28.

Edith Liebgold describes the Krakow Ghetto, including the overcrowding, living conditions, forced labor, and identity papers; her selection for work at Oskar Schindler's Emalia; her first impressions of Schindler and believing in his promises; life in Emalia, including the food, living arrangements, and working conditions; incidents illustrating Schindler's kindness towards Jews and respect for their religion; her future husband's transfer to Emalia, which was arranged by Schindler, and his failure to get on Brinnlitz list; her first impressions of Schindler and immediate trust; her experiences in Auschwitz, including her feelings on arrival, the status of Schindler women, her doubts, and maintaining faith in Schindler; working and living conditions at Brinnlitz; Schindler's gift of material to workers at end of war; surviving the war; Schindler's motives in saving Jews; and Schindler taking a father's role at her marriage in Regensburg in 1945. Als Rosenzweigs Schwestern in das Vernichtungslager Auschwitz-Birkenau deportiert werden sollten, flehte Helen Rosenzweig Kalder an, dies zu verhindern. Mary (Manci) Rosner describes her pre-war life in Krakow, Poland; being married to a musician (Henry Rosner); life in the Krakow Ghetto: the work, the fear of aktions, and the liquidation in March 1943; becoming a barrack supervisor at Płaszów; her responsibilities as block eldest: taking the blame and punishment and being forced to witness executions; Amon Goeth's character, including his love of Henry Rosner's music and frightening presence; Oskar Schindler's gift to Henry Rosner; Schindler's Brinnlitz list; the bribes given to get on list; Schindler's love of music ensuring place on list for the Rosner family; the story of Henry Rosner arriving at Auschwitz as the women were leaving; her experiences at Auschwitz: the procedures upon arrival, the cold and hunger, and the punishments from the block elder; her doubts about Schindler’s list; the significance of tattoos; seeing her husband and son arrive at Auschwitz as she departed and the SS guard passing a message; conditions at Brinnlitz; Schindler returning Henry's violin to her; and her opinion of Schindler and his motives. Kalder folgte ihren Hilfeschreien in den Keller und rief Göth zur Ordnung.

Murray Pantirer describes his family in Krakow, Poland; life in Krakow from 1939 to 1941; his decision to volunteer to work for the Germans; building Płaszów in 1942 and witnessing Amon Goeth's first atrocities; the shooting of Diana Reiter; Goeth's reprisal for a work party escapee; the liquidation of the Krakow Ghetto in March 1943 and helping with the body disposal; his siblings being shot by Oder; the story of his parents' murder in 1942; the health aktion in Płaszów in May 1944 and his brother's selection for Auschwitz; his first encounter with Oskar Schindler's kindness in providing food and water for Jews in cattle trucks and the dangers of his action; being sent to Gross-Rosen in October 1944 and getting on the Brinnlitz list; the “miracle” of being saved from genocide; his view of Schindler's motives, including humanity and the importance of bribes and charm; opening frozen railway cars in early 1945 full of Hungarian prisoners, saving as many people as they could, and Emilie Schindler's efforts to help nurse the survivors; Schindler's reaction upon seeing the event; his tribute to Schindler in naming building works after him and raising money for the Oskar Schindler Scholarship at Jerusalem University; Schindler's changing attitude towards Nazism; and the non-productivity of Brinnlitz illustrating Schindler's humanity.


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