greater catan rules
Otherwise you might find yourself sitting with your wagon between other players’ roads and not being able to move on without gold. Depending on your baggage train (see below), you also receive between 1 and 5 gold.

With its dangers and temptations, the sea has always attracted adventurous people. Divide the progress cards into 3 stacks by the flag color on the back of each card (green, blue, and yellow).

It costs only one grain, regardless of whether it is a basic knight, or a mighty knight. You roll a “3”. Fortress (blue): You may promote strong knights to mighty knights after you have built the fortress. Remove from play the following terrain hexes from Catan base game: 2 mountains hexes, 2 hills hexes, 2 pasture hexes, 1 desert hex.

3. You may place your knight on any unoccupied intersection connected to your roads.

All players receive resources produced by the production roll. For a given hex, victory occurs if there is at least 1 barbarian on the hex and there are more knights on the hex’s 6 adjacent paths than barbarians on the hex. 4 knights are thus pitted against 3 barbarians. Move the robber. If multiple players are tied for the smallest number of coins (even 0 coins), each of those players receives a Poor Settler tile (minus 2 victory points). The players vote on where each camel is placed. You may not take a development card. Build a trade ship: You can only build a trade ship on 1 of your unoccupied spaceport sites.

Then, one by one, you move each of your ships on the game board according to the flight rules. As compensation for removing a knight, you receive 2 gold and a trade token instead of 3 gold. Take and reveal another commodity token as outlined above—this commodity token determines your new destination trade hex. Remember: “Success in trading leads to success in building.”. 1. Progress cards may be drawn (depending on the result of the event die). Turn the commodity token face down (showing a picture of a building).

If your colony ship ends its movement on a colony site without establishing a colony, you must either vacate that colony site or establish a colony there on your next turn. First, shake your mothership turn it upside down, shake it, then turn it upright again. – The MP cost is 1 if the path has another player’s road, but you must also pay 1 gold to that player. You may only establish a city by upgrading one of your settlements. The owner of the displaced knight must move his knight to any empty intersection that is connected, by roads, to the place from which he was displaced. During a voting round, you get to bid once to determine how many votes you have to influence the placement of a camel. 22 Camels, Nomads have settled at the oasis.

Thus, you have rolled 3 different non-“7” numbers and placed 2 barbarians during the process. You must roll for resource production (the result applies to all players). You may only displace a knight if he is weaker than the knight that you are moving. There are 5 different types of planets in this region of the galaxy. Thus, a strong knight can only displace a basic knight, and a mighty knight may displace a basic or a strong knight. Both commodity cards and resource cards have the same card backs (i.e., a map). There is no trade station at this outpost yet, so White’s mothership must only have at least 1 freight pod for her to establish a trade station there (it does!).

If you have the most coins, you are the Wealthiest Settler, which earns you a special victory point.

A city with a metropolis is worth a total of 4 victory points! This is called "displacing" a knight.

Thereafter, a player that has the most (at least 3) face-up knight cards takes the Largest Army card. A metropolis is immune to the barbarians. As in Catan, we refer to the 5 basic materials (lumber, wool, grain, brick, and ore) as "resources". Starting with the player on your left, each opponent, in turn, draws their card. Example: The red wagon has 4 movement points. If a “5” is rolled, Yellow and White each receive 1 ore. If the barbarians pillage a city that has a city wall, the city wall is destroyed and removed from the board.

The knights are victorious. All of the normal rules for trading at a 2:1 harbor are in effect for these trades.

The red player has four available intersections for knight placement (marked with arrows). Along the way, you befriend alien civilizations who might become valued trading partners. You must give a commodity if that’s all you have.The player(s) with the most victory points give(s) 1 player with fewer victory points 1 resource card of the giver’s choice. When you promote a knight, return the old knight token (which may be repurchased later) and replace it with a token showing the next higher strength level. As much as you may wish to, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to build colonies that give you ready access to every resource. Regardless of whether you drive off the barbarian, you may continue moving your wagon normally using any remaining movement points. There are 3 strengths of knights: basic knights, strong knights, and mighty knights.

Progress cards may be drawn (depending on the result of the event die). Road building is very important, even though in this scenario no Special victory points are obtained for the “Longest Road.”. After you finish trading and building during your turn, you may move your wagon.

The players have the task of transporting glass and marble to the castle hex as well as providing the glassworks with sand and the marble quarry with tools. That path must not already be occupied by another camel, but it may be occupied by a road. However, if you alone have the most points, you must keep the old boot for yourself. For each neutral player, place 1 settlement (without a road) on one of the intersections of the game board marked in the following illustration. All hexes whose number matches this sum produces 1 of the appropriate resources for each settlement adjacent to it. Your knight is then turned over to his inactive side. This scenario has expanded rules and more river hexes.

As in Catan base game, any hex that is occupied by the robber does not produce any resources or commodities. The changes are described below.Additional Rules. When you upgrade a settlement to a city, put the settlement (house) piece back in your supply and replace it with a city piece (church). If multiple players are involved, each of the involved players gets a prisoner. Important: Like a colony, a spaceport only produces 1 resource when the number of an adjacent planet is rolled. 1 spaceport of the 4th player color as shown in the picture. Fame Medal Pieces: Place the 40 fame medal pieces into their compartment in the upgrades tray. When the ship reaches the red-circled space that depicts barbarians landing on the shore, the barbarians attack Catan! Any player who contributed no knights are automatically considered to have the lowest total strength of active knights. Roll the dice to determine resource production for all players. The Rivers of Catan – Originally released in the Atlantis scenario box, then subsequently in Games Quarterly magazine as “The Great River”. If various players tie for having the lowest total strength of active knights, each of those players loses 1 of his cities. Knights serve you in 2 ways.

The second improvement in each area costs 2 of that commodity.

Important: If the production number for the hex containing the robber is rolled, the owners of adjacent settlements and cities do not receive resources. You may move each knight up to 3 paths. As a reward, he is presented with one of the 6 "Defender of Catan" victory point (VP) cards. Without them, the barbarians will surely pillage your cities and ruin your hopes for victory. The changes are described on the next page. With Catan: Seafarers ®, the game was extended spatially, and Cities & Knights provided it with greater depth.

2 more than normally required (i.e., roadless-path + barbarian = 4 MPs; road-path + barbarian = 3 MPs). Place the remaining shuffled cards face down on top of the New Year card. The barbarians attack when the ship reaches the last space. You may trade gold for resource cards with other players (and vice versa).

If each involved player receives a prisoner and a prisoner is left over, the player who has the most involved knights receives the prisoner. Once you have established a trade station, you cannot change it back to a trade ship. White is rewarded with the planet’s pirate base token and places it in front of her (fame-medal-side-up). Drink for every resource traded this way. Example: White moves her starship on an intersection adjacent to the pirate base. Take the appropriate Resource Cards from their stacks. Rules complexity: Low. You need commodities to acquire city improvements. If there is a tie for number of roads (fewer than 5), ignore this event. During set-up, each player receives 5 fish tokens: 2 tokens with 1 fish each, 2 tokens with 2 fish each, and 1 token with 3 fish. That path must not already be occupied by another knight. When you acquire a metropolis, place the metropolis token of the appropriate color on your flip-chart to show which area is associated with your metropolis. On each frame section, place a fishing ground tile on a free vertex such that each points towards the island. You may only promote a strong knight to a mighty knight after you have purchased the third level of the politics (blue) city improvement (the "Fortress").
Your wagon must stop and end its movement whenever it moves onto the central plaza of a trade hex. Cities & Knights: Instead of a resource, you may give a commodity. If one of your colony ships ends its flight on an unoccupied intersection between two planets, you may† establish a colony there by removing the transport ship and returning it to your supply (†see No Blockade on “special cases” section). Randomly place the following hexes in the gray outer circle: 2 forest, 2 hills, 3 pasture, 1 mountains, and 2 fields. Place a knight (each time you play a “Knighthood” or a “Black Knight” development card), 4. At the beginning of the game, open page 1 of your flip-chart; the page indicates that you have no improvements. ❌ “No,” the player reading the card follows the arrows marked with and reads the corresponding text aloud. The game ends as soon as a player reaches 12 victory points during his turn.


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