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* Great study or lecture notes on all aspects of the house and home in Gothic literature which is great for a few classes l, This PowerPoint presentation defines the genre of Gothic literature to high school students. endobj I have spent a decade and hundreds of h, This bundle includes everything you need to teach six of the most popular Gothic texts: ⇝ "The Black Cat" - Edgar Allan Poe This 33 - page product includes a variety of activities and assessments. Take a tour now! k x��Q=O�0��+n����iҘ $�@ ,1 �h ��h����ܝ[@Bl�N|�{�/�C�)�zQ���:o It was a middle finger. hޜ�mk�0ǿ��wE��ɂ�Ӥ�}��eP��MDbp�`�#��;Iq��ִC��t��_w?�+C�*#B���kFdf�r�%�k �h�����-n�]��ʚNs���������Y�һ�w���5��h�{���~K��tZj�M�k��]N�u�� :o_���Rq}��d!�1:�U� +T�#�ܕ;G�bz=�]L˺z�/E[��syFo�CRƍ�t���'�L� �A^W�}��_G�(f2y �x�0Sg���B�hj���V��$ Text uses research-based strategies (chunking, word association, exit slip) to aid student comprehension. Your students will read an overview of Southern Gothic literature and respond appropriately on a provided guided notes page. Use just the vocabulary and reading questions. <> 7D�C1A�D�� . -�E�t�B u�b~�t����ab�Y��G�R� �%�{�1�y�]o�~V��0�;?�C?t���Kh���c?de���������]ϳ?m�Ø-*��s���U7��s����pTO��ݳ�w�i��O~�U��K��C,����7'��t�e���~���3_;>��WU�1����Դ>4��g�"^K���k����o]�c�C�� i��ۋ�*��TBU� 2� 6�"�)1�&����oD�g�chsٻP�7+;kV��j6tY5y�W����z?ݖ��˗2F�BϾ��-8�͛s�x~���ݳ�=85��6��Q�0��I°V#��1���cpI1����|��������O�FIK�w�\�@� |�$~ꊿΖ�7�36�!L�-�A�#���9���� >> 2 0 obj An introduction to Gothic literature designed for a general Year 7 class, making use of the reading materials provided and YouTube clips of classic scenes from different adaptations. Element: Examples in the text: Element: Examples in the text: Element: Examples in the text: Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool British Literature Day 120 . If you would like access to my answer key, send a message, and I will share it with you, Organized by literary period, Ramon thinking activates provide a comprehensive and systematic way to teach students to analyze literature. The final assessment was an original story written in the style of the Gothic genre. %%EOF Listening and Viewing in 11th Grade Interpreting Literature for 11th Worksheet Journey to Castle Dracula doc. A mansion of Gothic activities This resource features a range of ideas and activities for students studying the Gothic or a Gothic text, from giving them a first taste of what to expect, to Gothic parody and revision. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. stream Prepared by Created by lswow Save. ��~b��v��dv�ܖ�M������9���|鯾fs�s�yb���o��!����v�+ݩ�����y��<=7��'Q����;����01��:?ܱ�̬צ��T�kձ�ñi��~;ަr���6�I��2u��e�j��;s���Y�|/�:b���O ǎ����Q�h�l&�pN�����NQ�j}��T�Y`Y� L�l�����QރE8����#3��9��d+�J��e��!�4��C�Cp#u#d�f�H����I�I�PFH�C�i�B�-���+7�nnV���P��UOO��>���oN�V&��4̊NI��1�C?9���W� ��� endstream endobj 59 0 obj <> endobj 60 0 obj <> endobj 61 0 obj <>stream 4 0 obj Romance Happy endings Madness The super g�&�.���H�1�I2�5^��h�cc�h�,H�5S�dtblj阩�IRQ�):iFM[���.�hg�����:�|���^�D4Cb����.�Ț����h�J����o �h�,nZ�XՓ���Ǘ,[����$t��.Z��C;-�xϟXϊ�^w-�XU߸�Ŋ��B�� ��e�E^7�L��{�6F_l�fx����om��0-�w��jZQ״��@��t�$/�f耾C��3���H�b�&4������&qߨ�=k6�0n %PDF-1.3 142 0 obj <> endobj <> and Gothic Romance. Romance Happy endings Madness The super ����}�j'�{��E�sk~d�y�{�w� The unit, also available, features O'Connor's amazing short story "A Good Man is Hard to Find", a classic Southern Gothic short story. � Gɰl��KK~)/i�k�紕�9���t������u�]�_��ۗ��O �Xgs]0=ʹ��˸ү2� �zc~��=��������8�I��Y��c�E��$���}K�����y�O,��h���V�M|-G��L�d�\(��sr��'�c�[y��Ҵ)Z5�\�Q[�)�O:�t=G�����z���ѻ]��'���ָ��0]uܿu��dxL�$O���s����]��$�r�8W� h�bbd```b``�"��d Presentation created by Paul Reiff of the English Department at Vernon Hills High School, District Each paragraph has part of a story on it. 156 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<031DA8B6208A9A478FC5B72DE1507652><359C4214B5CE7D4089FE9043416350DE>]/Index[142 23]/Info 141 0 R/Length 80/Prev 181355/Root 143 0 R/Size 165/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream GOTHIC LITERATURE The gothic novel was invented almost single-handedly by Horace Walpole, whose The Castle of Otranto (1764) contains essentially all the elements that constitute the genre. * Detailed notes on Gothic key-words and concepts for their inspiration H����0E��o���@m�Ƙ��6�J#R�66����Mι�@��W�:�؂AO��28�����Ki�P�B��[�G�=�5���cY�Z*��[6�87����v��>�o��tc��|W�d'Ü7ܸ8X��ߗ�l~���.p"�0 o�. �����Z�iN_!ƕ����_�Sե�K�6���HJ����PM�턂��ꊯ8�=oE��!�����lX�9O# � ������M�%�z7u� ��B7C=S�)�f�ps����4�2�8�@����F�!� I!df�g2�B.� It was fairly fresh, but not bleeding Gothic Story Kit You have 20 story paragraphs. endobj They will be asked to write any key words or phrases that come to mind on the paper. @� ��� It is significant because it contains “the surreal, raised to the level of poetry which is the very essence of ‘gothic’: that which displays the range, depth, audacity, and fantastical extravagance of the human imagination” (Oates 9). Live Worksheets Worksheets that listen. The resource is teacher-facing, and also includes a selection of images for use in the classroom. <> x���r�ȑ��x endobj . stream 1 0 obj Gothic and Romantic Literature - 11th Grade Create a Study Trainer Create custom courses Get your questions answered. * Can turn into a game 4 0 obj 3 0 obj %���� ]�}X����'�L.~�h�cƏ[�h~^�G��=��3����2҇yA�,b����r�3�ٌ�"z�"�V�=裌H��x��Ϟ��������I^�%�yF�4��it҂��f�PW�|e��r�B2>�0��CQ���U�V0��b� �fi]B~b ��&2��̦�M�8#ʂ�1O2�R3�@P������h��S )�E�I���X[Ĭ iT0��i��ভR. Gothic Literature Conventions Activity: "Playthings" Episode from Supernatural. �@@��\K��aP�s6�j��ħ���!Q�]H�m֡������;q�!.J�Sz1X���R���d*�_�l̾��0^���s�[*&�v,�O��:I��b��ؙ�)�$sN �,��Q��l ELEMENTS OF GOTHIC LITERATURE EMOTIONS •Emotions run high in Gothic literature. Presentation includes gothic influences in art and a formative assessment where students try their own hand at writing in the gothic genre. Students love, This is a 41-page, power point presentation detailing background information about the Gothic Literature and Southern Gothic literary movements in American Literature. The heart of the unit is a film study on Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, so several of the slides discuss his work as they relate to the Gothic genre. Gothic LiteratureGothic Literature Prepare to enter a bizarre, new, yet perhaps oddly familiar world. Gothic literature worksheets. !�]���������#�iH��` �8V� • After the five minutes is up, the teacher will begin the PowerPoint presentation. Also included in: Gothicism and Suspense Bundle. 0 ;�C��4����_�I�-�I�Y[������=���8o��y|��by�Q8dgQ;-�7i$���վ�?.����-.��B�t�ȽB���3�������9~C�B]�1'�)��IH������ Þ*7b/���*n�~|�^��ۍ��� �7�F�c��W��`,-G��5n�. The conventions are given in a clear and easy to understand manner and the power point ends with a brief explanation of how Mary Shelley's Frankenstein might tie into this concept and these con. ... Department of Literature and Philosophy at Georgia Southern University. Gothic Literature: Elements and Motifs, EDITABLE VERSION is a thorough PowerPoint Presentation of 38 slides including a very handy Pre-test (pre-activity) which helps you assess how much students already know about the Gothic genre beforehand, plus a . • Students will receive the Gothic Literature worksheet. _r�����a܅!�+ǜek�RěH�R=�M�$tt9{��X"����*�����a�4�mUx9T�Dѓu� �H=�f�h!#Fs��R����T�3ⓑ%޲%}�߮x�aA;�:�f���R$�D2���Z>RX� ϖ�{��8fF�_ ��RpL�D >����ej��0"��&7'&�I��;4i��#�,��Y0�\��C� i��S@�j�|�� ��B�� AjڀY��R���i�oA � ��@F��1J���y��� \6�gd��@2r~6$4�řȏ��Vb�K ����!a�T��#� ��4j�� r�����J��� �N�W�*�4k� ݫWH�7�Bh1h�ޡW��ޠ�B�A�F�A�F�A�F�A�&%!%M.B.�Br���)��(��Z�jZjjZjjZjr��b�Œ�����!K.���ޝ�`���,)R��$�dIIHɒ���%%!%GJ�?�?��ß���O���'�s��9� ���?�?���_}�`����M�F�>������^B�Ø~ i This PowerPoint Presentation is a starting point for explaining southern gothic literature. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? The PP includes some discussion questions and a class review or assignment. F>�m���)}�1��5�YUٱ�B�UH�um��e.��_�j۬="w���_S�/�v�x]�m�f'׭�uK�- �]?�M�C7 �B������b�����C����t>B��w�>�;�q�g����S?�mj]���`��= ;��鸩v��j+�o��f�A�>U��1G4yvZ��wB�"��yj�rg$%. Unit uses research-based strategies like quick write, exit slip, word asso. Great informational text to aid to your Gothic, * Class assignment - group assignment and examples - lots of fun, collaborative H�|VPT���s��]yȂP���L����neE� Grades: 7 th, 8 th, 9 th, 10 th, 11 th, Higher Education, Homeschool. It also has the information about Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights + extract from text with excercises. -- definition of Gothic literature, This activity walks students through an episode ("Playthings") of the television show "Supernatural." /PageMode /UseNone Walpole's novel was imitated not only in the eighteenth century and not only in the novel form, but it has influenced writing, poetry, and even film making up to the present day. ��o�4�LJ�E� �*���L�к}dҟ�U�ʮ���v��ew�N�C��㊳H��\a���c��]�WcB�CQ'��+��!��Ү��!myd�����.=y��at�{���Q���9��cB$a���,p���ۋg�$�ތ]t�S�խ��N��Ylp�O�:�-������E��N�.�tX�����?���2~��w��>�822&�`zH�a3��: H ;�r`.�b`��7�W!6�����H�Q&^1�"Yq�T�s$*=iq�1�O�_{J���w��~�i���5�,��H��%� C)'nd-�YX y� �( S@ń����V�a���CT3P�mW�Г"��d(f@�oL=N�tv�ܴ� +�0��f ���,�d����ٷW6�nڿ���n,#�'M���d���oC]�Y^��0�L`9���. It looked a bit like a small vegetable. endstream endobj startxref Listening and Viewing in 11th Grade Interpreting Literature for 11th Worksheet Journey to Castle Dracula doc. Gothic Literature Unit - Including Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Edgar Allen Poe, Southern Gothic Literature Flannery O'Connor "A Good Man is Hard to Find", Gothic Literature - House cross section - lecture, notes, assignment genre work, Gothic Literature - An Introduction to the Horror Genre, Gothic Literature Power Point (Frankenstein), Introduction to American Southern Gothic Literature, Edward Scissorhands- Gothic Literature Booklet, American Gothic Literature Anticipatory Set, Nature of the Gothic - Elements of Gothic Literature, Southern Gothic Literature: Overview and Guided Notes, American Literature Romanticism Gothic Transcendental Thinking Activities Unit, Ramon's American Literature Thinking Activities. 5 0 obj Gothic and Romantic Literature - 11th Grade Create a Study Trainer Create custom courses Get your questions answered.


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