gasland documentary transcript

We just hit reset, spend a lot of money, put it back in the system. This toxic water has caused chronic diseases and, in some cases, deaths. The list is long, and the names are of products who nobody who loves life would like to have inside his or her organism. As for the cinematographic aspects, Gasland is a good, well-done film. REPORTER: Do you accept that wells can be contaminated by the drilling process?

He visited private houses and lands belonging to people who had accepted the same offer he had received, and his findings turn out to be horrifying. 4 Nov. 2020. We don't believe them." Gasland is a 2010 American documentary written and directed by Josh Fox. Obama maintained the absolute companies’ impunity. I have to prove something beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law after the questioning has been conducted and I haven't seen those reports and I haven't seen from those reports that it was the drilling that caused that. This year, it was named the most endangered river in America because of the threat posed by natural gas drilling. ( Log Out /  For three years, Craig Sautner has been living a nightmare. JOSH FOX: And I didn't sleep for, you know, the next week.

Fenton refuses to leave his land, that was the land of his parents and forefathers and that he wanted to transmit to his children. When you have reports, thousands of reports of water contamination across America, thousands, and growing every day - every county in Pennsylvania and there are, you know, 30 counties in Pennsylvania. What is injected in every drill are millions of litres of water mixed with chemical products toxic to Earth, human, and the other animals and plants. This is your hamburger complete with gas drilling wastes and this is part of what we call the food-shed - The effect on the food-shed. Among the many worthy witnesses in Gasland there is an special one. Gasland, a documentary that sometimes seems a horror film, shows fracking’s catastrophic effects, and makes us glimpse what waits human beings and the planet if this practice is not banned forever.

This week on 'Insight', Jenny Brockie takes a special look at local communities tackling the issue. I've done nothing wrong, all I'm asking for is a few moments of my Governor's time and I feel like I have that right.". Unlike many environmental documentaries which doesn’t reflect on the best way to present problems, Gasland doesn’t forget at any moment his nature of film, of a means of critical information and knowledge. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.


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