firefly 2 change temperature without app
It can be awkward to hold when touching both sense buttons. I can’t recommend these vipes enough for cleaning. I do have a chrome book though, not sure if that means anything. If you wanted the most enjoyable session for the scenario you just described, my choice would be the Crafty. Definitely had a learning curve. Firefly was great about replacing it, but a month later–you guessed it–bricked again. they don't take returns either. Great news. Cleaning and Maintenance. The FF2 is far and away my favorite. I am now wondering if you guys got a bit unlucky, or maybe the manufacturing tolerances could have been tighter closer to launch when all of my units were produced. Not only did the FF1 have the shortest battery life per charge, but it also had manufacturing quality problems which caused a percentage of the batteries to degrade faster than they should have. Given its new optimized design, my first question was of course how’s the battery life? The Firefly 2 isn’t really hard to learn the best technique, it will just take a couple tries to figure it out for your preferences. 3 Taps : Med Low (360 F) Check out my review and let me know what you think. Burned material, disgusting flavor. Overall the Firefly 2 is a HUGE improvement over the original. I had heard good things about it but this issue has ruined the gift. A repack or two never hurt anyone, that’s for sure, but how have you felt about using the Firefly 2 in groups? We’re talking over 100 grams lighter. Sorry you’re not having any luck with! How would you say the AVB quality is? I know the feeling of ripping a bowl and getting combustion. No matter what I do I get more vapor off one drag off an ego-C pen than I do off an entire bowl with the firefly 2. I would also say the Firefly 2 is one of if not my very least smelly vapes overall. Share . Like the Volcano and Crafty the AVB is pretty thoroughly extracted so it won’t be terribly potent for edibles. That is both awesome that you can fix it yourself AND that they decided to just send out the part. It can go long intervals in-between cleanings without any performance loss but will get some buildup on the window. I have one on order and am looking for something to carry / protect it. Let me know if this helps out or you have any more questions. Price might be the concern but we can buy firefly 2 for cheap from vapeworld and vapornation kind of sites. More of a dry herb user and occasionally hash. there should be a manual way to adjust the temp. To get it back in, just seat the battery in the bottom of the compartment and press down. And pretty much no other convection portable seemed to even challenge the FF2 overall build ability, effectiveness, and A+ quality standard being able to pull off doing both. If you’re looking for the cleanest tasting portable convection vaporizer, look no further than the Firefly 2. You’re not wasting the herbs in the chamber when you aren’t hitting it and you can leave the herbs in the chamber to come back and hit it later.


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