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If using a third-party provider, you will need to follow the proper notification and authorization requirements under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to initiate a FINRA background check on an employee or applicant. With the prevalence of investment fraud, promptly discovering relevant public record information and/or prohibited investment practices is critical to safeguarding your firm in the long run. Additionally, it is now necessary to perform a search of “reasonably available public records” to verify the completeness and accuracy of the details included in an individual’s Form U4. For the verification of Form U4 data obligation, firms are required to conduct a search of “reasonably available public records” to verify the accuracy of information provided by an applicant. According to FINRA, since obtaining an investigative consumer report on applicants is not specifically required, as firms can perform the research internally, it will be up to the member firm to determine whether the general release contained within the Form U4 is sufficient to comply with the employment background check laws in its specific jurisdiction. Firms are also required to make a reasonable effort to review an applicant’s most recent Form U5, which provides information regarding the reason for the termination of a registration with a member firm, for any potential claims regarding investment misconduct or other derogatory activities. The securities regulator’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Ketchum, stated that the new FINRA background check requirements would help “…improve the accuracy and totality of details reported on an individual’s Form U4…” to ensure that investors obtain relevant and important information on individuals entrusted with investing their money. FINRA Launches Enhanced Process for Financial Background Checks of Brokers. However under state law I can legally deny that a criminal charge or conviction which has been expunged. Would your employer or FINRA have found out if you didn't disclose your charges? No, I wasn't. Since there may be some research that will fulfill aspects of the character assessment or public record check requirements, these elements are not mutually exclusive. You're fine as long as you listed your employment dates. It wasn't for any criminal reasons, but basically, due to a multitude of factors, they needed to downsize and I got the ax because they thought I wasn't a good fit for the job. Although it may be tempting to sign-up with one of any number of the “instant” background check providers that offer billions of public records for less than $20, doing so will most likely not keep you compliant with the FINRA background check rule. a parking violation and 1 speeding ticket). Have something you want to discuss? I'm starting work at a boutique IB as an M&A analyst next month, which I believe requires me to become a limited representative, fill out a U4 form, and be subject to a FINRA background check. I was just vague about why I left that job and I'm wondering if my employer not knowing the full reason for me leaving could come back to haunt me if they found out. I am assuming there are 2 different background checks performed one in where the firm that hires you runs a background check via a 3rd party company. Investment banking is super competitive and I don't want to ruin my chances by revealing something if I don't have to. If the job wasn't a FINRA licensed job, it won't matter that you were laid off. Can someone with experience tell me if a FINRA finger print background check turns up a expunged conviction/charge? Such information includes, but is not limited to, general details relating to name and address, criminal records, bankruptcy filings, civil litigation, court judgments, liens, and business records. Under the new FINRA background check rule, firms continue to be responsible for investigating the good character, business reputation, qualifications, and experience of applicants for registration. All Rights Reserved. Hate to break this news, but they will known you were arrested once they fingerprint you. Can I prevent my sponsoring firm from knowing about my expunged felony? Additionally, in the event you uncover relevant civil litigation or judgments, retrieving the necessary court records from the appropriate clerk’s office could take up extra valuable time. The proposed amendments were approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 30, 2014, and the new FINRA background check requirements went into effect on July 1, 2015. FINRA clarified that, since the scope of available public record information is anticipated to change over time, the regulator stresses reviewing data that is currently accessible to the public. It applies to all FINRA-member broker firms. How do I keep FINRA from disclosing anything to my firm?


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