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t � � 65� %4� s O $$If � !v h5� %#v %:V �s �o They work with the actors to help them perform their lines and actions so that the film can be edited into a story that makes sense. I'm not a film lover in the strict sense of it, but I'd definitely say I'm a sci-fi addict, therefore I especially like movies exploring themes such as how the world might look like in the future or the relation between humans and alien or artificial intelligence. Think about what these words mean and then have a go at this activity. I love everything that involves art. �����������������������ǹ��߹ǰ�ǜ����ǹǰ���ǹ�hod} hod} 5�CJ $hod} hod} CJ OJ QJ ^J _H aJ 'hod} hod} 5�CJ OJ QJ ^J _H aJ hod} hod} CJ hod} hod} 5�CJ OJ QJ hod} hod} CJ OJ QJ hod} hod} hod} hod} hod} CJ hod} hod} CJ OJ QJ hod} hod} OJ QJ 2 # $ % 3 4 5 6 7 I Q � � � � � � � � � � � � $If l� � &d P� � gdod} $a$gdod} $-D �M� Did they succeed? Take notes on the following formal elements of your chosen sequence. Hi! I'm Industrial Engineering and I would like to have a Job like a independent consultant in Big Data, Business Intelligence and Business Process Managemente, because I really love these topics and I think that the future is there. I enjoy watching action films. My name is Walter Santana and I am from Argentina. + There are three sections. I love films. t � � � 8 ( l t � Z � � � � � � � � , � R 5 � . 2) Director, year 3) Mode 4) Approximate time code (beg. However, not everyone who appears in a film is an actor. ��ࡱ� > �� P R ���� O �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �b �� � jbjb�� $. t � � 65��5� a4� s e $$If � !v h5� a5��#v�#v a:V �s �U What job would you like? I won’t like to work in films. I'm Daniel from Brazil...I like movies...mainly comedy and action movies... yes but behind the scene to be close to scenes, i don(t like camera. The director’s main job is to manage the technical and artistic team that make the film. I'm Paul from Germany. I guess my favorite type of movie is a drama or action kind of film. The producer works on everything from the concept to the script to casting through to editing. Cinematography-Composition-Focus-Camera movements Editing-Shot length, types of shots, are shots long or short, are there many quick cuts, or few cuts in b/w long takes?-Are there two different scenes intercut? Hi there, my name's Francesco and I'm from Italy. I am from Russia. In this lesson, we're going to present lots of vocabulary related to films. Hi, I'm Hasan from Turkey. endstream endobj startxref film review We're going to talk about different types of films, different jobs and roles in films, we're going to talk about old films and new films and the technology that’s used to make films and as well as all of this, we’re going to talk about the language you can use when you discuss films. 13) Sound. There are many different types of films. Editing Terms Cut: You cut when you delete part of a clip. These are the people who are used when lots of people are needed e.g. Music, effects, dialogue, intensity, motifs. When we speak about types or kinds of film we often use the word genre. Vocabulary of Film Words With Definitions (Continued) Filmmaking Script writing: The act of writing a script for a film. Vocabulary for poetry analysis This resource includes useful word banks and phrases to use when looking for implied meanings and language techniques in unseen poems. There are many different types of films. 10) Cinematography. Activity 2: In this activity, put the correct job in the correct sentence. The cinematographer is also known as the director of photography. What's your favourite type of film? List same information.15c) Describe why you have chosen the above sources/quotes. I´m working at broacasting sporta channel with lighting designer for broacasting tv programs. 5) Title or brief description of sequence 6) Number of shots in selected sequence 7) What happens, at the level of plot or narration, in this sequence? t � �0 � � � � � � � 6� � �� �� �� �4� 4� s a� Reply to at least one comment from another learner and then mark this lesson complete on the side of the page. What about you, guys? Pacing, rhythm, graphic matches, continuity, transitions, etc.Meanings. � � C � � � � They often work closely with the director so that the finished film looks the way the director imagined it. I always dreamed to be a film director. I'm Pattern I come from BR. My best so far is We Were Soldiers. Extras don't usually have speaking roles. Good to hear the type of films you like and I hope you like this course on Premier Skills English! I like the movies that catch you. Because I don’t like to act. I also loves watching animated films. I am Ramika Thulwan from Sri Lanka.My favourite types of films are comedy and action. They're super great! 187 0 obj <> endobj Almost all of them I find like an idiotic idea. t � � 65� %4� s �.


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