famous hedgehog characters

Sonic the Hedgehog,[a] trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog,[1] is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog and the main protagonist of the series. Rouge the Bat[z] is a white, anthropomorphic bat who made her first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2 in 2001, and who has been featured in several games since. Charmy remains a niche character, but he’s gained enough of a following that he’s made minor appearances in Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and some of the Olympic Games titles. [78] Gamma turns against his master after a heartfelt conversation with Amy Rose, who becomes his friend. Colors introduced ten types between the Wii and Nintendo DS versions of the game; some only appear in one version. He appears throughout Shadow the Hedgehog as an antagonist; he tries to kill Shadow at first, though in one of the game's branching pathways, he realizes that Shadow has no memories of the incident and lets him go. [58] He prefers to be gentle but undergoes a drastic change and is capable when needed. [114] Cream can achieve flight for short periods of time by flapping her two large ears,[113] while Cheese often attacks on Cream's behalf by ramming into her adversaries. [16] Series co-creator Yuji Naka said that Amy was designed "to always chase Sonic", and has made it her life goal to one day marry him. It has filled a similar tutorial role in other games such as Sonic Heroes, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Generations, and Lego Dimensions. Omochao[t] (/ˈoʊmoʊtʃaʊ/) is a robot Chao with a propeller on its head. He appears in Sonic Generations as a boss in the stages Crisis City (console version) and Tropical Resort (3DS version).

[180], In Sonic Colors, Eggman builds an amusement park spanning the Wisps' planets under the pretense of making up for past transgressions. Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble is one of the standouts from the handheld and it introduces a new villain to the series, Fang the Sniper (originally Nack the Weasel). [52] He is not concerned by danger, and often yearns to face it in order to use his ninja skills. She is depicted as a professional treasure hunter devoted to the pursuit of jewels,[108] calling herself the "World's Greatest Treasure Hunter". Fang the Sniper,[i][44] initially known as Nack the Weasel[45] in English localizations, is a purple wolf/weasel hybrid[46] (a wolf/jerboa hybrid in Japan[47][48]) that first appeared in the Game Gear video game Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble in 1994. Mewtwo is a bio genetic clone of Mew. D&D Beyond Her characteristics are wild, energetic and paranoid, having lived in the wilderness alone for most of her life. In the game, his color subtly changes while he moves to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the Sega 32X console.

[163] Dave McComb of film magazine Empire called them "cutesy" and "strange",[201] while John Meyer of Wired found them "cuddly" and Dale North of Destructoid called them "a cute little alien race".

Male Character" trope, in which female characters in games with male protagonists often resemble those protagonists, but with stereotypically feminine features added. He first appeared in Sonic Adventure as the main antagonist in Amy's story, where he repeatedly tries to capture Birdie. Amy Rose[f] is a pink hedgehog and Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend. [98] Several thousand years later, Doctor Eggman shatters the Master Emerald and awakens the angry Chaos and Tikal's spirit. Sonic the Fighters is one of the strangest examples of this, especially since it was also an arcade title. During Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, he is playable after Rouge orders him to support Shadow many years in the future. He is a self-proclaimed or certifiable genius with an IQ of 300.

Maria suffers from the illness known as "NIDS" (Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome), which was incurable at the time. E-100 Alpha,[q] better known as Zero, is the first of the E-100 series and considered the prototype of the line. [99] Tikal appears in Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2 in a Chao minigame, and makes a cameo appearance on the Angel Island board of Sonic Pinball Party. appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. Outside of Triple Trouble, Fang had playable roles in Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic the Fighters in 1995 and 1996, and had been planned to be in the cancelled Sonic Xtreme. [152] Orange was originally decided for his fur, but they soon moved away from that in color, in favor to a white-gray one. Omochao was introduced in Sonic Adventure as part of the Chao Races, and it later appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, where it serves as an in-game manual to teach players how to play the game. He is one of the playable characters in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, a playable character strictly in the multiplayer modes in Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic and the Black Knight, a playable racer in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity,[155] Sonic Free Riders and Team Sonic Racing, and a playable athlete in the Mario & Sonic series beginning with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The fact that Bark appears briefly in Sonic Mania, but merely as an illusion, is pretty indicative of the treatment that the obscure character has received over the years.

[164][181][182] Suspicious, Sonic and Tails investigate and rescue two Wisps from Orbot and Cubot. [24] Not possessing the speed or strength of the other characters, Amy uses a hammer to defend herself instead. Although his outward appearance resembles that of Doctor Eggman, his personality is different. [158][159], Orbot[aj] (/ˈɔːrbɒt/) is a red robotic assistant of Dr. Eggman who first appears in Sonic Unleashed. For example, Purple Wisps, whose "Frenzy" ability turns Sonic into a difficult-to-control demon that can chomp through obstacles, is exclusive to the Wii version,[175] but Violet Wisps, which scale up Sonic's density to black hole-like levels and causes him to absorb enemies, obstacles, and rings, appear only in the DS version. [19] The character had two other names in game previews: Rosy the Rascal[20] and Princess Sally (a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series and comics). Commander[ac] is the leader of the Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N. [175] Computer and Video Games writer Chris Scullion described Wisps in Lost World as "familiar power-ups that emulate mechanics in Mario's Wii adventures" as part of a larger, ambivalent point about the game being derivative of Super Mario Galaxy. [7][104] Although his relationship with Sonic seems to have developed from antagonistic to friendly rivalry, animosity from not understanding their different mindsets still occurs. At the end of Amy's story, she destroys him. It befriends and dualizes (fuses) with all Nightopia visitors to diminish Wizeman's control of the dream world.

Dr. Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman, is the antagonist in nearly every Sonic the Hedgehog title. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Related: Sonic The Hedgehog: Every Game On The Sega Genesis, Ranked. His individual episode revolves around him traveling back in time with Blaze the Cat to find and slay Sonic the Hedgehog, who they believe is the cause of their world being destroyed in the future. [202][203] Randy Nelson from Joystiq called them "plush" and speculated that they could easily lend their image to profitable merchandise. [81] Gamma later appears as a playable character in Sonic Battle. Sonic 3 introduced Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic's rival and, later, friend. A robotic minion of Dr. Eggman which come in many varieties each with their own unique abilities and weaponry. Yasushi Yamaguchi, originally the main artist and zone designer for Sega's Sonic Team, designed Tails for an internal competition for a sidekick to Sonic. [38] Her likeness has been used in Sonic merchandise,[39] and she appears in the television adaptations Sonic X (2003–2006) and Sonic Boom (2014–2017).[31][40]. Since her first trio of games, she has been relegated to being an extra playable character in Sonic spinoffs and multiplayer games. Vector was originally supposed to be in the sound test of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game, but he, along with the feature itself, was removed prior to release. The two attempt to fix their ruined future world by traveling back in time. She tries to reason with him about raiding the shrine for the emeralds, but he, hesitated by what she said to him, briefly snaps at her and orders the Knuckles Clan to attack. Omega has appeared in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games as a rival in speed skating and intense short track[91] and in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games as a rival in the 100m Sprint. [127] She is portrayed as calm and levelheaded, hiding her true feelings. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. [179] The Colors manual describes each type of Wisp as having a different general personality; for example, Cyan Wisps, which allow Sonic to bounce off surfaces, are scatterbrained and energetic, while Orange Wisps, which blast him rapidly into the air, have fluctuating and explosive emotions. [132][133], Eggman Nega[ae] is Eggman's descendant from 200 years in the future, first introduced in Sonic Rush as the arch-enemy of Blaze the Cat and later Silver the Hedgehog. The Black Bull is an antagonist in Shadow the Hedgehog. Related: Sega: 10 Things Fans Should Know About The Cancelled Sonic X-Treme. The Chaotix are a group of four characters who debuted in the game Knuckles' Chaotix as the main characters, later forming their own detective agency in Sonic Heroes. "Official Site - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U", "BARF: Silver the Hedgehog is in Sonic Generations", "Sega Emits a Spectrum of Sonic Colours Information", "? Charmy Bee[j] is a bee who is the "scatter-brained funny-kid" of the Chaotix. Jet the Hawk leads the pack, but Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross are featured just as much. [15] Tails has a very high IQ and excellent mechanical ability. In Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, she appears as an unlockable Mii costume. NiGHTS is a flying, jester-like Nightmaren who betrayed Wizeman, the ruler of Nightmare, in order to live in liberty with the Nightopians.


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