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However, Carl is able to save the day when Urkel nearly falls out of the balloon. 9 Nov. 1990 Dedicated to the One I Love. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Nightmare at Urkel Oaks Urkel ghost writes a really great story and Eddie is ready to take the credit ... until he is asked to produce more stories. She’s the daughter of Mighty Weenie owner, Dave McClure. Myrtle Mae Urkel made her first appearance in the eighth episode of season 2, "Cousin Urkel", as part of an exchange agreement between Big Daddy Urkel and Dr. Urkel. She also has her eye on her loan officer, Steve Webster, then begins talking about him around the house. S2, Ep9. This FAQ is empty. Rachel tells Richie and Judy stories about Carl and Eddie to teach a lesson about taking credit. Rate. Myrtle refused and leaves, telling him that she will find another man who will love her for herself. When a school bully threatens to physically harm anyone who dares to take Laura out on a date, Steve takes a stand for the girl he loves. What matters most? 4. Her rich father, Big Daddy Urkel (played by Reginald VelJohnson), was a loving and caring father to Myrtle but did not approve of Eddie being his daughter's boyfriend except when bribed with cash. 0. She decided to pursue other guys in the hopes of finding her true love and starts to leave. The wedding takes place in Urkel Oaks. Laura wants to be paired with any number of cute guys in her class for a project about marriage ... but winds up with Urkel instead. Eddie knows he'll be in hot water if Carl finds out, but Urkel's suggestion - visiting Ma's Bakery, which is the front for an underground casino - could land him in even deeper trouble. Carl and Urkel struggle with their consciences in separate situations. During Black History Month, Laura and Urkel hope their fellow students will gain appreciation for other cultures and races with a new class. 7.1 (80) 0. The subject in home economics class at school: marriage. Family Matters is an American sitcom revolving around the Winslow family, a middle-class African-American family living in Chicago; the series ran for nine seasons (eight on ABC and one on CBS).The series is a spin-off of Perfect Strangers. Add the first question. Urkel dons his best threads, and although Rachel is flattered, she finds she needs to clear up this misunderstanding. Eddie Winslow, after finding out Myrtle Urkel is rich, dreams that Big Daddy Urkel offers to pay Eddie $10 million to marry his daughter, Myrtle, at Urkel Oaks in Biloxi, Mississippi. Eddie, Rodney and Urkel wander into an adults-only billiards hall, where a friendly yokel named Higgins decides to challenge Eddie to a friendly bet over a game of pool. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Anonymous. Carl drags Eddie along on an ice fishing trip to Lake Wannamuck. Carl and Lt. Murtaugh are involved in an operative to uncover a smuggling ring. Big Daddy Urkel (father) Unnamed mother Urkel is about to win when Higgins' cronies interfere; when Urkel complains about the cheating, the thugs decide to ... Urkel's parents decide to leave him home alone for Christmas. Written by However unlike Steve, Myrtle refused to ever leave Eddie alone and disrespects his personal space by stalking him, much to his extreme terror. Carl wants Eddie to come along on a ride-along program, but the younger Winslow is more interested in girls, singing rock songs and modeling. He awakens from his dream and he swears to Steve that he'll never to marry for money. An elderly man named Jimmy visits the Winslows, claiming to be the family's long-lost friend. Higgins warns him to pay up, or his family could suffer some brutal consequences. Meanwhile, Eddie struggles with a writing assignment in class and turns to Urkel for help. 34 Harriette decides to mediate the feud and settle both of them down before something really bad happens. (as Jo Marie Payton-Noble). She was played by Jaleel White. It is unknown on whether or not she would witness the birth of Stephanie Laurine Urkel as this would have been her true final appearance in the series. Later on, he starts having dreams about Big Daddy Urkel visiting him at his parents house after his girlfriend leaves. He awakens from his dream and he swears to Steve that he'll never to marry for money. But all they get is a bunch of threats from a few racist classmates. The wedding takes place in Urkel Oaks. Big Daddy Urkel, Harriette Winslow 3. Several years later, she returned to Chicago to visit her cousin and renew her pursuit of Eddie; by this time, he and Greta had started dating. Laura tells him that she'll be sure to notify Mother Winslow for his ungrateful attitude. Jaleel White Rate. Title: But it may be his last hurrah; Willie Fuffner, his pride still stung from losing to him during a boxing match several weeks earlier, offers Urkel a peace offering - a glass of punch. Rate. Eddie Winslow, after finding out Myrtle Urkel is rich, dreams that Big Daddy Urkel offers to pay Eddie $10 million to marry his daughter, Myrtle, at Urkel Oaks in Biloxi, Mississippi. Urkel loses, and everyone refuses to accept Carl's plea for forgiveness. Rate. Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Carl Winslow / Everyone's shocked to learn Urkel still believes in Santa Claus, but who was it that delivered that Freddy Teddy that Richie's been wanting? Laura Winslow Carl Winslow Eddie Winslow 2. Greta isn't impressed when she crushes the tape. A drunken Urkel staggers around the rooftop, which is good for a few yuks ... until he tumbles off the side of the roof and finds himself clinging to a clothesline for dear life. The extended Winslow family redefines the word "togetherness" as their home splits at the seams with chaos, confusion and laughter. Rachel manages to save the day, and Willie and his buddy, the dim-witted Waldo Faldo, find... For the second time in a matter of weeks, Eddie's unlicensed driving (all to impress the chicks) gets him in trouble again when he dents the family car.


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