exiting the vampire castle essay
The task, as ever, remains the articulation of class, gender and race – but the founding move of the Vampires’ Castle is the dis-articulation of class from other categories. X then becomes defined as a transphobe/ sexist etc. But the second half of the meeting saw working class activists from all over Suffolk talking to each other, supporting one another, sharing experiences and strategies. It’s not surprising, then, that so many neo-anarchists come across as depressed. Brand, apparently, is ‘clearly extremely unstable … one bad relationship or career knockback away from collapsing back into drug addiction or worse.’ Although the person claims that they ‘really quite like [Brand]‘, it perhaps never occurs to them that one of the reasons that Brand might be ‘unstable’ is just this sort of patronising faux-transcendent ‘assessment’ from the ‘left’ bourgeoisie. The goal is not to ‘be’ an activist, but to aid the working class to activate – and transform – itself. With voter suppression an established fact, legal challenges to the result likely and violence disturbingly possible, we are bringing together some of the best minds in law, activism and journalism to find out where we are, and where we are headed. Remember: having convictions is oppressive, and might lead to gulags. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t occupy the terrain and start to use it for the purposes of producing class consciousness. Be part of the show! This doesn’t mean, of course, that we must always agree – on the contrary, we must create conditions where disagreement can take place without fear of exclusion and excommunication. Exiting the Vampire Castle. The first configuration is what I came to call the Vampires’ Castle. So what can we do now? "Host" […], We read a review of Shrek 2 by the Maoist International Party - Amerika, paying close attention to their theory of "gender aristocracy", and discuss the role of ogre love in anti-imperialist struggle and revolution. What holds them together is not solidarity, but mutual fear – the fear that they will be the next one to be outed, exposed, condemned. The Vampires’ Castle feeds on the energy and anxieties and vulnerabilities of young students, but most of all it lives by converting the suffering of particular groups – the more ‘marginal’ the better – into academic capital. (Get AD FREE Shows & Bonus Content) EPISODE […], Air Date 2/25/2020 Today we take a look at a post-acquittal, power-mad Trump taking advantage of his thoroughly-confirmed ability to do whatever he wants without repercussion and the work Bill Barr is doing to completely subvert the Justice Department in favor of using it as a tool to favor the President's friends and harm his […], Air Date 10/27/2020 Today we take a look at some idea for rebuilding our economy and our society in a way that will help everyone recover from the pandemic and make us more ready for the next emergency we face. The more guilt the better. One of the things that broke me out of this depressive stupor was going to the People’s Assembly in Ipswich, near where I live. Be part of the show! But it’s the next move which is the kicker. Their whole identity becomes defined by one ill-judged remark or behavioural slip. The People’s Assembly had been greeted with the usual sneers and snarks. [2] Fisher saw the turn from class and materialism towards identity as a move from objective outward-facing goals to subjective inward goals that result in fragmentation of the left's efforts and community. And Mark Fisher’s call to resist the erasure of class in whatever form that erasure may take is essential.


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