exchange 2016 retention policy not working
I'm seeing the same results with a 30 day chat deletion policy applied to my account. i was looking at deleted item count. I double checked and both accounts are set to the same retention policy, the default one. When you create a Teams retention policy, it will only apply to data that is created from that point forward. I've never seen it work that way, so good to know that it should now? You can apply a retention policy to a mailbox, but until the managed folder assistant (MFA for short, which is also a throttled task within the system so when available resources are freed it will run) it will not mark items within the mailbox for retention. Please also check if there is any personal tag has been applied to the items in Delete Items folder. But we shall see. 11:21 AM. I ended up opening a support case and here are the findings: This is not the answer I wanted but I guess it's what I'm stuck with. connect to exchange online using remote powershell. I'm being told it can take up to 90 days for the chat messages to actually be removed from the local Teams client. Eventually, as clients synchronize with Teams, the items disappear from local caches and the retention cycle completes." on We currently have a default retention policy set to "3 months move to archive". Post blog posts you like, KB's you wrote or ask a question. If you were to e-discovery search for chats, you wouldn't find anything older than a month. I see the same old messages no matter where I sign in, other PC's, mobile app, etc. If you want to force this process I would recommend running the following: This should start tagging items for retention, and then execute the actions of the retention policy if they are met. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 6 months ago. ‎07-30-2018 But your own chat access will still be available via the Teams service / UI. This causes the action to occur according to the retention date of the DPT or RPT and not according to the personal tag. So I know they are being applied and can see the expiration (through OWA). on All my users have an Office 365 E3 license (Exchange Online)  and use Outlook 2016 Professional Plus which fully support DLP tips. I have already used start-managedfolderassistant as well. MailTips bar display options are set to Display automatically when MailTips apply. In mailbox features for the user, I selected the new retention policy. MFA processes mailboxes every seven days (its SLA). However, according to MS Support you have to manually run the. Same issue. December 12, 2019, by


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