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Turned out he was a Tottenham fan and was still pissed off over the semi final! Disclaimer. I once read that Grand Old Team song originated in Ireland (and presumably travelled to Celtic from there). It wasn't sung as much on the aways probably until more late 90s it got going again. 01:14:35, Posted Unlimited downloads. 08/04/2013 at The men who COME From from Merseyside WHO'VE SAILED the seven seas, will hear the call of Everton come riding on the BREEZE. Nice to hear Jimmy Husband's comments..what it must have been for him a Bob Dylan fan singing those lines???. So now we have you in the mood… altogether now: Thanks to David Exall and Jimmy Husband for their recollections along with Joe Horrigan of WSAG for the inspiration. Eugene is right about the song going missing for a fair while, although we used to sing it in the minibus/car/coach/plane when going home and away mid-70s on. 40 years on and it's still a classic. Some great stuff on this thread. 03/04/2013 at Graham (675) I had them as the following: Lawson, McLaughlin, H. Newton, Conolly, Kendall, Kenyon, Hurst, Husband, Harper, Harvey and Bernard.... but I could be wrong?? 03/04/2013 at 10:56:40, Posted 06/04/2013 at Spirit of the Blues - Everton F. C., 4. Ray, definitely Roger Kenyon between Kendall and Hurst, David Johnson was not that tall, I love this song.. One of my earliest memories listening to this and the 1966 cup final (and semi v utd) on vinyl. Sorry Rob, forgot, great piece, you have a real knack for picking up nuggets from the past that make us 40/50 and up lads muse on days gone by. Duncan, Duncan Ferguson - Duncan's Army, 3. I'm not sure if the D J was Bob Stewart; this was in 1966. 22:26:21, Posted 21:54:24, Posted Young, Pickering, Vernon, Temple and victory's there for sure, with 60,000 Everton fans who roar and roar and roar". Lawson McLaughlin. 08:58:02, Posted 05/04/2013 at The story we will carry on, Most know that Z-Cars hails from Johnny Todd via the eponymous TV series whilst the origins of Grand Old Team are murkier with Spurs, Celtic and Everton all laying claim to it. As for Grand Old Team, I went home and away from 75/76 on and never heard it until the 90s, (I still think the feller singing it sounds like a big soppy tart). 06:54:47, Flat Everton succumb to defeat on Tyneside, Isco tempted to join 'close friend' James at Everton, Rodriguez battled testicle injury after derby, Holgate and Branthwaite return to training, Walter Brown, the Kirkcudbrightshire Blue, Dire Blues can't escape the ghosts of Everton past, Tricky Dick Forshaw: From Goal King to Outlaw, Appeal for 'lost' TV appearance of Everton legend, Last season's remaining FA Youth Cup games. 10:22:14, Posted 03/04/2013 at Everton, Everton, 15:08:42, Posted Never heard Grand Old Team, not even once, home and away during the sixties and seventies. In every land and continent, 19:52:05, Posted "They come from Dingle, PrescotAnd all of MerseysideThey travel up to Goodison ParkAnd loudly shout with prideOh ye, it's E V E R T and O and N". 22:04:11, Posted Evertons the team that plays beautiful football. Midfielder. They come from cross the water,they come from Dingle too, Ged (050) - "Love the other two but this one used to embarass me years ago and still does. Strangely for someone in showbiz, he came over as very nervous although he later explained that as a Manchester City supporter, he was "just blown away by the magnitude of Goodison Park"! Although Forever Everton was never a chart hit, the Strawberry Studios team went on to record tracks with Leeds United, Manchester City and Lancashire Cricket Club that year. It was only after I told him I had a ticket for the final that he relented. The songs were composed by talented musicians such as Various. Eugene, I completely agree, a great piece. 22:42:38, Posted This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The band supporting him was called Hotlegs – whom I had never heard of. As an Evertonian from late 60s and growing up in Stockport, a lovely story for me!!! What about Mike Buckley. We play in Royal Blue, 03/04/2013 at My 1st single: T-Rex 'Children of the Revolution'. (wasn't my first single though, that was The Pioneers with Let Your Yeah Be Yeah). I do have it as an MP3 so it's on my player. Posted Does anyone know our words to the Holy Ground once more or Black Velvet Band? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121089238778?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649. Here We Go by the Everton players got to No 14 in May 1985 but that was nothing to do with me – or Graham Gouldman!”. I went into an independent record shop, and much to the incredulity of the owner, asked for it. 04/04/2013 at 18:46:56, Posted 03/04/2013 at Actually, like the Celtic album my mam had, seems a snare drum and an accordion was all that was needed for the 60s football song (come to think of it, the singer sounds a bit Scottish too). I always thought it was "we're up for the league, we're up for the cup". "There's West and Parker, Wilson, there's Gabriel and Labone, there's Kay and Scott and Stevens they're the pride of Everton. 03/04/2013 at 07:57:34, Posted Anyone else remember the lads on the Terry Wogan show, running down the aisles to the stage bouncing balls! 04/04/2013 at The story might have ended there and Harry’s Boys would never have been recorded for posterity had Gouldman not been a budding football song mogul and sought out David: “Imagine my surprise when I got a call a few weeks later, from Gouldman, who apologised for the Wookey incident and said he wanted to ‘talk business’ with me. Eugene #668 I think that the Celtic / Irish provenance is the winner, see Gibson being word perfect after the Man U game. 07:17:46, Posted 15:40:28, Posted The glory of our team, One for all, Bit of a shorter fella with black hair. He went on to say that he and Eric Stewart were partners in a Stockport-based writing and record production venture. As I recall, three members of his backing group, whom I later identified as Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart and possibly Lol Creme, were deeply in conversation with Sedaka when we entered the dressing room. At heart he was Port Vale and only a converted Blue. Well play the game that's Everton, I always thought there was a book to be written about football singles which one of these days, assuming no-one has already done it, I plan to get around to. 04/04/2013 at I must say I have no recollections either of 'Grand Old team' until shall we say more modern times. When he got back, he dropped the disc on the kitchen table and said " well, they can't sing...and they can't play football either". 03/04/2013 at And bring the honours home… We must have been one of the first teams to put out a naff, sorry, iconic song. I'm with Phil on 'Spirit of the Blues', it's our hard-hitting 'White Riot' by our standards; an inanely foot-tapping intro. We're the kings of Goodison, Love the other two but this one used to embarass me years ago and still does. We play it on the carpet, 03/04/2013 at 03/04/2013 at The picture on the OP is driving me mad however because I can't identify all the players.I think I have: Dave Lawson, Terry Darracott, Rod Belfitt, John Connolly, Howard Kendall, Roger Kenyon, John Hurst, Jimmy Husband and Joe Harper. When Graham came to Goodison, the receptionist, Toni, rang to tell me there was "a young curly haired lad" asking to see me. Wherever football goes, 03/04/2013 at Read on for the untold story…. I'd lost a packet on a similar enterprise at my previous club, Birmingham City, so in spite of one of Britain's most promising songwriters actually wanting to write for us, I was not immediately sold on the idea – I needed convincing that Gouldman’s song could at least `wipe its face` but the studio agreed to take on the risk as our song was seen as a market test for `a nationwide campaign to bring pop music to football`. I also recall that around 85 the Street-end used to give the away goalie abuse every time he took a goal kick... a crescendo of "Ooooh... you're shit haa!...Fuck off, haaaa!" Graham had been in The Mindbenders briefly but saw his role more as a songwriter and had already written hits for The Yardbirds, The Hollies and Herman's Hermits. I suspect it was Starr rather than Lennon or McCartney. 09:10:51, Posted 15:12:46, Posted We've got the best supporters on any football ground. Everton’s on the up and up!". 13:42:20, Posted We play it fair and square 11:36:31, Posted 03/04/2013 at Jimmy Husband was one member of the ‘choir’ and takes up the story: “We were handed sheets of paper with the words on and then we were directed and told what to do. Although Forever Everton was never a chart hit, the Strawberry Studios team went on to record tracks with Leeds United, Manchester City and Lancashire Cricket Club that year. Will play it sweet for you, 17:50:15, Posted He would not elaborate and until the meeting the following week; I kidded myself that he wanted a publicity manager! How to get rid of these ads and support TW, Bet on Everton and get a deposit bonus with bet365 at TheFreeBetGuide.com. Great piece - I remember buying it and playing the plums off it. Rob - "One fact I missed in the article was that Gordon West negotiated the player's cut of royalties for Forever Everton!". Everton's the team that plays beautiful football. Or Sign up as a ToffeeWeb Member — it's free, takes just a few minutes and will allow you to post your comments on articles and Talking Points submissions across the site. I have an old VHS video of Everton v Watford at Goodison in Feb 85 and you can hear it being sung... along with a song with a chorus of 'Here they come and they won't go home' every time John Barnes took a corner... but we won't dwell on that one!


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