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To do so, select the course from the list at the top of the form and click ‘add’. To exit the editor you click on the back button, like with normal lessons. You can always adjust the score manually. The page for each student displays the results of all individual content, in the same way as the results of the group content is displayed. Tasks are not evaluated automatically. Note: only secure (HTTPS) connections are allowed. After this webinar the participant should be able to: Copy and re-arrange a pre-defined course. The maximum file size allowed is 10 MB. The title of the module appears in the tab. When you click the icon+ ‘Add module’ on the page of a course, group or student, the list of your favorite modules appears, sorted alphabetically. A group can be deleted by navigating to the group’s page. The administrator of the site can monitor how much space is left. To do this you first need to add the module you want to copy to your favorites. By clicking a line, you go directly to the results, where you can add a grade. If the administrator of the site allows it, you can select a different language. The number of attempts before the failure is solved: For every failed attempt, the score is halved. open text question Then click the icon + ‘New group’. The student always has to choose a new password. Click ‘add’ to add the module to the table. Note: when you remove or rename folders or files that are used in a module, the module will not work properly anymore because the image cannot be loaded. 500,000 + learners. Then go to the desired folder, click the icon   ‘New module’ and choose ‘copy of a DIY module’ from the type list. With the toolbar on the left you can change the graphics that appear with the current question. In the different views of the results, you can export the results shown by clicking the icon of the arrow in the box. For most modules, the progress and the time spent on the module are also shown. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. In the default design you can have an automatic page size, which means that the page size depends on the language setting of the user: ‘Letter’ is used for US English and Canadian French, ‘A4’ for all other languages. When you click on a row in this table, you zoom in on the Group results of a module. To add a file you need to select a file from your computer. How the score is calculated exactly is described in the manual of the Electude Simulator. All performed actions are shown chronologically in the log file. The request to generate the report will be queued. In the table of groups the new group appears as the bottom row. To close the window without changing the graphics for the current question, you click ‘cancel’. You can assemble a course yourself or use predefined courses. • Understand additional settings for your domain Below the heading ‘All results’, all modules the student has opened in the past are listed. When results are deleted, this happens for both accounts. For a simulation there are some additional settings. When a course is locked students in the group cannot access the modules inside the course. This page lists all modules sorted by publication date. You will see a list of related modules. The performance indicators of a qualification can be linked to modules that are contained in the course, as soon as the certificate template is added. Time spent: The total amount of time in hours:minutes:seconds. This is represented by a grey area. Before starting make sure that you have: 1. your student username & password 2. Navigate to the course via the tab ‘courses’ and click on the arrow that’s going into the box ‘Download as a SCORM package’. If the student has correctly assessed 2 of the 4 statements then the question is calculated as 50% correct. Click on the ‘Delete group’ icon X and confirm the option. Electude Simulator: Here you can select the topic of the simulation. This happens directly after selection, the choice does not need to be confirmed. For each table the header row and column can be toggled on and off. When things are not returned in a correct state, the percentage is will be lower. This ‘to be graded’ table can show (+) or hide )-) unfinished modules that have been started today, by toggling the setting above the table. These results can be tables, graphs or diagrams created by the student. In the selected folder you can add images (upload), delete them or change their names. When automatic evaluation is switched off, the status of the module will only be set to ‘finished’ when the failure is solved. Tidy work (50%) When a SCO uses these date from the manifest, it may be that the SCO does not work in the Electude LMS. When an invoice is included in the simulation, it is displayed here as well. When the results of a lesson are deleted, the student has to start again from the beginning. Click the icon that looks like a pencil ‘Edit student’ and edit the desired fields. Click on the ‘Edit group’ icon that looks like a pencil to edit the name or text for group content. Otherwise the calculation is done at the end of the session. Students that have an Electude account can now register themselves for specific groups. Evaluation: To arrive at a conclusion using data (measurement and reference values) that is ambiguous. Since the last grade is always leading in the reporting, you can however to ‘overwrite’ a grade by adding a new one. The site administrator also administrates the product groups. A comprehensive curriculum of Automotive Essentials maintenance and repair learning modules, as well as a complete Electric Drive curriculum. This description appears for students as an introduction to the course.​. If the administrator has restricted access to test, the table shows for every test whether it is  unlocked or   locked. Navigation between pages and questions works in the same way as in a normal module. The SCORM package then is converted into a new course, while SCOs and assets are converted into modules. The table selected from the list can be X ‘deleted’ or edited in the right pane. E.g. If the administrator also has configured that only email addresses have to be entered in a short form, you can create multiple accounts at once. Groups can be nested, like folders in a tree on your computer. To add a link, enter the URL of the web page. the number of correct answers can be set (minimum 0, maximum the number of answers). A module can only be in one product group. create / select drawing: For the current question, you can select a drawing the student has to create or complete.


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