election of 1892
Welcome: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming become states during this election cycle Grover Cleveland first (and only) President elected to a 2nd, non-consecutive term; Oregon: Voters chose electors directly, with three pledged to Harrison (R) and one to Weaver (P) winning. The Alabama governor's election of 1892 was one of the state's most corrupt electoral contests. Unlike the turbulent and controversial elections of 1876, 1884, and 1888, the 1892 election was, according to Cleveland biographer Allan Nevins, "the cleanest, quietest, and most creditable in the memory of the post-war generation", in part because Harrison's wife, Caroline, was dying of tuberculosis. Very expensive to operate, Caused by over speculation, overbuilding and high cost of operation, Business relying on railroad transport hurt, Foreign investors cash out in gold and gold reserves drop. The Populist party emerged during this election, focused on a strong currency and farmers’ protections. What happened in the election of 1892 to set up this bad transitional period and the panic that followed? HarpWeek: The Presidential Elections 1860-1912 Election of 1892: Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Go Bankrupt. October 25, 1892: First Lady Caroline Harrison dies after long illness, further subduing Harrison campaign. 1892 Election Results Cleveland vs Harrison Former President Cleveland was the front runner at the Democratic Convention in 1892. This site also contains the Democratic Party Platform, and the Republican Party Platform, and the Populist Party Platform of 1892. National American William McKinley defeated incumbent Democratic President John G. Carlisle and Populist candidate James B. Weaver. The election of 1892 was a rematch of 1888, but with different results. 1892 Election Facts. Cleveland was opposed by those from the West and the South who supported free coinage of silver. The American Presidency Project: Election of 1892. Who were the candidates during the Election of 1892? June 21-23, 1892: Democratic National Convention nominates Grover Cleveland as their Presidential candidate. Populist - James Weaver (Received 22 electoral votes) Republican - Harrison (Renominated) Democrat - Cleveland (Renominated) This was this first election where there was a 3rd party candidate and the first where the candidate received electoral votes. The 1892 United States presidential election was the 27th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 1892.In a rematch of the closely contested 1888 presidential election, former Democratic President Grover Cleveland defeated incumbent Republican President Benjamin Harrison.Cleveland's victory made him the first and to date only person in American history to be …


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